Wall Leaning Illusion

Good morning! I ran across today’s illusion and thought “wow!” when I saw it, so I had to share. Sure, I’m probably pretty simple, but I thought that this wall leaning illusion was pretty awesome and pretty well done…

wall leaning optical illusion

At first glance, it looks like a group of friends just hanging out and enjoying the day. Leaning against a wall and just chatting, like friends do. But, it probably didn’t take you long to see that there is something a little funny about this image. The dog perhaps?

We’ll be getting a new dog this Christmas. I feel a little like I’m getting ripped off though. My new dog can’t walk on walls like this one. Well, not that I know of anyway.

Of course, this dog isn’t really walking on walls. It’s just a little clever forced perspective photography for this wall leaning optical illusion. The people are actually laying on the ground, with their feet leaning against the wall. The dog is the only normal one in this wall leaning illusion!

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