Walking The Stairs?

Elise FaviĆ© from Netherlands submitted this cool picture. It even fooled me – optical illusions expert! I thought the guy in the image is lying down the stirs, so that it appears he is climbing them, and I wanted to rotate the picture before publishing it, but when I’ve red Elise’s comment next to the photo, I understood that it was the other way arround – The guy in the picture is actually climbing the stairs!

Here’s Elise’s comment: “I really enjoy watching your site! Spent several hours to see all posts and links. Maybe you like this one, I made this photo in June. It is actually rotated 90 degrees, but more fun the other way.”

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  1. Hey, this one is good. It looks as though the guy is laying down on the steps. Not sure where the shadow is, but it looks good

    1. NO. Everyone who thinks he is lying on the stairs you’re wrong.

      Firstly, the description says that the original photo was of him standing on one of the steps, and the guy rotated it so he looks like his lying down (aka this photo)

      Another thing is look at the stair ledges. The bottom one has a little hump on the corner then goes down again. If you turn it around it looks like normal stairs.

      SO YEAH

    2. no. the man taking the picture from a higher step, then rotated the picture so it appears hes laying down.

  2. The guy is laying on the stairs, and rohtop and rootman prove it. The edge of the steps and the wear show the way he is laying. Look at the angle of his legs to his feet, and the way his body leans. He is laying up the stairs, not standing.

  3. lol if he’s lying on the stairs then those stairs would be really easy to trip on. The things sticking out of the stairs would make it really hard to go up them, u’d hafta tip toe.

  4. this guy just tripped whilst walking down the stairs and he did not notice, and his friend took a picture be4 he did!! xD


  6. this is obviously man lying up the stairs, if you look at his hands (palm of his hand),and angle of his feet, now who would hold hand like that while walking?:) bit wierd, isn’t it.. you only put your hand alongside you when you lie down. they took picture of the stairs first, rotated it upside down then added picture with man on top of it.. easy as that..

  7. this is wrong! his head is at top of stairs and his feet are towards bottom. his feet are flat on the steps. also the way steps are made is it bumps over at the end of a step and these ones the bumps are facing upwards. the camera is doing a top down view of him. so camera man is on top step holding camera out downwards to snap the pic while this guy is laying on steps with feet towards botom and head towards top.

  8. It’s obviously rotated. Look at the stairs near his head. You can see the ‘ledge’ of the stairs. This set of stairs (like most) has a bit of an overhang, and if he was laying down the stairs, then these stairs would be rather uncomfortable to walk up, not to mention dangerous and you would trip on the overhang … So as an Illusion?, close but no cigar.

  9. That salience on most classical wood inside stairs are made on the vertical plane. So it’s easy to check out where’s up by looking at the first step (down in picture).

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