Viva La Hacienda Illusion

Visitor of ours sent me this relaxing photo of a beautiful Hacienda. However, there is one (obviously hidden) thing in it. You’ll have no problem spotting it. How long did it take? A second or two seconds maybe? Even more?? If you don’t spot this one immediately, you can’t consider yourself an optical illusion expert :D I don’t know if this thing was made for fun, or the poster was actually used as an advertisement for this product (check the link only after you’ve spot the hidden object). The style author used, greatly reminds me of the Digital Swimming Pool illusion.

palm-tree camel optical illusion

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  1. Can someone please tell me what is the illusion here? It is just a pool with beautiful grass, sky and villa.

  2. Never mind, I think I found it. It’s the invisible man who jumped into the pool which explains the splash.

  3. I am an office manager at a for a tobacco wholesale. Maybe, that’s why I noticed it just as I looked at the picture. It’s is obviously an advertisement for Camel cigarettes.

  4. yeah took me a few seconds too. For those who can’t see it, stand back and look at the center trees =)

  5. very good one. For those who can’t see it. Just change to another window and then come back after couple minutes/seconds…

  6. saw it instantly, pretty cool illusion that’s really easy to switch back and forth between what you see depending on where you look :)

  7. I think its an ad for camel, seen lots like that with fire in the shape of one and stuff, cool though :D


  8. Not even a 1 sec for me….i saw the camel in the tiny windows aplication…i was like…ok a cammel on the grass…but then went check the big version and found it cool that it was made of trees…nice one..theres nothing there really, just trees but somehow we see the legs the head and body of a cammel…i like it, thanks for posted!!

  9. This is very creative photography. At first I thought it was shopped but I found no obvious evidence in a quick zoom. If altered, it was done skillfully. This appears to be an example of why I have always contended that photography is an excellent, if not perhaps difficult medium in which to portray illusion. It takes a creative mind and a sharp eye to recognize potential illusory effects in any particular view. In this example the effect is visible from one perspective. In order to capture the image, one would need to be close to the exact location to the subject to see it or be able to recognize the potential from any other angle.
    Thumbs up.

  10. whoa! thats pretty cool! it only took me 6 seconds to find it and my mom did not see it at all until i pointed to it! =) awesome!!!

    p.s by the way my mom said that she was not good at optical illusions after this one. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahgahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=o

  11. A decent photoshop job. Palm trees normally bend towards the general wind direction in the area and dont grow in all directions. Though direction can be manipulated with the way the tree is planted cant do so with the height. The shadows look a bit awkward with tall and short trees with the same length of shadow

  12. I looked at the mini version from my gadget and wondered what an optical illusion had to do with a green camel :P hehe.

  13. im a bit dissapointed that its not an Illusion of the day anymore its like Illusion of the couple of days! make 1 a day vurd, its not that hard….

  14. At First I thought The pool was a 2d painting on the ground. Then I thought, ‘Isn’t it a little weird having palm trees growing in grass? Then I looked at the Thumbnail image and I saw the SPOILER ALERT

  15. i didn’t see it at first.
    2 tell the truth, i logged off the site, because i thought it was that illusion where that guy jumps out of that empty room & screams

  16. I’ve spotted the illusion! That explosion on the rooftops on the right looks like a cloud in the background!

    It’s even fun to come here and look at the obvious illusions. :)

  17. That’s weird, I commented before but it didn’t show up. It took me about half a second to see the camel… although then I wondered if that wasn’t the illusion because it was so obvious. Clicking the other links in the main post that were all camel-themed though made me quite sure that’s all there was to this one.

  18. Am I the only one that sees the “man” in the pool? Just past the end of what looks like a diving board, there is a splash in the water. If you look in the middle of the splash, there is what appears to be a transparent image of a man from the shoulders up. Or am I hallucinating?

  19. NeeL? WTF? Explosion? WTF? It looks like a cloud cause it is a cloud. WTF?? And sevilan42, I think you ARE hallucinating. XD

  20. @chris:

    I agree with you, man. i hate that thing and i feel like i gotta check *everything* to make sure thats not gonna happen. but vurdlak already posted it as the scariest optical illusion ever.

    the camel is nice. i had to look at the comments *and* the product link before i saw it. but i *thought* i saw something in the pool. it kinda looks faded, like a watermark or something. *shrug*

  21. The first thing I saw is the third tree from the left has a fork in it’s shadow, what’s that about?

  22. this is way cool ’cause the camels aren’t the illusion at all…. there are faces in the pool but i cant make the whole thing out….is this in 3D??? wish i had some glasses. oh yea, the shadow on the left side… of the edge of the pool… of what appears at first glance to be water splashed is a clue as to something there. HELP ME

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