Vortex Optical Illusions

Cheesy Poofs sent these two optical illusions (the second one can be found inside this article). The motive we see is quite popular (orange, yellow blocks etc.), and we’ve seen it number of times in similar articles. This time you need to open the images full size, and follow Cheesy Poof’s instructions: “For both illusions, you just have to move back and forth while looking at the center… I thought it was kind of cool… I hope you do too!” You can find more similar illusions inside “Animations” category. Even though these aren’t animated illusions, they appear to spin, move, rotate or jump out at you. Enjoy!

20 Replies to “Vortex Optical Illusions”

  1. Good Illusion. It’s a good job i’m at home when im watching it, if i was in a library, they’d all think i was going mad moving backwards and forwards!

  2. AAaarrgh, I see spiders, with teeth in their legs!!!

    Honestly, lots and lots of spiders, cool illusion.
    (wish everyone would be as good…)

  3. Very cool! I like the orange one (top) better than the bottom one. It did a lot more for me–popped out and spun around.

    And now, after doing that, I feel about as dizzy had I spun around in my chair!

  4. Number 6, I’ll have some of what you’ve been smoking. All I got from this is huge headache. I have problems viewing these types of pictures. I just wish I could see the legs with teeth.

  5. uhhhhaaauuuuggghhhh!!!!!!! dang it!!!! i have looked at every illusion on this site n my eyes hurt, i have a fricken head ache, i feal like im gonna puke!!! augh!!! i feel like this –> < (*_*)> and this!–> <><

  6. These things never do a thing for me, years of studying objects for art means I automatically relax my eyes to prevent images from causing optical tricks. The images are stationary.

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