The Virgin Digital Find the 75 Bands Illusion


Alright, not your every-day Optical Illusion, never the less “The Virgin Digital Find the 75 Bands” competition is the cleverest piece of marketing I’ve seen in ages. If you haven’t already got the picture in your mailbox, you can get the full-sized image by clicking on the image below. This Competition is guaranteed to provide endless hours of amusement and head scratching, it’s a large image which contains graphic representations of 75 band names. For example, there are guns in the basket with roses, which obviously represents band called “Guns ‘n’ Roses”. Here’s what I want you to do: find one that wasn’t previously mentioned and post your find as a comment in comment section, only one find per user please! Please don’t cheat and search for solutions on Google, let’s make this fun for everyone! Thanks. When you think your done with this flick, be sure to check other searching games below!

  • vurdlak

    Ok I’ll start (remember only one band per user please)

    1. “Guns ‘n’ Roses” – there are guns and roses in the basket

  • Isak

    2. “Smashing Pumpkins” – man smashing pumkins

  • Toad

    3. “Gorrilaz” – obvious anyone?

  • August

    4. “Whitesnake” – Whitesnake

  • noliberalbull

    “The Eagles” – eagles

  • Mathieu M-G

    “Led Zeppelin” – Zeppelin flying in the background

  • RodeoClown

    “Matchbox 20” – number 20 written in matchboxes. (Man… I can see heaps in there!)

  • Bart

    “Blind Melon” — watermelon wearing sunglasses on the right

  • Pazu

    Pixies – um, the pixies.

  • smile

    “Pet Shop Boys” – boys stand in front of Pet Shop

  • elmegil

    The Eels (between the queen and the guy she’s pointing guns at)

    Please please can I find more? or at least post them?

  • bittersugar

    pink floyd?

  • chris matteson

    Scissor Sisters – the two scissors walking together

  • sandy

    Black Flag – a black flag on the building

  • sandra

    Green Day – a day on the calendar is colored green

  • Luis


    the guy with the radio head jeje

  • Peter Hosey

    The B-52’s (airplanes to the right of the aforementioned zeppelin).

  • LT00

    “Kiss” just below the whitesnake

  • sorsha

    Alice ‘n’ Chains – Alice w/ chains on waist to the right

  • russian_knight

    Rolling Stones – stones in the back

  • ak

    white zombie… obvious…

  • nobody

    Beach Boys (?) – guys with surfing boards on the right side below the eagles

  • master


    I think that’s two girls kissing, so I’d say that might be “t.a.t.u.”

    Is it possible that there are several groups/solutions for the same part of the picture?

  • pix

    SPOON (Really Obvious !!!)

  • fartknoker

    nickleback? iz dat evn a freakin band?!

  • chantal

    nickle back

    large coin on sidewalk…

  • Sithlord

    Blur – Man wearing pink shirt on right who is all Blurry

  • Dee_Nice

    Nine inch nails – You can see nine nails on the street

  • tedro

    skinny puppy (right underneath the pet shop boys)

  • Dalamar

    2 uu on the wall near the black flag

  • Dennis

    That’s 50 Cent on the Coin

  • Emily

    50 cent-on the coin next to guns n’ roses lol

  • Nate

    Cowboy Junkies — against the lamppost on the right

  • Griffin

    The Beach Boys, the guys with the surf boards.

  • Westmount

    Black Crows (On the sign post)

  • Happy Steve

    BeeGees – BGG graffiti next to the second rolling stone

  • doom

    deep purple — the building in the back

  • inSTAALed

    “Cake” – the cake next to the cart

  • great88

    one tree hill — under the planes and between the gorrilas

  • Danny Mac

    The Postal Service – postman putting mail into the mailbox

  • snowdogeez

    Velvet Revolvers – the queen aiming the guns at the other guy…dressed in velvet

  • japi

    red hot chilli peppers, near the melons

  • Adri

    Block Party
    (the people having a block party in the upstairs apartment…)

  • claude le monde

    smashing pumpkins, lower-middle right

    pet shop boys, left

  • Susana

    The Eagles (Flying together on the right)

  • Onvex

    Just a few thoughts but is that a “Queen” holding those guns? Andwhat about that “Blondie” up by the top left, and “The Cars” in the background.. there’s some “Garbage” on the crosswalk, and I think that’s a “Rat” right above the scissors, and I’m not quite sure but is that “Korn” next to the watermelons?

  • HawkMage

    The solid necklace in the box on the right of the fish bowl

  • scheeko

    Madonna – A portrait of a madonna on the shop’s door.

  • HawkMage

    It looks like “Police” infront of the red car.

  • Jeron

    Sex Pistols… the queen is holding two pistols that are vibrators.

  • Pope John Paul the Third

    “Black Flag”

    Punk knowledge. :D

  • jul

    Queen, was that too easy?

  • JerryBird

    The Dead Kennedys. The posters on the wall between the shops on the left.

  • Tazdog

    “Seal” The poster near the Zombie’s head.

  • Should be working

    “Great White”. The movie poster next to the kissing girls.

  • Ghost

    What about twisted sisters?
    the two contortionists next to the garbage can

  • Me

    Theres also phish. next to the twenty

  • victor corliss

    wihte snake.snake raped around pole left side center

  • cesco75

    “Presidents of the USA” there are portraits of Nixon and kennedy, as far I can see, in the wall on the right of pet shop

  • cesco75

    “Yellow Shark”, an album of Frank Zappa. The boy in yellow and a poster of a shark in the corner of the left building

  • cesco75

    “Living Coluours”. Right under the white snake there are coloured panel and some people dancing

  • cesco75

    “The roots”: they are below the big coin

  • Sash

    Seal (poster on the left)

  • Morbo

    The White Stripes: The zebra crossings under the Iron Maiden

  • hulbster

    twisted sister
    the gymnast in the center?

  • Kahlúa Macarena

    Are those The Blues Brothers…? Near the Iron Maiden?

  • Mike

    The Doors

  • Linn

    the queen is pointing the guns at “prince” duh that was easy.

  • Charlue

    Television-The TV’s in the window

  • HawkMage

    Phish – In the fish in the bowl

  • HawkMage

    Prince or Jester – The person the queen is holding the guns on.

  • HawkMage

    Contrary to what was posted earlier the two pictures look to me both Kennedys that are dead, John and John-John. “Dead Kennedys”

  • Dan

    lil’ bow wow – the small dog

  • fartknoker

    iz dat destiny’s child?

    the three blak girls holdin hands and skippin

  • rawr


  • Bob van Lint

    Pet Shop Boys

    On the left window it says “Pet Shop” and there are 2 boys leaning against that window…

  • w

    people on the rooftop: new kids on the block?

  • Me Again

    “Hole” the pot-hole in the street near the crosswalk.

    Anybody figure out the long haired person on the fire escape who is blowing a chewing gum bubble?


    “Alice in Chains” — Alice from Alice in Wonderland wrapped in chains, above fruit cart.

  • bORT

    There’s Garbage in the middle of the street.

  • Bort

    There’s Garbage in the street. What about The Pixies flying around?

  • Bort


  • The B52’s

    the b52’s in the sky…


  • vurdlak

    Ok, so for now we have:

    01. Guns ‘n’ Roses
    02. Smashing Pumpkins
    03. Gorrilaz
    04. Whitesnake
    05. Led Zeppelin
    06. Matchbox 20
    07. Blind Melon
    08. Pixies
    09. Pet Shop Boys
    10. The Eels
    11. Pink Floyd
    12. Scissor Sisters
    13. Green Day
    14. Radiohead
    15. The B-52’s
    16. Kiss
    17. Alice ‘n’ Chains
    18. Rolling Stones
    19. White Zombie
    20. Beach Boys
    21. t.a.t.u.
    22. Spoon
    23. nickle back
    24. Blur
    25. Nine inch nails
    26. skinny puppy
    27. U2
    28. 50 Cent
    29. Cowboy Junkies
    30. The Beach Boys
    31. Block Party
    32. Black Crows
    33. BeeGees
    34. deep purple
    35. Cake
    36. one tree hill
    37. The Postal Service
    38. Velvet Revolvers
    39. red hot chilli peppers
    40. The Eagles
    41. Blondie
    42. The Cars
    43. Rat
    44. Korn
    45. Torque
    46. Madonna
    48. Police
    49. Sex Pistols
    50. Black Flag
    51. Queen
    52. Great White
    53. Living Coluours
    54. The roots
    55. Seal
    56. The White Stripes
    57. twisted sister
    58. The Blues Brothers
    59. Iron Maiden
    60. The Doors
    61. Television
    62. Phish
    63. Prince
    64. Dead Kennedys
    65. lil’ bow wow
    66. destiny’s child
    67. Jet
    68. Pet Shop Boys
    69. new kids on the block
    70. Hole
    71. Garbage
    72. …
    73. …
    74. …
    75. …

    I never knew for some of these bands (Jet? … Hole?)
    If you think some of these are falsly spoted up till now, comment!
    If I wrote some band twice, comment!

    Ok what are we missing in the list? Hehe…

  • Clarification Guy

    Jet is out of Austrailia, with international sales (Do you want to be my girl and Backdoor Santa), But I think that it conflicts with the B52’s as the aircraft that are depicted are B52’s.

    Hole is out of the USA, it is the band that Courtney Love heads up, they have been around for quite awhile, with international sales. I can’t think of any other Band for the “hole” in the Street.

    Also you have a conflict with Skinny Puppy amd Lil Bow Wow (the small dog). There is also a conflict with “Velevet Revolver and The Sex pistols. The queen is clearly holding 2 pistols made out of Pink Dildo’s…so I’d vote for The sex Pistols.

    Also I’d like to know where the Pink Floyd came from, there was no description on the post.

  • Clarifyer Again

    Oh and you have a conflict with Knicle Back and 50 cent. Since the large coin is an American 50 cent piece, I’d go with “50 Cent”.

  • Spooks

    Blind Melon – watermelon with sunglasses
    Mountain – mountain in the background

  • bosmi


  • MEja

    Scorpion (a smal one between the petshop boys and guns and roses, at least that what i think it is))

  • Nate

    It can’t be both Nickelback and 50 Cent. I suppose it could be argued that “skinny puppy” and “lil bow wow” are both acceptible interpretations of the dog, but the coin is not a nickel.

    also, I don’t think those are the blues brothers; for one thing neither of them played guitar, and for another all of the legit solutions are a visual representation of the band’s name, not a literal likeness of the performer.

    They could be the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, though. It is kind of vague.

    New to the list:
    Cornershop — the shop sign at the corner, left hand side
    Dinosaur Jr. — little stegosaurus walking left of the queen

  • ghost

    The vines? underneath the coin

  • Me

    The streets :P

  • bosmi


  • Me

    Jewel. Beside the fish bowl
    and eminem beside smashing pumpkins!

  • bosmi

    lower corner of the vegetable stand and in the middle. lemonheads!

  • bosmi

    the t.v’s in the shop window behind the cowboy junkies all have a picture of a head. talking heads?

  • char

    cornershop! the ‘brimful of asha’ band…

  • red hot chilli peppers

    red hot chilli peppers are in the car in the front

  • chinochano


    Between the cake and the gun’s & Roses

  • Morvis

    Platimum Blonde – girl on fire escape with bubble gum

  • rix

    red hot chilli peppers in the market crate


    Next to Alice ‘n’ Chains is Blurr (WOOOOHOOOO)

  • padu

    The green hill in the background could also be “cypress hill”

  • t3knomanser

    See those guys in white behind the Blues Brothers lookin’ dudes? Why, they’re all up in arms- could they be rioting? WHITE RIOT.

  • Randy

    The Monkeys……..

    the three monkeys in the back……

  • mp

    The subways

    On the right behind Blur and alice in chains

  • strook

    ehm the sea serpents

    well the 2 sea serpents :p

  • Geesh, I spend too much time on this post

    That is a SQUID not an Octopus!!! Is ther a band named Squid? I did a search and all I found were regional “local” bands with that name, hardly the international act that Virgin would chose for an international contest.

  • I have posted more than once!!

    “The Cult” The Hari Chrishna looking bunch in the rear left.

  • I have another one!

    “Cypress Hill” The only hill with a tree on it.

  • I love this game!

    “Pink”…The sky is pink!

  • david

    Matchbox 20

  • davd

    B-52’s planes flying over in the sky

  • Vil.

    The Angels. Obvious…

  • Beabee

    How about “Prince” And if the Queen fires He’d be called “Formaly known as”

  • madderhatter

    That’s not a squid, as previously posted it’s a scorpion (between the cake and GNR cart).

  • wally

    scorpions by the b-day cake

  • mark

    pavement, it is eveywhere.

  • Larryg

    The Scorpions crawling on the cake lower left

  • Whistling bullets

    It’s a stretch; Is that “the Brady Kids” in the shop window below “U2” and behind the Cowboy Junkies?

  • whistling bullets

    could the men in black represent the mighty “Men Without Hats?” I think they could…

  • Sandy

    Blondie, the woman on the balcony

  • catgirl

    the thompson twins, the 2 guys in suits

  • Mr. E

    Is that a White Zombie below the picture of Seal?

  • rock her sox

    the planes could also be “low flying jets”

  • just guessing

    Could the three girls holding hands crossing the street be “the go-go’s” ? They look like they are wearing go go boots.

  • Whistling bullets

    The guy under the “shop” sign; Yellowman (?)

  • David

    Crash test Dummy standing under the shop sign

  • david

    Traffic the cars in the background

  • hujm

    the queen is holding Sex Pistols. they are shaped like dildos. They arent revolvers and they arent velvet.

  • DebbieD

    Peter, Paul and Mary (the three holding hands skipping in front of the Rolling Stone towards the foreground.)

  • jimcharb2

    Madonna in the shop window

  • CBlack

    The Tubes… (TVs in the store window, back on the right…)

  • CBlack

    Looks like sticks jut to the left of the 20 matchboxes – Styx!

  • [email protected]

    Ok- What about CINDERELLA (platinum Blonde on Sidewalk)
    and two guys walking could be -MEN WITHOUT HATS,
    Also – BOY MEETS GIRL – under Pet Shop Boys,
    LED ZEPPELIN is the Blimp (Zeppelin) and the guy working on the street would be MEN AT WORK, – nice picture over all – Im still looking for BOSTON, CHICAGO,
    BERLIN, A-HA, and a few others that might be there as well as AC/DC ??? Keep looking for more folks some of these are preety interesting and could be multiple bands perhaps.

  • SRQMan69

    U U = U2
    Is there a Banana character to the left on the stairs and if so could that be Banana ‘Rama.

  • It’s a Scorpion?

    By geeeesss, your’e right those are scorpions. Men at work only works if it was more than one guy working in the street, besides he’s not working, he is clearly SMASHING PUMPKINS. The 2 persons under the petshop sign are BOYS, not a boy meeting a girl, thus the PET SHOP BOYS. But I like the men without hats, because they DO look like the Blues Brothers with out the hats, so that would be Men With Out Hats I guess. I believe the point of the contest is that the band names would be obvious, graphic or Iconic no second guessing req’d.

  • It’s getting foolish

    You know reading some of the previoUs posts would really help a person decide if his/her post is worth posting! The paltinmum blonde on the sidewalk is ALICE IN CHAINS…SHEESH. The Platinum Blonde on the fire escape is …well …Platinum Blonde.

  • Well We won’t win thats for sure

    Pixies…not Angels…OBVIOUS.

  • unknown255

    I didn’t see this one yet, they may be smashing pumpkins, but they’re using a TOOL to do it? Also in front of the queen, it looks like a pair of (the) EELS
    to me.

  • jplinvta

    Ratt (walking toward smashing pumpkins)

    If it isn’t The Cars, it could be Traffic

  • Stryke

    New stuff (maybe unintended):

    MEN AT WORK (two guys in suits)
    SIMPLY RED (in front)

    i think there is still loads of unsolved stuff like the flying fairies or the people on the roof or the ad in the back …

  • Shawnee

    One of the first ones I spotted has not been mentioned: The 2 twin pink scissors there: THE SCISSOR SISTERS.

  • Scarlett

    What about the lemonheads next to korn

  • stety

    rob zombie (the zombie behind guns and roses)

  • hi

    skid row the skid mark on the street

  • Jo

    Those are The Cranberries in the crates in front of the fruit stand.

  • David

    Did anyone say Styxx? Right above the Match box Twenty!

  • blah

    white stripes -white stripes on road
    nirvana- baby

    im surprised they missed out on beatles, acdc, silverchair, foo fighters-

  • Eddy Clark

    Look Closely @ the Hill in the Back…

    There is a picture in it…

    Napoleon Hill


  • Eddy Clark

    On the TV’s are a bunch of…

    Talking Heads…

  • Christopher Carman

    Ok heres a new one I just figured out. There was a band called “Main Street band” and there is a sign that says “Main Street” to the left of the Beach boys.
    I am still trying to figure out if the girl blowing a bubble with Bubble Gum is of significance as well as the 3 boys on top of the buildings in different colored shirts. (There was a group called “The Adventure Boys” and whats more of an adventure than being on the roof of a tall building when one is young…I guess this could count for 2 more bands.
    “Main Street Band”-name of the street in picture
    “The Adventure Boys”-boys atop roof of building under gorilla’s.

  • Eddy Clark

    On the wall above the Surfers is a…


    Very Obscure…

  • hmmmm

    The two guys in suits are carrying violin cases, indicating that they are Gangstaz…not Men At Work, Blues Brothers, or Men Without Hats.

  • Christopher Carman

    OK heres more, the Gorilla in the back on the left is obviously a likeness of “King King” or just “Kong” and well there is/was a band called “Kong”. A look above the beach boys and the Main street shows a party going on the 3rd Floor in the apartments. (though all clothes seem to be on could this be the beginning of a planned “Orgy” for the band “Orgy”.
    All comments welcomed.

  • She-la

    Black Crowes on top of the main street sign besides the beach boys.
    Trapt are the persons inside the right appartment building.
    Crowded House the left appartment building.
    Puddle of Mud above garbage.

  • Littlebrother

    Between Phish and the Cranberries has been called ‘Jewel.’ I believe those are Air Force ‘Wings.’

    And what people are calling the Madonna. Could that also be the ‘Jesus and Mary Chain?’

  • Anonymous

    Don’t wanna start a ruckus….but that’s not a 50 cent piece or a nickel….it’s a silver dollar…maybe that will help someone else figure it out.

  • Telstar

    Just thought I’d throw in that the coin is not a nickel or a 50 cent piece….I think it’s a silver dollar.
    I have no idea who the band is…but maybe someone else wil be able to figure it out.

  • Bacherz

    The fish in the bowl looks oddly large…how about REEL BIG FISH?

  • simon

    the futureheads has gotta be one, bottom right theres a calander for august 06, and theres loads of faces drawn on the fruit on the stand with the calander

  • stranger

    prince the guy the queens pointin at

  • karyn

    the flying fairies in pink are “pink fairies”

  • boogeyman

    geeza it sugababes init one of thems white not destinys child duh

  • Ross

    The Eagles
    And I think the one people are calling “Blur” is in fact “Focus”… or not.
    Is that a bag of M&Ms on the ground, or would that be Eminem…
    Between the queen and the cart… is that Styx.

  • david

    Small face- all the faces in the picture are small

  • me

    i think the lemons with the faces on them are more likely to be referring to the lemonheads.

  • Geatlander

    Men without Hats? – The two guys in black

  • Tim Bass

    It’s definitely a kennedy half-dollar, not a silver dollar or a nickel. I used to work at a bank. :)

    Nobody’s mentioned Average White Band yet! (to the left of Iron Maiden)

    Also the running girls….The Clash!

    Helloooooo….the Monkees!

    The Carpenters atop the roof….

    I’ll get back to everyone with a complete list.

  • Evilthor

    Sheriff (in the police car) Talking heads, Alice in chains.Kiss, Loverboy

  • govcin

    Is is One Tree Hill, or is it Mountain?

  • dwight

    10,000 Maniacs. No, wait. That’s on *this* side of the monitor.

  • Spuggy


  • Claire

    the man in the background that is said to be Radiohead could also be Audioslave. This is kind of out there but the men in suits could be blues travelers as in Blues Traveler. There are bushy plants on top of the mountain, Bush. One of the cars in the background looks vaguely like a Chevelle. The people in white look like chior singers, maybe Collective Soul? The whole picture could be said to be a Crazytown. The sky is soooo clear like Everclear. The whole city seems to be in motion like Motion City Soundtrack. The hole in the road has also been said to be mud as in Mudvayne. The blurry man is obviously Blur but he is so munch bigger than alice, could he be Mr. Big? The people in white are glorifying something, possibly New Found Glory? The mountain in the back looks like an Oasis to me. The smiling vegetables could be Smile Empty Soul. Again, the white people look like a cult, a SugarCult. The stripes in the street are also known as The White Stripes.

    just some ideas

  • Claire Again

    oh, I forgot one. It’s about the people in white again…since they look like a chior group they could be called Blessid Union of Souls.

  • belcab

    There’s a mannequin in the window of the shop (I don’t know why everyone’s convinced it’s a pet shop…).

    Jack’s Mannequin

  • fs

    euh… sledgehammer?

  • Kristian Idol

    The pink and yellow contortionists are not Twisted Sister, they’re Spandau Ballet (jeez, am I old…)

  • mikaela

    sex pistols-the dildo guns
    prince- the prince
    queen- the queen
    b52s- the planes?
    matchbox 20- the 20 made of matchboxes
    alice in chains- the girl in chains i thought it could be killing heidi but its not.
    smashing pumpkins- the guy smashing pumpkins
    seal- the poster on the wall of a seal
    rolling stones- ROLLING STONEs!!

  • juniper

    Those aren’t pixies, they’re fairies-Pink Fairies, maybe. Also, that poster looks less like a seal and more like a rooster to me, I’m sure there’s a band called Rooster. How about Men Without Hats for the two blues brother looking types, just strikes me they should be wearing hats,or am I thinking too much?

  • Dagny

    I don’t think they’re Styx, I think they’re Nine Inch Nails.

    Also, the Prince could just as easily be King Crimson.

    Immediately below The Eagles and to the left of Spoon, the people in the window are in questionable states of undress… they might be Barenaked Ladies.

  • BubbaLuv

    It looks like the three girls in white boots could be the GoGos.

  • BubbaLuv

    No one has mentioned Rat yet. At least that is what it looks like to me in the middle of the street.

  • BubbaLuv

    The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes.

  • Izzles

    There are more than 75….notice there are about 20 answers for each one…and the fact they seem to have left out aerosmith, beatles ac/dc 3doors down, and what is that octopus squid scopion thing?( really now….) atleast we think they are in there…….you might have to be alittle more fucked up than we are right now. good luck…

  • Alison

    Yellowcard (yellow poster)
    Television (um…obvious)
    Deep Purple (color of building in the back)

  • BriteLeaf

    Could the coin actually be QuarterFlash?

  • Seal

    It’s not a rooster, it’s a Seal (as previously mentioned) balancing a red ball on its nose (circus-style), facing right. Also, the reason people are convinced it’s a pet shop is because it says PET SHOP right on the window. And boys are standing in front of it. As previously mentioned.

    Anyone know what the turtle-looking thing is, below the Roots and next to Queen’s behind?

  • Tiffany

    “Cake” I think that’s what that is to the left on the sidewalk.

  • eL Kabong

    Directly above the Seal poster — The Alarm!

  • eL Kabong

    The shark poster between Yellowman and Kiss could be “Great White”

  • Patozb

    YELLOW-MAN just leaning against the shop’s corner.

  • axhole12001

    Anyone say Quarterflash. Quarter to the left side on the sidewalk flashing?

  • ass

    What’s with the two weird people in pink and yellow doing gymnastics on each other in the street?

  • Crotch

    The Black Crows on top of the street sign
    Crate by the fruit cart which holds the Lemonheads.
    There is also Jellybean on the street; Jan & Dean with the surfboards; The GTO’s (one of the cars in the background); Mountain, Desperados (guitar carrying dudes), BeeGees on the wall? How about the Monkees and Kong? Is that Korn on the veggie cart?

  • Freddy Freeloader

    How about the purple houses in the background, is it a DEEP PURPLE?
    The black flag might be ANTI-FLAG.

  • Niels

    Pearl Jam – the pearl next to the fruitcart

  • MC

    Jam and Spoon… Traffic Jam in the back and the big spoon…

  • Clueless

    Hey, the smiling yellow things… they look strikingly similar to Bon Jovi’s latest album cover (have a nice day)….

  • Pete

    Eminem – on the floor infront of the scissor sisters.
    bag of spilt m&m’s

  • Triguy

    Is the picture of the lady with the baby (to the right of the white zombie) – Madonna?

    Also, what is that mannequin in the bikini supposed to be?

  • jakesllim


  • my2cents

    anyone remember crowded house?

  • Frank

    the Dave Clark Five

  • sra

    the scorpions – bottom left hand side on/near the “cake”

  • georgina

    kong-the gorilla that looks like king kong

  • joe johnston

    The Person on the hill might be a song refferce to “The Fool on the Hill” by the beatles

  • Vernon Diggory

    The “Blues Brother” looking guys are…..


  • ERIN


  • Chrissie

    The Bubblegum Girls

  • Blax

    the garbage can holds WHITE TRASH

  • bre

    well i think the vines that everyone is talking about are actually sticks, so it would probably be the band styxx.
    Also there are cranberries by the fruit stand on the ground.
    Matchbox 20 (the matchboxes that spell out 20)
    ans sum-41 (the calandar by the fruit stand. it highlights the 21st of august and the band got their name from the 41st day of the year, which happens to be the 21st of august.)

  • blizzard oakenshield

    hammer…man with a hammer

  • rock girl

    The tree on the hill is Cypress Hill

  • panda express cat

    green day – green date on the calendar

  • stan my man


  • Cat Dancer

    Maybe the 3 boys on the top of the building are ‘Fun Boy Three’ (They wrote ‘The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum’).

  • Your Mother

    This is bloody hillarious…
    You guys couldn’t agree on the colour of sh*te.
    For the morons talking about a silver dollar, look for a better quality version of the picture. The coin says ‘half dollar’ on it.

    Some people really are clutching at straws. All the answers are pretty obvious.
    The planes are clearly ‘the B52s’, since they are in fact B52s.
    The Gorillas are obviously ‘Gorillaz’.

    And yeah, that probably is ‘Bush’ right at the front. Shocking how few people got Iron Maiden and whoever wrote Alice ‘and’ Chains should get a slap in the face… that’s virtually blasphemy. IN chains, man, IN chains.

    Rant over.

  • Ericatruth

    I can’t beleive nobody saw…


    Coming down the street

  • Ladyhawker

    I thought the guy the Queen is pointing the vibrators at would be Crimson King.

  • Sarah

    Did I see the Cranberries up here

  • ruaround

    the Sledge Hammer could be a “TOOL”…

  • Turkey

    Crowded House – In the building on the right there is a house crowded with people

  • ohboymilost

    I’ve never heard of “The Angels” But I do have an Album of “Angel” the album name is sinful. 1979 Casablanca Records, and Film Works, Inc.
    What’s with the peace lilly behind the Queen?
    So how many of these bands are actually under the Virgin label?

  • just us

    Could the Led Zeppelin and the B-52’s also be a reference to Jefferson Airship, who later became Jefferson Airplane?

    The crosswalk (what yall are calling White Stripes) itself with the people moving left to right could be a reference to The Beatles via their Abbey Road album.

    We love stuff like this, keep up the Great work!


  • SilverSpyro

    the pixies… how has no one posted that…

  • marnie0512

    To me, it looks like the 5 TV screens are showing a picture of Michael Jackson, which would make it “The Jackson 5”.

  • david123

    Rolling Stones
    Green day

  • danyelle

    JANE’S ADDICTION – The 2 cowboys and “jane” from tarzan and jane wrapped in one cowboys arms while the other one looks like he is shooting up and has an “addiction”

    – counting crows
    – the main street band
    – double U block bluesband
    – sonic youth
    – the rhythm sticks
    – t – rex
    – Eminem
    – the pictures
    – the lemonheads


  • seriously

    “ans sum-41 (the calandar by the fruit stand. it highlights the 21st of august and the band got their name from the 41st day of the year, which happens to be the 21st of august.)”

    correct me if i’m wrong, but is the 41st day of the year not february 10? besides, that image represents green day, which at least one person has mentioned.

    “The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes.”

    too bad the name of the band is FOUR non blondes, eh?

    “the pixies… how has no one posted that…”

    how have you not read the countless other entries that DID suggest it was the pyxies? or maybe the arguments about whether it was actually the pyxies, or the angels? tell me something… is ignorance really bliss?

    “There was a group called ‘The Adventure Boys’ and whats more of an adventure than being on the roof of a tall building when one is young…”

    whose ass did you pull that out of? was it even yours??

  • James

    The colored panels behind the two girls kissing is–The Doors. I also think that the “sticks” everyone is seeing next the Matchbox 20 is Nine Inch Nails. And last..please forgive me if I missed it in the post. But right ubove the T.V.’s is U2.

  • Todd
  • colleen

    okay, we’ve managed a lot more than 75 bands now…

  • Tbone

    the “20” behind the prince, are they match boxes? As in Matchbox 20?

  • Kevin

    Cowboy shooting up = Cowboy Junkies and it’s the Gorillaz (not King Kong)

  • professor

    Tangerine Dream,Rapunzel and in the poster ATOMIC ROOSTER!!

  • professor

    Tangerine Dream, Nurk Twins (not Blues Bro _I like Thompson Twins though–not Cinderella —Rapunzel
    Atomic Rooster on the poster

  • Rachel

    killing joke! Could that be what the ‘prince’ or ‘joker’or ‘jester’ or whatever represents? I’m sorry if this is very obviously wrong or if it confuses people anymore!

  • Rachel

    okay so it doesn’t look like a joker anymore! Sorry for wasting your time!Yeah I think it’s a prince. If it helps is there a ‘killing prince’?

  • racheal is an idiot

    hrmm killing prince, never heard of that you dumb whore, maybe it could be PRINCE!!!!

  • crazyydiamond

    im not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but in front of the stand, theres the crate. I’m pretty sure its full of cranberries.. for The Cranberries?

  • kingco24

    Carpenters….on the roof working

    From a Second Story Window….maybe??

  • kaykayoli

    Behind the yellow guy, under Whitesnake…. Great White.

  • Mosca

    For all the “stretch” answers; if the band isn’t on Virgin, then the answer is wrong. So, since The Doors were on Elektra, The Doors is not a possibility. Same with Mountain (Columbia), etc.

    So, I’m tempted to say that hairball and those Camaros in the background is Camarohair, but unless they’ve signed with Virgin, that ain’t them.

    Check your answers at allmusic.

  • kaykayoli

    How is the 41st day of the year in August? Just wondering where people are coming up with this stuff.

  • bunker

    How about the Gorillaz and led zepplin

  • Sasha

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers! (Next to the watermelons) and are the guys with the surfboards the butthole suffers? Oh and Prince! (in front of the “Queen”) Iron Maden (In front of the Rolling Stone) Garbage…there are a lot of them!

  • emily

    uhh…the rolling stones if you havent already said that..but the stones…are rolling..sooo…

  • Bob

    The airplanes spotted near led zepplin and the gorillas is B-52

  • Shannoninatl

    Maybe the two guys in black suits?

  • Barky

    There are alot of “Momma’s and Poppa’s” in the pic

  • This is for Jimi

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience – the sky is purple

  • WOW


  • Dani!

    Best pic eva!!

    N i COULDNT belioeve no1 noticed cornashop til dat bloke sed it!! i mean, come on!!….
    **sings** Brim full of asha on the 45..Evrybody needcs a busum 4 a pillow, evry1 needs a busum. ** YAY!

  • Me

    I can not believe the amount of people that do not know bands or are just shooting in the dark, wow.
    The little dinasaur — Dinasaur Jr.
    The necklace and earings next to the fruit—Crown Jewels
    The three guys on the roof — Men @ work / Carpenters (I havn’t decided yet)
    The hill with the trees is definetly Cypruss Hill look at the trees.
    The people in the upstairs room I have as Quiet Riot but that might be wrong, I saw another post that looked more likely.
    And the little faries that people are calling angels come on now, its The Pixies!
    The spoon in just that — Spoon

  • Anya_nb

    the guys in white, i think they could be “the proclaimers”

  • hell ya man im mad

    1. seriously on 9:48 AM
    “ans sum-41 (the calandar by the fruit stand. it highlights the 21st of august and the band got their name from the 41st day of the year, which happens to be the 21st of august.)”

    correct me if i’m wrong, but is the 41st day of the year not february 10? besides, that image represents green day, which at least one person has mentioned.

    “The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes.”

    too bad the name of the band is FOUR non blondes, eh?

    “the pixies… how has no one posted that…”

    how have you not read the countless other entries that DID suggest it was the pyxies? or maybe the arguments about whether it was actually the pyxies, or the angels? tell me something… is ignorance really bliss?

    “There was a group called ‘The Adventure Boys’ and whats more of an adventure than being on the roof of a tall building when one is young…”

    whose ass did you pull that out of? was it even yours??

    i totaly fuggin agree read b4 u fuggin type u fags go umm i think its this or tyhat ur not in portand god u idiots saying the same fuggin thing over and over is dumb

  • rock

    GORILLAZ,Pixies,JEt,Queen?,THe Eagles?

  • just another bored person

    umm what about postal service??

  • chris

    smashing pumpkins bottom right, the guy is hitting them with the hammer

  • oh yeah

    you guys are thinking too deep go with your first instinc and stick with it

  • James


  • stalker

    dude,vurdlak, u were only suppose 2 put one on at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Person

    OK- there’s definitly more than 75 band names suggested here, so how many of them are under the Virgin label?????

  • Mc Murphy

    Dinousour Jr. !!!
    Cyress Hill !!!
    Crowded House !!!

  • flock

    not nickelback… 50 cent!!!

  • Freebird

    well what’s the final answer? Is there any? We’re up to more than 100 now…

  • TheGoodOne

    How is it that no one caught Nine Inch Nails (between prince and matchbox 20)or Great White (the shark on the poster under White Snake. It’s White Zobie not Rob Zombie (obviously)and Radiohead not Audioslave. Also i saw no mention of The Postal Service.

  • nutsybonkers

    do you think in the fruit stall isnt that the lemonheads

  • nutsybonkers

    what about Korn!!

  • Major Spoilerf alert


    Here is a list of the correct 75 bands:
    01. 311
    02. 50 cent
    03. alice in chains
    04. b-52s
    05. bee gees
    06. black crowes
    07. black flag
    08. blind melon
    09. blondie
    10. blur
    11. cake
    12. cornershop
    13. cowboy junkies
    14. cranberries
    15. crowded house
    16. cypress hill
    17. d12
    18. dead kennedys
    19. deep purple
    20. dinosaur jr
    21. eagles
    22. eels
    23. eminem
    24. garbage
    25. go-go’s
    26. gorillaz
    27. great white
    28. green day
    29. guns n’ roses
    30. hole
    31. iron maiden
    32. jane’s addiction
    33. jewel
    34. kiss
    35. korn
    36. led zeppelin
    37. madonna
    38. matchbox twenty
    39. nine inch nails
    40. pavement
    41. pet shop boys
    42. phish
    43. pink
    44. prince
    45. queen
    46. radiohead
    47. ratt
    48. red hot chili peppers
    49. scissor sisters
    50. scorpions
    51. seal
    52. sex pistols
    53. skinny puppy
    54. smashing pumpkins
    55. spoon
    56. talking heads
    57. the beach boys
    58. the carpenters
    59. the cars
    60. the cult
    61. the doors
    62. the killers
    63. the lemonheads
    64. the pixies
    65. the police
    66. the postal service
    67. the rolling stones
    68. the roots
    69. twisted sister
    70. u2
    71. white stripes
    72. white zombie
    73. whitesnake
    74. yellowman

  • james

    could the two women in the pink and yellow be shakespeare sistors???


    twisted sister – behind scissor sisters

  • Big Matty

    When that man hits the pumpkin, its going to go Wham! and when those rocks hit something, two more Whams! and when the Queen hits the young Prince with the dildos of death, Im sure it will go Wham!, thats three references to the greatest band ever….Wham!!!

    I also dont see where you got 311 from. Please advise.

  • spoiler

    hey mag. spoiler alert

    i only count 34 on yer list

  • Sunshine

    he copied it off flickr… there it says the d12 and 311 are only visible from the original add in the magazine according to some people

  • Ninety-Three

    It’s been posted already, but once again, the answers can be found at:

    http:[email protected]/66722414

    Stop posting ridiculous and/or repeat guesses! Actually, stop posting all together!

    Now to complain about the pictures used – some of them aren’t indicative of the bands they represent. If the Zeppelin was made of Led [sic] then it would be crashing, a la Led Zeppelin’s debut album. A mailbox is not the same as the Postal Service. Carrying a guitar case does not make you a Killer, even if there is a gun inside (which we can’t see). Call me crazy, but The Doors don’t look like doors….(I’ll stop here)

    Obviously, the potential for multiple answers is HUGE! So I won’t even bother complaining about that.

  • huh

    to those who say the coin is nickleback….last time i checked…that was a QUARTER not a nickle but ok?

  • surprised

    im sorry…..first off i dont know some of the bands cause im not from those decades but still…..HAS NO ONE NOTICED THE BEACH BOYS……..GUYS WALKING WITH SURF BOARDS…..ITS F’ING OBVIOUS

  • i satys

    u guys have way too much time on yor hands
    has anyone noticed – train station

  • Patrick

    I think that the 2 guys in black are The Killers, they’re spattered in blood.
    I also think that the Hare Chrisnas are Manic Street Preachers.
    The rat could represent The Boomtown Rats.
    The planes could represent Jerrerson Airplane.

  • random

    bouy on the corner shannon knoll what about me

  • T!NA

    Let’s not limit it to Virgin label, please; I like seeing all the responses from all the labels.



  • katie

    styx- the pile of sticks

  • ang

    ok i dont get how u guys can think the two guys in black wit the guitars is anything but EL MARIACHI durrrr i guess im the only hispanic up in this place……………

  • MARK

    siccor sisters

  • drow

    white zombie

  • ines

    you are missing the stones! the stones in the back!

  • Phil

    For Windows:

    CTRL + F helps!

    For Mac OS:

    APPLE + F helps!

    Why is it so difficult to search the bandname before posting??? Aaaarrrggghh!


    Surfboard Clown- There’s this person at the balcony staring out. i think its a surfboard-pink nosed- human?

  • marielavoe

    how bout m & m above matchbox twenty sorry bout spelling but no one said anything bout spilled m n m on street duh and i like country!!!!!!!

  • old person

    bag on m n m’s in street spilled you know look like skittles above stynx and match box 20
    so how you spell the guy mnm?

  • janice

    to Major Spooilerf Alert you forgot scorpion
    so much for posting only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashlin

    Alice in chains- on the right

  • boohoo

    i’ve got:
    rolling stones
    alice in chains
    yellow man
    iron maiden
    dinosaur jr
    scissor sisters
    matchbox 20
    smashing pumkins
    green day
    main street
    9 inch nails
    sex pistols
    guns & rosses
    50 cent
    dead presidents
    great white
    whit stripes
    cowboy junkies
    vitamin c
    red hot chili peppers
    beach boys
    deep purple
    cypress hill
    led zeplin
    black flag
    blues brothers
    talking heads
    blind melons
    white zombie
    radio head
    house of pain
    twisted sisters
    napoleon hill
    crowded house


  • Ollie

    where is 311? according to one of the spoilers it’s an answer, but i’m not seeing it.

  • 311?

    there are 3 11’s from the crosswalk that show up..??

  • Eleanor

    The first one I saw was Alice in Chains…lets see how many more I can find :) (<--good band)

  • edda

    the zombies?

  • LORD

    Rolling stones……

  • angelus

    my god u ppl need to learn how to read the posts! clearly some of the ones ppl keep saying have not been mentioned have in fact been mentioned toward the top of the page. and seriously, u ppl obviously didnt read the rules at the top…. ONE POST PER PERSON! i have seen ppl listing 7 or 8 bands in a single post… god u ppl r so retarded it isnt funny… and i thought i had met the dumbest person i could ever see already… guess not they r all in here.

  • Zoe

    Guns n Roses
    Scissor Sisters
    Twisted Sisters
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Alice in Chains
    Pet Shop Boys
    Led Zeppelin
    Green Day
    Deep Purple
    One Tree Hill
    Velvet Revolvers
    Matchbox 20
    Blind Melon
    The Eels
    Black Flag
    Beach Boys
    White Zombie
    Nine Inch Nails
    Skinny Puppy
    Cowboy Junkies
    The Postal Service
    Block Party
    The Eagles
    Iron Maiden
    The Dead Kennedys
    Great White
    Living Coluours
    The Roots
    White Stripes
    50 Cent
    The Cars
    Sex Pistols
    The Doors
    Lil’ Bow Wow
    Destiny’s Child
    New Kids on the Block
    Great White
    Average White Band
    The Clash
    The Monkees
    The Carpenters
    Dinosaur Jr.
    The Subways
    Banana Rama

    I’m only 11 and with my mum’s help I got all 75!!

  • Anonymous

    On the TVs there are what looks like the news, ergo it could either be Faces or Small Faces or even Talking Heads (Which is slang for a newscaster)!

  • corky

    ehhh… i know the beach boys makes sense.. but theres more than 2 of them. i can’t believe im the first to say this but the BUTTHOLE SURFERS?

  • Anonymous

    Ok so the coin is not a silver dollar, if you look closely it says “HALF DOLLAR”– which is 50 cent.

    Also the women standing between the two cowboys looks like Jane from Tarzan. I’m gonna have to say “Jane’s Addiction”.

  • Anonymous

    The televisions with the heads in the are the TALKING HEADS!!!

  • Anonymous

    red hot chilli peppers (at the vegie stand)

  • Anonymous

    Ok I never do this kind of thing, but here goes. Some of you guys are seeing things that arent even there. For one, there is no pet shop sign. It says SHOP. There also is no “boys” in front of the shop. There is one “boy” and he is yellow, so that is more or less the clue to that band name. Secondly, where are you people seeing a cake near the guns and roses? There is nothing there but some weird roots or something and a little dinosaur. Also, its clearly 9 inch nails, not styx, no “skinny puppy” anywhere! Where are you guys seeing a dog? Also its a “crowded house”, blood spatterd on the Tarrentinoesque “Killers”, “Dead Kennedies” and a “seal” on those posters on the SHOP(not pet shop), “the police” hangin out by the “cars”. If we could only figure out whats with the 3 80’s chicks. People: stop reading into it to deeply. You start thinking up some really dumb stuff that is so not obvious so it is so wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Sure there is a “pet shop” sign….you can only see it when you maximize the picture.

  • tori

    i couldn’t find anything

  • just trying to help

    everyone who says that they can’t see the “Pet Shop Boys” or “Cake” or “Skinny Puppy”, you should know that there is a broader version of this picture that shows more images off to the left side.

  • Anonymous

    Beach Boys walking behind the Black Crowes, Great White behind the Crash Test Dumies by the Corner Shop. Nine Inch Nails by the Match Box Twenty, Korn beside the Blind Melon. Blondie up stairs the Corner Shop. M&M in front of Scisors Sisters. Please some body tell me, what band is between the queen and prince, the eel?

    el che

  • Anonymous

    so the list so far is?
    01. 311
    02. 50 cent
    03. alice in chains
    04. b-52s
    05. bee gees
    06. black crowes
    07. black flag
    08. blind melon
    09. blondie
    10. blur
    11. cake
    12. cornershop
    13. cowboy junkies
    14. cranberries
    15. crowded house
    16. cypress hill
    17. d12
    18. dead kennedys
    19. deep purple
    20. dinosaur jr
    21. eagles
    22. eels
    23. eminem
    24. garbage
    25. go-go’s
    26. gorillaz
    27. great white
    28. green day
    29. guns n’ roses
    30. hole
    31. iron maiden
    32. jane’s addiction
    33. jewel
    34. kiss
    35. korn
    36. led zeppelin
    37. madonna
    38. matchbox twenty
    39. nine inch nails
    40. pavement
    41. pet shop boys
    42. phish
    43. pink
    44. prince
    45. queen
    46. radiohead
    47. ratt
    48. red hot chili peppers
    49. scissor sisters
    50. scorpions
    51. seal
    52. sex pistols
    53. skinny puppy
    54. smashing pumpkins
    55. spoon
    56. talking heads
    57. the beach boys
    58. the carpenters
    59. the cars
    60. the cult
    61. the doors
    62. the killers
    63. the lemonheads
    64. the pixies
    65. the police
    66. the postal service
    67. the rolling stones
    68. the roots
    69. twisted sister
    70. u2
    71. white stripes
    72. white zombie
    73. whitesnake
    74. yellowman
    75 banana rama

  • Anonymous

    oo i found alice in chains (alice from wonderland wrapped in chains)didnt see if that was mentioned yet

  • Anonymous

    is not a YellowMan is a crash test dummies

    el che

  • Anonymous

    it seems there are more than 75…

  • charlie

    u2 the two u’s painted on the buliding

  • Anonymous

    Obvously there’s Men In Black. Around the middle there are two guys holding guns dressed in black suits. How did anyone miss that.

  • Penguin

    “Badly Drawn Boy” ahem the badly drawn boy on the right side

  • AK

    Fall Out Boy mebbe? The guy on the roof looks like hes fall

  • AK

    the guys in suits are THE KILLERS!!
    can they look any more like killers?

  • Anonymous

    Not Blondie, people….


    And where is this 311 you speak of?

  • vivi

    on the right there’s ‘alice in chains’

  • Anonymous

    in the hands of the Queen…”The sex pistols” :D :D :D

  • Anonymous

    i know the planes look like b52’s but i believe theyre foofighters!! :D ur welcome!!! haha

  • adam

    blur …
    blurred man in the pink shirt to the right of the picture

  • Anonymous

    blues brothers walkin’ next to eachother

  • John

    “Led Zeppelin” as you can see the blimp is lead!

  • Anonymous

    Pink Floyd the wall there’s plenty of those!

  • Anonymous

    names dan and the skinny puppy could also be the band stray cat and really does it matter if you dont agree with a pesons guess at a band just ignore them and stop making fights

  • Anonymous

    Styx Just behind the princes knees

  • Anonymous

    “Pet Shop Boys”. I love that band too.

  • Anonymous

    “Guns ‘n’ Roses”
    “Smashing Pumpkins”
    “The Eagles”
    “Led Zeppelin”
    “Matchbox 20”
    “Blind Melon”
    “Pet Shop Boys”
    “Sisters scissors”
    Green Day

  • Anonymous

    “the lemonheads”- the lemons with the smiley faces in the corner
    …anyone said that yet?

  • Yoho

    Come on people, The one next to the b-52 is JET!

  • BellaStarlight

    OK this is getting crazy.
    I gave up trying to read all the comments after I saw I’d got to the 2nd #25, and was still nowhere near 1/3 of the way to the bottom.
    I haven’t even HEARD of most of those bands!!!

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know of the band D12? because that is right next to the talking heads(the t.v. screens) i am 99.9 percent sure I am right.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone mentioned the “White Zombie” besides the pet shop boys in the left?

  • daneo

    the guys in white with hands up is CHIOR BOYS thats a new one ,cypress tree on hill and next to cart is the plants

  • daneo

    chior boys in white,dinosaur jr bottom left ,

  • Anonymous

    How about the couple we are missing

    311 (3 rose vases and 11 guns)
    bush (the green one next to the cart)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with post 317 – if it’s not obvious or a popular band – it’s not it – there is absolutely no pet shop boys or skinny puppy

  • Anonymous

    sex pisols obv. theres dildos on the guns lmfao.

  • Anonymous

    the yellow man is NOT a crash-test dummy…nor a “yellow man” as such…

    havent you guys heard of any aussie bands?????

    Coldplay! “And he was all yellow.”

    …you fools!

    from 2 distracted and bored uni people.

  • Anonymous

    okay, i have read ALL the comments and i don’t get the 50 cent deal. yes, i see how it could be interpreted as that, but unless there was a ROCK BAND called 50 cent, then it doesn’t fit. why would they stick a rapper in there?

  • Anonymous

    okay so right above the stix and matchbox 20 and right below the scissor sisters…. m&m’s….eminem……so fifty or fiddy cent makes sense…..i don’t like bloc party don’t hink that makes any sense…..heres a good one though…. the girl talking to the cowbaoy junkies by the subway looks like jane from tarzan…. JANES ADDICTION…….and the guys on the roof…..looks like they are building something…. the CARPENTERS……..t.a.t.u is a big no…. definitely kiss…..and right next to the queen and below the roots…. thats a liitel dinosaur…….DINOSAUR JR.

  • Anonymous

    Alice in Chains.

  • IwannaKNOWWW

    ive been studying this pic for like ages…
    i feel that there are two things in one with the coin.
    yes i believe “half dollar” written on the coin has reference to 50cent
    but. beg my pardon of someone else has spotted this.
    isnt the symbol on it a representation of the ramones?? i felt so.


    i cant see petshop boys,
    or cake anywhere.


    my friends feel that the guys standing on top of the building
    represent hawthorn heights.

    i dunno.

  • Anonymous

    So how/when will we know what the actual answer is?

  • becky

    It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is.

  • Deano.C!!

    The three girls running across the road are Charlies angels. Hence “THE ANGELS” a hard rock australian band from the seventies and eighties.

  • Anonymous

    phish, the phish in the bag

  • Anonymous

    Queen – uhhhhhhh theres a queen lol

  • Anonymous

    is there songs cause’ thers killer queen from queen and a zomby

  • Anonymous

    in one of the shops it looks like theres a Mona Lisa holding a baby… does that represent anythin?

  • mango

    i don’t know, but if i was anywhere like that i think i’d probably be getting pretty ‘paranoid’ by now…

  • Anonymous

    “Double Trouble” – two giant gorillas

  • Niall

    I Got:
    -Bullet for my valentine
    -Smashing Pumpkins
    -Guns and Roses
    -Scissor Sisters
    -The Pixies
    -Pet Shop Boys
    -Rolling Stones
    -Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Anonymous

    Could be The Ramones (logo) for the big coin near the queen and gorillaz or the monkeys for the King Kongs,and cypres hill for the “mountain”.

  • Anonymous

    Crowded House – People in the windows on right side of pic

    Jimmy Hendrix – Purple Haze in the sky

    Lemonheads – bottom right in fruit stand

    Moody Blues – Knights in white satin behind Blues Bros?

  • Anonymous

    could the group of people in the white be the “manic street preachers”

  • Anonymous

    machine gun fellatio (aussie act) in the queens hands …

  • Norman


  • Anonymous

    Urm. Air Traffic and Boys Like Girls, maybe? ^^

  • Anonymous

    the two scissors are scissor sisters. I’m surprised no one has gotten this one yet.

  • Anonymous

    its CYPRESS HILL under the planes not one tree hill

  • Anonymous

    Boys Like Girls

    the boy and the girl on the corner on the right


  • Chelsea

    Come on guys what about STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO

    The two people are manifesting their love by the streetlight hahaha

  • Anonymous

    People in white robes are either the Manic Street Preachers or The Proclaimers.

  • Leonora

    Ok, there’s a Plant at the back of the queen, who’s pointing the guns at a Page boy – Plant and Page?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    blues brothers

  • tobodude

    the two scissors walking is scissor sisters

  • Napoloen

    Sex pistols yes but the pistols are also ‘The Vibrators’

  • Michelle

    Shop Boyz–>>

    Boys standing outside shop. (And no, I don’t mean PET SHOP BOYS!)

  • Michelle

    The scissors could also be “running with scissors” because it looks like they could be running. And I think the coin is “Nickel Back” not “50 cent”

  • Anonymous

    Post 60 said: It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is.

    I think this should be: “White Stripes”

  • Anonymous

    I think there are more then 75 bands.
    I can`t believe that nobody mentioned “THE ANIMALS”. It is so obvious!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Look what I found on internet! Here are all bands:

    Just go on this site if you want to see all bands!!!!

  • Anonymous

    and where’s britney??? she signed with virgin!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think the laughing crows in the box of knotted sobbing tires is totally the band the beatles. The building is made of concrete, the concrete is made of stone, and the lemons are sour, hence stone sour……duh……

  • Anonymous

    Alice In Chains!!

  • Anonymous

    1.Flyleaf- Two leaves flying in between Quenn and dude up front of picture.

  • Priya

    The train (the queen’s dress has a train)

  • Anonymous

    obvious Gorrilaz, not The Mokeys

  • Larry

    Could the woman in the yellow shirt be an OutKast, per chance?

  • yoyo

    Kind of a stretch but all together the people could be the village people

  • Anonymous

    Those are apes in the background, not monkees. There is a difference.

  • Anonymous

    queens of the stone age maybe
    (stone figure thats looks lika a queen next to the two men in suits)

  • flaviano

    the pink faries (on top left)

  • Anonymous

    it can’t be nickelback- thats a half dollar. i thought it was 50 cent.

  • Anonymous

    angels vs. airwaves …..i think

  • U2freak

    U2 U2 U2 U2 U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Steve

    Green Day (Aug 21st on the calendar)
    And the Three Non Blondes can also be the Go-Go’s (note the white boots)

  • Steve

    Wings – on the planes or the birds

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if these have been mentioned, Lemonheads (in the cart), Crowded house (2 top floors of building), Blues Brother (Guys in suits), Pink (the sky), Bush (by the 3 skipping girls), Dinosaur Jr ( small toy dinosaur by the GnR cart), Pavement and Korn (in the right cart).

  • Anonymous

    Blur anyone?? on the far right hand side theres a dude thats all blurry maybe ??

  • Anonymous

    Also the eels thay sung songs on shrek on the ground between the king and the queen you have to go on the bigger version to see

  • Up+comin rockstar’s lil sis

    What about “The Who” for the blurry guy? I’ve never heard of the Blur. Besides, that’s also how someone would appear as if they were anonymous. kthxbai.

  • alex

    Alice in Chains (right ubove the froot basket Alice *from Alice in Wounder Land* is in chains)

  • durks mcdurkdurk

    led zeppelin (blimp)
    B52’s (two jets in the skt)
    Gorillaz (the fuckin’ gorillaz)
    Sex Pistols (the queen is holding them)
    Queen (the queen)
    Prince (the prince)
    The Eels (the two eels by the queen
    Dinosaur Jr. (the dino behind the queen)
    Guns ‘n Roses
    white Zombie (behind the GnR)
    White Snake
    Madonna (in the window of the shop)
    Dead Kennedies (posters on the wall)
    The Pixies (flying)
    Iron Maiden (crosswalk)
    Rolling Stones
    Matchbox 20 (by the fish)
    Nine Inch Nails (by the prince and the 20)
    Phish (by the 20)
    Scissor Sisters
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Blind Melon (watermelon with sunglasses in cart)
    Korn (next to melon)
    Lemon Heads (smiling lemons on cart)
    Great White (movie poster)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers (fruit cart)
    Alice In Chains (above fruit cart)
    Cowboy Junkies (leaning against lamp post shooting up)
    Janes Addiction (chillin wit da cowboys)
    U2 (two U’s)
    the Eagles (flyin)
    the BeeGee’s (spraypainted on the wall by the TV’s a B and two G’s)
    Spoon (under the eagles)
    Black Flag (above the rolling stone)
    the Black Crowes (on the main st. sighn)
    the Beach Boys (under crowes)
    Radio Head (crosswalk)
    the Police (between iron maiden and cars)
    The Cars
    Rat (above scissors)
    the Blur (next to alice)
    Greenday (fruit cart, the calendar)
    Seal (sighn on wall by zombie)
    Fifty Cent (the giant ass coin)
    Postal Service (the mailman)
    twisted Sister (the two asian chicks bending)
    Television (in the window)
    Eminem (by the smashed pumpkin)
    the Doors (by the freaky people dancing, they are multicolored and leaning against a building)

  • Anonymous

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Anonymous

    How about Styx?

  • Anonymous

    What about the killers, instead of blues brothers…. the guys with the guitar cases

  • Anonymous

    What about Crowded House? Building on the right with loads of people in the windows.

  • Anonymous

    the one i found is BLUR the man on the right of the pic is out of focus

  • twst

    no one see the RATT?!?!?!

  • AndrewT

    Have we got one for the goldish yet? Could it be ‘Real Big Fish’?

    and the puple block of flats at the end looks like it could be on! ;)

  • Anonymous

    uhmm unless I’m mistaken aren’t those “red hot chili peppers” around the watermelons?

  • Anonymous

    I know i’m not supposed to do more then one but…

    Led Zeppelin.
    Rolling Stones.
    Sex Pistols.
    Matchbox 20.
    Smashing Pumpkins.
    Blind Melon.
    Green Day.
    Scissor Sisters.
    Alice in Chains.
    White Zombie.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    The Cars.

    I might be wrong though.

  • Anonymous

    Behind the QUEEN, under THE ROOTS, right of GUNS N ROSES is a very young dinosaur. Therefor i think we can ad DINOSAUR JR. to the list.

  • Anonymous

    The doors – in the back of the photo

  • musicali2kn1

    aL I think the dinosaur would be “T Rex”.

  • PaigeUnperfect

    I dunno if anyone posted that one yet, but it’s severely obvious. On top of the melons (whih are, as previously stated, Blind Melons)

  • tautvydasss

    Gym class heroes. Those gymnasts.

  • Ax

    Lads in white – “Manic Street Preachers”

    3 Vases, 11 guns – “311”

  • Anonymous


  • Jamie

    Pretty certain as somebody has already pointed out, that the calendar bottom right is Green Day. However, as a Counting Crows fan i was distracted by the month – it is “August and Everything After”.

  • Anonymous

    greenday on calendar and rolling stones’ alice in chains nd blur

  • hidude45

    dinosaur jr theres a little dinosaur ! :D

  • Anonymous

    rolling stones- obvious much? big boulders rolling down the street

    sex pistols – the royal family haha the guns in her hands are dildos acting as the gun barrels

    guns n roses- the roses have shot guns in them

    matchbox 20- the number twenty in matchboxes

    smashing pumpkins- the guy with the sledge hammer…next to the pumpkins…one is smashed…obvious

    blind mellon- the watermellon wearing sun glasses

    korn- there is corn next to that mellon

    red hot chili peppers- around the mellon there are red pepers, that vatiety happens to be fairly hot…

    green day- one day on the callander under the fruit stand has one day colored green

    jewel/jem(dunno which, but either works!!)- there is a neclace in a case nest to the fruit stand

    alice in chains- and alice-like girl with chains wrapped around her by the fruit stand

    blur- man next to alice, very very blurry

    cowboy junkies- the cowboys shooting up by a lamp post

    twisted sisters- the contortionists in the middle of the road

    radiohead- the man with a radio for a head

    iron maiden- the big stone statue lookin thing on the cross walk

    scissor sisters- the pink scissors on the street next to ‘smashing pumpkins’

    white stripes- the crosswalk. that one is probably wrong, but hey it works!!

    postal service- the mailman

    white zombie/cannibal corpse- that dead lookin pale thing on the side walk

    pixies- um…there are two pixies above the mailman…

    blondie- blond girl with bubble gum

    dead kennadies(no, i can’t spell. shush)- there are posters of two of them on the building the zombie/corpse is leaning on. both of these people are dead.

    seal- again, a poster on that wall

    kiss- girls making out against the post

    white snake- snake wrapped around that same post

    the doors- a line of pink, yellow, green, and blue doors lined up against a building

    deep purple- the purple building in the backround

    the police- hard to see, but i’ve got it zoomed towards the boulder furthest back and there are two officers standing there

    the cars- right by the police

    the go goes- three go go dancers in front of the other boulder

    black flag/anti flag- the flag on a building

    the beegees- there is BGG written on a building

    U2- there are two u’s above the tvs on a building to the right

    the crows- two crows perched on top of the main street street sign

    beach boys- the guys walking with surf boards

    the eagles- three eagles flying

    spoon- giant spoon on the right…

    the carpenters- thre guys doing wood work on top of the building on the right

    the gorillas- obviously…the giant apes on top of the buildings

    the b52s- the jets flying above

    led zeppelin- the zeppelin above the furthest back gorilla

    Cyprus hill- the tree on the hill in the center

    the eels- two eels on the side walk towards the front

    nine inch nails- the nails next to matchbox 20

    50 cent- big giant coin next to the mailman

    garbage- the trash can spilled onto the street

    prince- um…the one with the dildos pointed at him…

    lemon heads- the lemons in the fruit stands

    block party- everyone up in the apartment

    so if i counted correctly, thats 50, just that i saw off the top of my head

  • Anonymous

    you guys are all morons

    “those fairies that are pink are pink fairies”

    no they are “the pixies”… does anyone read anymore??

    ps I think the two guys with the ‘violin cases’ are supposed to represent the killers

  • Alesana


    Sex Pistols!!!

    the guns the queen is holding or frickin dildos!!!!!



  • Anonymous

    Crowded House & The Eagles

  • Anonymous

    hey, isn’t that rob zombie on the left hand side? ;-)

  • Anonymous

    the two posters could indicate “the presidents of the united states” next to the zombie on the left hand side…

  • Anonymous

    the news, garbage, prince, queen, deep purple, yello(w)

  • Anonymous

    The coin could be the presidents of the united states of america

  • ebaby213

    Main Street- Under the Black crows.

    TLC- The 3 girls skipping down the street.

  • Anonymous

    Scissor Sisters

  • piper!

    “scissor sisters” – two scissors at the front

  • Anonymous

    um the person who said ‘ gorillas – obvious anyone ‘ i never heard of the gorillas but i have heard of the Monkees i think its them anyone agree

  • Anonymous

    “Rob Zombie” – the zombie behind the guns and roses

  • Mooseblaster

    The oranges on the fruit cart have”Small Faces” drawn on them!

  • vanni

    blind melon..(melon wearing shades in the fruit cart/stand)… i think…

  • c3vette

    OK, the coin to the left say “HALF DOLLAR” on it so it is a 50 cent piece, not a dollar or a quarter. And where is the pet shop? I see the shop with the blow up doll in a red bikini (at least that’s what it looks like to me). Maybe part of the picture is missing.

  • Stevus J

    Styx – sticks next to Matchboxes in shape of 20 (matchbox 20)

  • Anonymous

    i don’t see the cake?

  • Anonymous

    The Aquarium – near smashing pumpkins

    MNM – in front of the scissors

    and maybe Spice Girls the three at the back or even the two kissing, not sure about this one.

  • Anonymous

    maybe its just me but is the coin the Ramones?
    Bush (beside the right boulder)
    Kid rock (the smaller boulder)

  • Anonymous

    How did everyone miss the bag of M&Ms or EMINEM right in the middle of the picture! I feel a little smarter knowing that I'm the only one to get that!!
    PS I have seen nothing written about the small stuffed dinosaur in the left corner. Any guesses about what it could be?

  • Anonymous

    Commenter 160 the coin is not a silver dollar. It’s obviously a half dollar and if you look at it you will see that it’s clearly written on the coin. It’s OBVIOUSLY 50 Cent. You shouldnt tell people they are wrong when you actually are the one whose wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Omg the crows are obviously The Black Crows! Duh no one got that yet??
    PS Vurdlak your list of 75 you have going has multiple bands for the same images on the page so you actually need a lot more than a couple more.

  • Anonymous

    I think the queen pointing the guns is sex pistols because the guns look like dildos.

  • Money Cash (Steven P.)

    White Zombie (A.K.A Rob Zombie)- Um….You people have been staring at it.

    P.S I put that white zombie is rob zombie so I could prove that it was a real band/artist.

  • Anonymous

    I see some “Cranberries” next to Green Day!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that melon “Blind Melon”?

  • Anonymous

    I think your missing eminem there’s a bag of them by matchbox 20

  • Daniel

    Scissor Sisters- pink scissors
    and the Gorillaz not monkeys
    Also maybe pink floyd it the sky??

  • Gord

    On the fruit cart there seems to be some Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  • Lynne

    angels and airwaves

    maybe not though since others are saying they are pixies but the look enough like angels to me.

  • Anonymous

    Could the people in the flat be Crowded House?

  • Anonymous

    Empty Trash

  • Anonymous

    who would wast all there tome just trying to find these hidden bands? i understand that some people like a challenge, but 75!? come on!

  • niamh

    scissor sisters – pair of pink scissors walking on street

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone said Rolling Stones? Well there’s a big Stone in the background rolling toward the people.

  • Anonymous

    scissor sisters–the scissors “walking” across the street with the little pink bows

  • sxtemp

    iron maiden is crossing the street

  • Lalo

    I think we got them all but one. The party in the right building should be BLOC PARTY

  • Anonymous

    i found….
    -match box 20
    -guns n roses
    -scissor sisters
    -the eagles
    -smashing pumkins
    -one tree hill
    -rolling stones
    … amd im only 14

  • Anonymous

    “Great White” under the shop sign.

  • rollyb

    Matchbox 20 could also be Sum 41 as it is made up of 21 matchboxes (20+21)

  • steffen

    Hi there

    Am I the only one seeing a bag of EMINEMs on the street above the 20 matchboxes?

    SJ, Denmark

    (Great fun)

  • steffen

    A comment on th “Three Non-Blondes”-thing:

    That band was called “4 non blondes”

    SJ, denmark

  • Amy

    The coin is not a silver dollar it clearly says half dollar on it…so it could definately be 50 cent.

  • Anonymous

    hey everyone, how about the whole picture……………………….ASPHALT JUNGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hayley

    Crowded House!

  • hayley


  • Anonymous

    The hill at the back is Cyprus hill; we know this because it is a Cyprus tree on a hill yes? Yes, ok

  • pants

    Girl in the shop window is Bikini Kill.

    Guns ‘n’ Roses is sitting on The Steps.

  • Anonymous

    men in black i think is the guys in the suites

  • Sarah

    no one has mentioned the guy in the corner that is blurred.. like the band blur

  • Sarah

    just saw the beachboys ?
    the guys with surfboards… that could be a strech though lol

    i also thought maybe that queen right up front is the band queen, but then why is she holding pink guns that look suspiciously like something else…

    perhaps the guy shes pointing them at is prince ?

  • =]

    Rolling stones

  • =]

    im also guessing boys like girls… the guy holding the girl on the right…? that might be a stretch

  • MWaltz

    No one’s mention the hulking gray figure on the crosswalk – looks like a figure of a queen made out of stone – Queens of the Stone Age?

  • MWaltz

    Or instead of “Queens of the Stone Age”, since there’s only one gray figure on the crosswalk, did somebody already mention “Iron Maiden”?

  • MWaltz

    OK – so I see someone already said Iron Maiden for the figure on the crosswalk. As to the small, walking dinosaur – there is a band called “Dinosaur Jr.”, and I think another band with Dinosaur in there name (can’t think of it). The group in white pointing up to the huge snake – they look like Hare Krishnas to me – isn’t there a band with Hare Krishna in their name? Anyone have a guess what the 4, differently-colored panels behind that group signify? And did someone already guess “Talking Heads” for the TV screens in the window behind the Cowboy Junkies?

  • Anonymous

    “the police” infron of the cars in the back

    the candy on the ground above machtbox 20 could be “hard candy”

    and there is an plant behind queen that could be “robert plant”

    the fallen trash can could be “cradle of filth”

  • DownNeverOut

    There’s some GORILLAZ in the backgrounds, guys.

  • nasdroviato

    “The Killers”: the blues brothers looking guys in the centre

  • Anexia

    These haven’t been listed (or I haven’t seen those comments):
    Alice In Chains (on the right)
    White snake
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    50 Cent
    Maddonna (the picture of a woman & a child on the left)
    Led zeppelin

    this is so much fun. I’m from Croatia by the way


  • dylangibbs

    Hi, has anyone noticed u2 ??? On the building to the right. also what are those smiling oranges(?) about. Happy fruit? maybe, or smiling lemons???

  • Rama

    I found led zeppelin :)

  • Brian

    The “Queen” is holding “Sex Pistols”. The calander has “Green Day”. Has anyone said Zomies? Spoon, Alice in Chains, Stixs, Cars, Counting Crows, (Three Girls holding hands) Go-Gos, Seal, Black Flag, Jefferson Airplane, Twisted Sister. Could the diamond necklace be Jewel?

    ?What do the two eels represent?

  • I can see The Doors and White Zombie- who is next to the Dead Kennedys. The watermelon wearing glasses is Blind Melon. Could the fish in the bowl be…Phish? (and does the “BGG” near the “uu” mean the BeeGees?)

  • Kolko

    Brian, I believe the eels represent the magnificent rock band eels ;)

    My list:

    1. Queen
    2. Prince
    3. Sex Pistols
    4. Green Day
    5. Nine Inch Nails
    6. Matchbox 20
    7. Smashing Pumpkins
    8. Blind Melon
    9. Talking Heads
    10. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    11. Scissor Sisters
    12. Eminem
    13. Alice In Chains
    14. Beach Boys
    15. Blur
    16. The Eagles
    17. Gorillaz
    18. Black Flag
    19. Hole
    20. Deep Purple
    21. U2
    22. Rolling Stones
    23. Pixies
    24. Pet Shop Boys
    25. Dead Kennedys/Presidents Of The USA
    26. Guns ‘n Roses
    27. White Zombie
    28. Yellowman
    29. Led Zeppelin
    30. Pink
    31. eels
    32. B52’s
    33. Whitesnake
    34. Manic Street Preachers? (The preachers on the street)
    35. 50 Cent
    36. Iron Maiden
    37. Cypress Hill
    38. The White Stripes
    39. Bloc Party/Crowded House
    40. Counting Crows
    41. The Doors
    42. Radiohead

    The next bands I don’t think were intentional:

    43. Sky
    44. Elbow
    45. Air

  • The Amazing Chris

    The planes are the B-52’s.

  • Beatnic!

    Heheh… “Crazy Town”….


    my list:

    scissor sisters
    the smashing pumpkins
    alice in chains
    the queen
    sex pistols
    lues brothers
    rolling stone
    led zeppelin
    the police
    the eagles
    red hot chili peppers
    black crow/ counting crows
    pink floyd
    beach boys
    cypress hill
    velvet underground
    white stripes
    50 cent
    bee gees
    the killers
    go gos
    black flag
    the steps
    the doors
    the hole
    block party
    pet shop boys
    pink fairies
    white snake
    green day
    iron maiden
    matchbox 20
    the streets
    deep purple

    …for now!!!!

  • Tyler

    Did anyone get seal?

  • colshan

    men at work
    butthole surfers
    10,000 maniacs
    sex pistols
    great white
    lovin’ spoonful

  • Random person

    i see..
    1.The Ramones
    2.The rolling Stones
    3.Matchbox 20
    5.Guns ‘n’ Roses
    6.Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    7.Crowded House
    and… thats all

  • jim

    Heart. to the right of Phish

  • chris

    Could the fish be Real Big Fish?

  • Al Bratz

    Haven’t seen anyone mention The Cars yet.

  • Guilherme

    I found Cake near on scorpions

  • Cameron Kuhn

    i dont know about these if they are bands but they could still help

    the acrobats?

    ih and we have the gorillaz
    rolling stones
    iron maiden
    the pixies
    50 cent

    and i believe i see avril lavine with some bubble gum in left hand corner


  • Cameron Kuhn

    those fruit look suspicious… they’re all happy


  • Cameron Kuhn

    OUUU and i found a tricky one

    with the matchbox 20 one i say that there are 21 matchboxs used… and everyone? whats the SUUUM
    of 20+21? FORTY FREIKING ONE



  • Cameron Kuhn

    how about the golden guy leaning on the wall? any ideas?

    ooorreee the lesbians near him!

  • Frederic Yesid

    Gorillaz, Smashing Pumpkins, led zeppelin, Rob Zombie

  • Ansley

    Radiohead, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Alice In Chains,Blur… Thats all I can see..

  • Ansley

    Oh, and Iron Maiden.

  • Giuliano

    The scissor sister

  • Vlad

    2 pink scissors walking together?
    scissor sisters!

    Doors standing together, The Doors

  • Tanya

    OMG! i see Lady gaga! with bubblegum!

  • Doug

    On the left picture of a SEAL, JFK&RFK=DEAD KENNEDYS, Next to that is the Virgin Mary with Jesus=MADONNA. “Shop” sign= CORNERSHOP. WHITESNAKE onthe street light. Half Dollar+50 CENT. The Queen is QUEEN holding SEX PISTOLS [email protected] Little toy Stegasaurus= Dinosaur Jr. BLACK FLAG on the building on the right. Knocked over trashcan= GARBAGE. RedYellow and Blue- The CARS 2cops= The POLICE the Fruit cart the lemons have faces= The LEMONHEADS also there may be some RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. on top of the street sign are 2 BLACK CROWS. The Calendar has 1 GREEN DAY. The T.V.s could be :TELEVISION, THE TALKING HEADS, or THE FACES. The 3 Fairies on the left=The PIXIES. Bubblegum chewer=BlONDIE. The apartment with all the people in the Window+ CROWDED HOUSE. 2Us= U2 and BGG= The BEE GEES

  • Laura

    Sex Pistols
    The Eagles
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    Matchbox 20
    The Rolling Stones
    The Beach Boys
    Scissor Sisters
    Alice in Chains
    The Pixies
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Led Zeppelin
    White Zombie
    Bloc Party
    The Doors
    Black Flag
    Dinosaur Jr.
    The Cars

    That’s all I’ve got.

    And dude, that ain’t Lady Gaga. She wasn’t around in 2006.

  • Aaron

    On the grouns, to the left of the 20 matchbooks, Nine Inch Nails. The two girls twisted together, Twisted Sisiter. The three guys on top of the house, Men Without Hats.

  • Aaron

    Oh, Ratt

  • Aaron

    Two guys with the surfboards, beach boys

  • heyheyhey

    Flight of the conchords

  • lefty

    every seemed to miss Blind Melon, the watermelon wearing Sunglasses

  • Dennis

    eagles,sex pistols, white snake, smashing pumpkins,blues brother’s band, black flag, dead presidents, great white, nine inch nails, presidents of the united states, counting crows, CYPRUS HILL!!! Queen, America, the police, sublime, prince, korn, white stripes. that makes 19 for me

  • White Zombie
    Led Zepplin
    Dead Kennedys
    Black Flag
    Blind Melon
    Beach Boys
    Iron Maiden
    50 cent
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Rolling Stones
    Sum 41
    Guns and Roses
    Cypress Hill
    Talking Heads
    The Cars
    Bee Gees
    Cowboy Junkies
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Alice in Chains
    Iron Maiden
    The Police
    Sex Pistols
    Fresh Prince
    The Cranberries
    The Doors
    Deep Purple
    Black Crows
    Nine Inch Nails

    43 so far.

    What is the spoon?

  • Erol

    The Eels between Queen and Prince

  • bradman

    there are STYX behind the queen

  • bradman

    there are 3 DIXIE CHICKS walking across the street

  • Andrew

    The spoon is… Spoon. and also I have seen this picture before and about 3 to 4 more bands are cut off for the left side just on the other side of white zombie.

  • Chairminator

    The Pixies?

  • Chairminator

    ..and Twisted Sister, maybe? the contortionists..

  • Chairminator

    The buggles (underneath the veggies), manic street preachers. Hole(in the ground?)The shop sign might have something to do with Kraftwerk)and there seems to be a hole in the ground.. so Hole!

  • Kaamil

    1. pet shop boys
    2. guns n roses
    3. the pixies
    4. fifty cent
    5. queen
    6. prince
    7. sex pistols
    8. scissor sisters
    9. matchbox 20
    10. eminem
    11. smashing pumpkins
    12. lemonheads

  • J.M.

    . the scorpions
    .smashing pumpkins
    .cranberries next to green day
    .that’s all.

  • dylper

    the postal service.
    the vines.
    the white stripes.
    the killers.
    a perfect circle.

  • bow

    Dead Kennedys near White Zombie, there r 2 pictures of jfk and another k

  • Henny

    Crowded House
    Live – (the TV sets)
    Deep Purple
    Deep Purple
    Jesus and Mary Jane

  • Guns and Roses
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Radio Heads

    AND THAT’S ALL I COULD DO WHILE NOT LOOKING AT THE COMMENTS! I FELT SPECIAL WHEN I FOUND KISS! though seriusly i think those are gay kissers in that pic. ILL KEEP LOOKING!

  • omg i found


    heh im 13 and atleast i kud find some without cheating! BAM!

  • ooooomggggg im the only one that sed August Rush! YAY!

  • 1) August Rush
    2) Queen
    3) Prince
    4) Guns ‘N Roses
    5) Greenday
    6) Rolling Stones
    7) The Eagles
    8) White Snake
    9) 50 Cent
    10) Greatful Dead
    11) Alice In Chains
    12) Scissor Sisters
    13) Matchbox 20
    14) Ratt
    15) U2
    16) The Police
    17) Beach Boys
    18) Indigo Girls
    19) Styx
    20) Blind Melon
    21) Red Hot Chili Peppers
    22) Blur
    23) The Cars
    24) Pixies
    25) The Black Crows
    26) Korn
    27) Sex Pistols
    28) Great White
    29) Lemonheads
    30) Seal
    31) Pink
    32) Iron Maiden
    33) Jewel
    34) Deep purple
    35) Goldfinger
    36) Live
    37) The Killers
    38) Sum41
    39) The Doors
    40) Kiss
    41) Crowded House
    42) Byrds
    43) Jesus and Maryjane
    44) Wings
    45) Jet
    46) Tool
    47) A Perfect Circle
    48) Monkees
    49) Gorillaz
    50) The White Stripes
    51) The Vines
    52) The Postal Service
    53) Eminem
    54) Petshop Boys
    55) Scorpions
    56) Cranberries
    57) Cake
    58) The Buggles
    59) The Contortionists
    60) Dead Kennedys
    61) Spoon
    62) White Zombie
    63) Hole
    64) Dixie Chicks
    65) Ninch Inch Nails
    66) The Eels
    67) Phish
    68) Coyboy Junkies
    69) Talking heads
    70) Cypress Hill
    71) Bee Gees
    72) B-52s
    73) Black Flag
    74) Led Zeppelin
    75) Fresh Prince

  • 1) August Rush
    2) Queen
    3) Prince
    4) Guns ‘N Roses
    5) Greenday
    6) Rolling Stones
    7) The Eagles
    8) White Snake
    9) 50 Cent
    10) Greatful Dead
    11) Alice In Chains
    12) Scissor Sisters
    13) Matchbox 20
    14) Ratt
    15) U2
    16) The Police
    17) Beach Boys
    18) Indigo Girls
    19) Styx
    20) Blind Melon
    21) Red Hot Chili Peppers
    22) Blur
    23) The Cars
    24) Pixies
    25) The Black Crows
    26) Korn
    27) Sex Pistols
    28) Great White
    29) Lemonheads
    30) Seal
    31) Pink
    32) Iron Maiden
    33) Jewel
    34) Deep purple
    35) Goldfinger
    36) Live
    37) The Killers
    38) Sum41
    39) The Doors
    40) Kiss
    41) Crowded House
    42) Byrds
    43) Jesus and Maryjane
    44) Wings
    45) Jet
    46) Tool
    47) A Perfect Circle
    48) Monkees
    49) Gorillaz
    50) The White Stripes
    51) The Vines
    52) The Postal Service
    53) Eminem
    54) Petshop Boys
    55) Scorpions
    56) Cranberries
    57) Cake
    58) The Buggles
    59) The Contortionists
    60) Dead Kennedys
    61) Spoon
    62) White Zombie
    63) Hole
    64) Dixie Chicks
    65) Ninch Inch Nails
    66) The Eels
    67) Phish
    68) Coyboy Junkies
    69) Talking heads
    70) Cypress Hill
    71) Bee Gees
    72) B-52s
    73) Black Flag
    74) Radio Head
    75) Fresh Prince

    Forgot. led Zeppelin aint a band and at first i sed the doors twice. This is most accurate now!

  • Hello

    Okay I have to comment on Ms.Observant’s post…..
    Led Zeppelin ain’t a band???? OKAY call me stupid but can you please tell me what they are… Apparently I have been mislead my entire life…

  • Andy J

    1. Sex Pistols (in the queen’s hands)
    2. Queen (duh!)
    3. Scissor Sisters (next to the guy smashing pumpkins)
    4. Gorillaz (on the rooftop)
    5. B52’s (the aeroplanes)
    6. White Zombie (far left)
    7. Guns ‘n Roses (in front of the white zombie)
    8. The Eels (in front of the queen)
    9. 50 Cent (behind the queen)
    10. The Pixies (above the white zombie)
    11. Led Zeppelin (in the sky)
    12. Smashing Pumpkins (to the left of the fruit stand)
    13. Whitesnake (climbing the lamppost)
    14. Dead Kennedys (the posters to the right of the white zombie)
    15. Police (in the background looking at the cars)
    16. The Cars (next to the policemen)
    17. The Cult (crossing the road above the queen)
    18. Fish/Goldie (the goldfish and possibly the golden guy)
    19. Eminem (M&M’s in the road below the scissors)
    20. Styx (to the left/below the M&M’s)
    21. Madonna (the painting next to the dead presidents)
    22. Alice In Chains (far right, below the spoon)
    23. Blind Melon (on the fruit stand)
    24. Blur (far right, next to Alice)
    25. The Eagles (flying above the spoon)
    26. Rolling Stones (big boulders near the cars)
    27. Red Hot Chilli Peppers (on the fruit stand)
    28. Ratt (above the scissors)
    29. Greenday (on the calendar on the fruit stand)
    30. The Byrds/Black Crowes (on the Main St sign)
    31. Beach Boys (with the surf boards next to the Main St sign)
    32. Talking Heads/Television (in the building next to the Main St sign)
    33. Radiohead (on the road crossing)
    34. Deep Purple (the building in the background)
    35. Hole (in the road to the right of the contortionists)
    36. The Doors (to the right of the cult)
    37. Cypress Hill (the hill in the background)
    38. Mighty Joe Young (the gorilla to the left of cypress hill)
    39. Kissing Girls (to the left of the cult)
    40. Seal (the poster next to the white zombie)
    41. Black Flag (on the building with the TV’s)
    42. Garbage (to the right of the contortionists)
    43. Matchbox 20 (foreground, next to the goldfish)
    44. Iron Maiden (in the road, to the left of radiohead)
    45. U2 (above the TV’s)
    46. Bubblegum (on the fire escape to the left of the zeppelin)
    47. The Roots/Grateful Dead (the grate to the left of the queen)
    48. Stegosaurus (to the left of the queen)
    49. Aspidistra (the plant below the guns ‘n roses)
    50. Korn (on the fruit stand)
    51. Cowboy Junkies (above the smashing pumpkins)
    52. The Contortions (to the left of garbage)
    53. Reservoir Dogs (to the right/above the queen)
    54. Great White (the poster next to the golden guy)
    55. Crowded House (above the TV’s)
    56. The Shadows 8)
    57. Prince (in front of the queen. Doh! how long did it take me to get that!!)

  • jockkate


  • Jer Cisneros

    Well here’s one I don’t think anyone got.. the guys under the gorilla… MEN AT WORK!

  • guns and roses

  • I’m not very good, but I found the Sex Pistols. Also, people, lets read the post and put only ONE BAND NAME AT A TIME.
    PS. Eminem is not a band. He’s solo.

  • Shev

    I have a feeling some people are just typing random words that they THINK might be band names but actually aren’t. Come on guys.

  • bobbs

    it seems that everyone forgot the Postal Service. the guy right by white zombie checking the mail

    and also i don’t know if anyone put Jet, but there’s a couple planes in the sky.

  • G. Ratt

    Mountain, the mountain in the middle back of course, and

    Nickelback, the silver nickle

  • stiven

    some people here dont get the picture right….
    anyone noticed the black flag? (yes it’s a band >.<)

  • im pretty sure she


  • Raltenach

    Those people not in the picture? “Missing Persons.”

  • Moodie-1

    The large object in front of the purple building isn’t a rock, it’s an oyster, which makes the guys in blue uniforms standing in front of it the Blue Öyster Cult!

  • urface

    you morons…Lady GaGa? Sum 41? You do realize this is about 5 or 6 years old? @Moodie-no, you’re right those aren’t rocks – they’re stones..get it? @ GRatt- that is clearly a 50 cent piece, not a nickel. @ Bobb- you dumbass, those “jets” would be B-52 bombers as in the B-52’s. Have fun n00bs.

  • Well done indeed! My only exception would be that the Big Silver Spoon was actually the logo of the 70s-80s band called “Lovin’ Spoonful’ which turned into 1) Crosby, Stills, & Nash and 2) Poco 3) Loggins & Messina

    Exciting and great job!

  • MatC

    Pink Floyd is there…

  • BH

    The Subways

  • trezz

    the spoon is loving spoonful…come on people!

    and 50 cent….

    and how could no one get the bangals. come on now!

  • trezz

    that isnt STYX behind the queen./ its grateful dead. and the ladies walking arent the dixie chicks, its the bangals

  • trezz

    actually the big thing in front of the building is a rock maing it THE ROLLING STONES, and the guys are POLICE….BLUE OYSTER CULT is the blue oyster necklace to the right of the goldfish! damn people learn your music!

  • Assila

    The scissor sisters, the rolling stones, the sexpistols, radiohead, guns and roses.

  • devin


  • Phillip

    smashing pumpkins, white zombie, the eagles, gorillaz?…

  • Vicki

    Crowded House
    The Angels
    Deep Purple
    Man the list goes on …

  • murni

    matchbox 20? white snake? postal service? garbage?

  • B2

    The guy on the right edge of the picture = “Blur” and how about “The Eels” to the left of the “Scissor Sisters”! “Black Flag” on the building on the right and “The Cars” behind the “The Police”. “Alice in Chains” on the right edge of the photo next to the “Blur” with “The Beach Boys” behind her and the “Black Crows” on the street sign. The “B-52’s” flying high and how about “Hole” behind “Garbage”!!

  • B2

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the “Green Day” marked on the calendar!

  • niels

    Queen? :’)

    the Police (at the mailbox at the left or on the street at the back)

    the lemonheads (at the groceries)

  • sarah!

    smashing pumpkins, guns n roses and the red hot chilli peppers are also in there

  • mitya

    dead kennedys
    the killers (two men in black)
    the doors
    oasis beyond the gorillas

  • all i see is the scissor sisters(the pink scissors),The Rolling Stones(the stones rolling down the street),and Alice In Chains(Alice from Alice in Wonderland chained on the far right of the picture

  • robb

    Blind melon, queen, prince, the sex pistols, smashing pumpkins, kiss, whitesnake, dinosaur jr (the little dinosaur behind the queen), madonna etc etc etc

  • ro-sham-beau


  • Humberto Alejandre

    And,,,Guns N’ Roses behind the Queen.

  • Angeliqa

    Ok, I got a few more for ya,
    the Jets (two planes, can also be b-52’s I guess)
    Blind Melon
    Twisted Sister (the two girls contortionists)
    The roots (in the street grate behind the queen)
    BeeGees (B and 2 Gees on the wall)
    Seal (poster by white zombie)
    Iron Maiden (Its in the middle of the street)
    and before reading the posts i kinda thought the white zombie was for Insane clown posse???

  • Bowser

    the gorillaz are the famous bacd gorillaz the band of feel good inc and others

  • Colleen

    “the rolling stones;” is that “queen” and “prince?” “iron maiden,” “led zeppelin,” “garbage,” “smashing pumpkins,” “green day;” maybe “the postal service?” “radiohead,” “U2,” “50 cent,” “the sex pistols,” “guns ‘n roses,” maybe “nine inch nails?” “matchbox twenty,” “blind melon,” “red hot chili peppers,” “alice in chains;” maybe “the eagles,” and “spoon?” “black flag,” “the beach boys”

  • The Murderlady

    I see the Pixies too.

  • heather

    did anyone say COWBOY JUNKIES yet? PHISH?

    and i’m pretty sure the giant spoon is just SPOON, not THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL

  • Adrienne

    Blur, Nine Inch Nails, Beach Boys, Radiohead, Black Crowes

  • Brant

    I’m thinking Eminem on the ground left of prince, although those would technically be peanut M&M’s.
    Could that be The Carpenters on top of the building?

  • Joseph

    Anyone said “the pixies” yet?

  • laura

    the smashed pumpkins

  • soccer023maniac

    1. pet shop boys
    2. guns n roses
    3. the pixies
    4. fifty cent
    5. queen
    6. prince
    7. sex pistols
    8. scissor sisters
    9. matchbox 20
    10. eminem
    11. smashing pumpkins
    12. lemonheads
    13. green day
    14. alice in chains
    15. blur
    16. the eagles
    17. gorillaz
    18. manic street preachers
    19. whitesnake
    20. madonna
    21. iron maiden
    22. radiohead
    23. rolling stones
    24. u2
    25. beach boys
    26. presidents of the united states of america
    27. seal
    28. the police
    29. red hot chilli peppers
    30. white zombie?
    31. the killers?
    32. goldie?
    33. deep purple?
    34. counting crows?
    35. the b52s / jet?
    36. jewel/jem?
    37. blondie?

  • Jerry Deck

    Men At Work
    Crowded House
    White Stripes

  • Jerry Deck


  • Jerry Deck

    How could you not get that trezz? Jeez, learn your music!

  • TODD

    THE GOGOS (the girls running across the street)

  • Jabbs

    White Stripes
    The Cranberries
    The Cars

  • Rett

    cars zombies blondie surfers dead kennedys monkeys Byrds

  • sofia rosenthal

    blur (the guy on alice’s left)

  • sofia

    I’m not sure about it but i think there are some RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS with the fruits.. thats what it looks like

  • Alonso Espejel Palancares

    Next to White Zombie Pet Shop Boys and next to the Guns N’ Roses, on the left, Scorpions

  • Alexandra

    I think the large spoon is simply the band “Spoon”.Alice in Chains. Oh and here’s one I didn’t see in the comments(I only skimmed them, pardon if it was mentioned) RADIOHEAD! (Guy with a radio for a head)

  • JR

    Potentially The News, Cornershop, The Shadows (everywhere), Jane’s Addiction (alongside Cowboy Junkies – she looks a bit Tarzan-esque)

  • OccidentalAlice

    anyone mention Television?

  • ej

    Pavement and The Streets (hiding in plain sight), also I think the people in white are the Main Street Preachers, since they’re on Main St.

  • guest

    Has anyone mentioned “The Doors” behind “The Beach Boys”?

  • Rainbow.
    the Adverts
    the Dolls
    Block party
    Violent Femmes
    Dire straits
    the Darkness
    heavy Vegetable
    Minor threat
    Motley crue
    Mr mister
    the shins
    Stiff little fingers
    the temptations

  • anyone notice the sky is PINK or is that to obvious that id doesnt count

  • Alice in chains
    Smashing Pumpkins

  • BenBenityBen

    1.The Gorillas
    2.The Eagles
    3.Smashing Pumpkins
    4.50 Cent
    5.Iron Maiden
    6.Guns ‘n’ Roses
    7.The Rolling Stones
    12.White Zombie
    13.Alice in Chains
    14.Black Flag
    16.The Police
    17.Scissor Sisters
    19.Dead Kennedys
    20.Green Day
    21.Puddle of Mudd
    22.The Pixies
    26.Led Zeppelin
    27.Nine Inch Nails
    28.The Doors
    29.Talking Heads
    31.Twisted Sister
    32.The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  • Peter

    blind Melon, The Lemon Heads, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn all in the fruit cart. bottom right

  • kate

    has anyone said “the acrobats”

  • Colin

    The Smashed pumpkin would be Pulp!

  • Thundersong


  • elfle

    Spandau Ballet

    • crystal ship

      1.the doors
      2.led zepplin
      3.the monkees (or the gorillaz)
      4.alice in chains
      5.smashing pumpkins pistols
      7.guns n roses
      8. Jefferson airplane
      9.the eagles
      11.the beach boys
      12.iron maiden
      14.rolling stones hot chili peppers
      17.white zombie
      23.modest mouse
      24.Nickleback (or 50 cent)
      25.panic! at the disco (mabey)
      26.9 inch nails day flag
      31.the eels
      33.Spandau Ballet
      34.white snake
      35.The acrobats
      36.the police
      37.the cars
      39.scissor sisters
      40.deep purple

      wow 40 new record

    • Deep purple or new riders of the purple stage my work.
      lost my list!

    • Winster

      Chicago (the whole city)

  • ariadni

    PEOPLE!!!!! it’s not 50 cent!!! jizzz!! look closer it’s the ramones!!!

    • urwrong

      it is 50 cent, jackass. it says united states half dollar.

    • gabee

      I think it can also be Nickelback.. hehehe

    • dadam

      it’s all 50 cent, nickelback AND ramones together.

    • molly

      it is The Ramones, not 50 cent or nickleback. you have to look really close. i have owed 10 Ramones shirts and that’s their logo and the piece of money

  • Rubbertoe

    Rolling Stones

  • Alice in Chains
    Smashing pumpkins
    White Zombie

  • armelind

    Black Flag, and 10 others I found easily

  • David

    Is There anyone who found the entire 75 bands???

  • Bonnie

    Spandau Ballet
    Rolling Stones
    Black Flag
    50 Cent
    Everly Brothers
    The Eagles
    The Blues Brothers
    Jefferson AIrplane
    The Eagles
    White Zombie
    Guns N’ Roses
    The Madonnas
    The Blur
    The Go – Go’s
    Smashing Pumpkins
    The Beach Boys
    Alice In Chains
    White Snake
    The Cars
    Led Zepplin
    Deep Purple
    The BeeGee’s
    The Tubes
    The Monkee’s

    That’s 30 that I seen right off the bat.

    • bob

      i see greenday wheres eminem?

    • emily

      The Blues Brothers are not a band, it’s a movie…

    • Dan

      I think its “Reel Big Fish” because of the size of the fish and the bowl, besides Phish is spelled differently.

  • Matt

    Matchbox 20
    Scissor Sisters

  • Sex Pistols

  • Nine-Inch Nails
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Oops. Sorry. I didn’t read the instructions very well. I’ve found 54, but the other 21 elude me.

  • OK, one more. Which is the Everly Brothers? And what makes the airplane *Jefferson* Airplane?

    • Ray

      The planes are b52 bombers. i think it could the B52’s !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Filipa

    Scissor Sisters

  • Filipa


  • Filipa

    Led Zeppelin

  • Filipa

    Pet Shop Boys :)

  • Lanza

    The Police
    Dead Kennedys

  • Radical Bombs

    Matchbox 20
    The Gorillaz
    Guns N’ Roses
    The Rolling Stones
    White Zombie

  • Radical Bombs

    @Bonnie, i dont see black flag

  • VON

    The Average White Band
    Black Byrd
    The 5th Dimension
    White Trash
    Crowded House
    The Postman Syndrome
    The Police
    Blind Melon
    Orange Goblin

  • VON

    The Contours
    Jets to Brazil
    Manic Street Preachers

  • Leslie

    green day

  • bob

    wheres eminem…i see greenday on the calander

  • Sdyz

    I think it’s Phish…..Sorry splitting hairs. But the concept is correct.

  • Sdyz

    The Small Faces
    Dinosaur Jnr

  • Fortuny

    What about Iron Maiden

  • Anonymous

    Stereohead ;D

    • gabee

      Radiohead x)

  • Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  • crystal ship

    haha i bet no one saw The Doors

  • Grace

    Red hot chili peppers

  • White Stripes.

  • allyssa

    the airplanes could be jet

  • Suor de Sapo

    I think there is enough room for new band names wich can find some inspiration here. Not sure if there is any ‘The Calendars’ out there, just a sugestion…

  • Suor de Sapo

    I know, I know, it’s just a green day…

  • Dan

    The girls running are “the runnaways”


    Where da hell r da Sex Pistols? ppl keep menshuning dem but i cant find dem! (yes i am speeking Lolspeekz) (oh and also, the email that im using ISNT mine!) Sum1 plz 2 tell me?

  • NoRealName

    Talking Heads
    Black Crows

  • adm

    Cowboy Junkie (s?)

  • JayneRyan

    Cypress Hill
    Sick Puppy?

  • Stzä

    hey arnt the planes B-52s?

  • [email protected]

    Twisted Sister!

  • Megzzz

    Cowboy Junkies, good one!! And did nobody get Spoon or Alice in Chains? Oh, and the postal service

  • terri


  • Winster

    Green Day

  • Winster


  • Winster

    Dead Presidents

  • Winster

    Pink Floyd

  • Winster

    The Guess Who or pink floyd
    platinum blonde
    the cranberries
    great white

  • Winster

    the sex pistols

  • Winster

    The eagles

  • Winster

    The Talking Heads

  • jasmine

    the eagles, the gorillas, Alice in chains

  • Roger

    Rolling Stones
    Smashing Pumkins
    Alice In Chains
    The Egales
    Cowboy Junkies
    Silver Dollar
    Guns and Roses
    White Snake
    Beach Boys
    The Pistols?

    • Juneploon


  • jim

    black flag, the kennedys, white snake, the eels, green day, B 52’s, white zombie, the pixies, seal, sex pistols, radiohead, scissor sisters

  • pm


  • pm

    the sex pistols

  • MachineHead

    01 guns and roses
    02 50 cent
    03 seal
    04 white snake
    05 the eagles
    06 the police
    07 radio head
    08 smashing pumpkins
    09 beach boys
    10 the eels
    11 alice in chains
    12 u2 – 2 u’s
    13 garbage
    14 lemon heads
    15 blur
    16 rolling stones
    17 blind melon
    18 red hot chili peppers
    19 led zeppelin
    20 the doors
    21 pixies – fairies
    22 hole
    23 matchbox 20
    24 queen
    25 prince
    26 the cars
    27 eminem
    28 korn
    29 green day – marked on calendar
    30 sex pistols – dildo guns
    31 kiss – girls kissing
    32 jewel – necklace lower right corner
    33 dinosaur jr.
    34 iron maiden
    35 b-52s – planes
    36 scissor sisters – pink scissors
    37 cornershop
    38 madonna – painting
    39 the offspring – baby in madonna painting
    40 black flag
    41 cowboy junkies
    42 janes addiction – girl with the junkies
    43 bush
    44 manic street preachers – preachers in white
    45 white zombie
    46 white stripes – pedestrian
    47 bee gees – b and 2 g’s
    48 gorillaz/the monkees
    49 black crowes/counting crows
    50 cypress hill/nirvana/oasis
    51 styx/nine inch nails
    52 crowded house/bloc party/panic at the disco
    53 presidents of the USA/the kennedys/dead kennedys – posters
    54 the killers (?) – men in black w/ guitar cases
    55 the carpenters (?) – people on rooftop
    56 cranberries (?) – boxes lower right corner
    57 ratt (?) – rat
    58 spoon (?) – spoon
    59 tool (?) – hammer
    60 talking heads (?) – tvs
    61 great white (?) – shark poster
    62 the shadows (?) – shadows
    63 phish (?) – goldfish
    64 the roots (?) – roots
    65 bondie (?) – blonde w/ bubble gum
    66 postal service (?) – mailman
    67 goldie/yellowman (?) – gold/yellow man
    68 the runaways/go gos (?) – 3 girls running
    69 goo goo dolls/toy dolls (?) – blowup doll
    70 the acrobats/spandau ballet (?) – acrobats
    71-72 (?) wondering about the yellow flowers (behind guns and roses), the sack with yellow and blue label(lower right), the purple building and the yellow posters(beside talking heads) (?)
    not in picture:
    73 pet shop boys
    74 cake
    75 scorpions

    • Terri

      the purple building, can that be Deep Purple?

    • CHEAT!

      This is a cropped version of the original image…. there’s a chunk on the left missing.

      Dont you guys thing its absolutely amazing how Machinehead got the Pet Shop Boys on the list, even though that was one of the bands that was cropped out? Theres a few boys standing outside a pet shop just to the left of the white zombie… on the ORIGINAL image that is), but they’re not on the image above.

  • Dave

    Men without hats? Cars, Eminem . . .

  • john

    the whole pictures frozen and a man is melting code for the song i’ll stop the world and melt with you

  • Jordie

    Scissor sisters!

  • Miika

    Blur, Alice in chains, Smashing pumpkins, scissor sisters, green day, Eminem, styx, sex pistols, gun’s and roses, seal, madonna, police, white snake, cypress hill, the eagles, talking ehads, bloc party, gorillaz, manic street preachers, rolling stones, radiohead, 50 cent, U2, BeeGees, b-52’s, Led zeppelin, blondie, the white zombie, dead kennedy’s, killers, roots, jewel, beach boys, the offspring, kiss, korn, white snake, white stripes, ratt, tool, black flag, spoon, the monkees, iron maiden, cranberries, eels, queen, carpenters, the doors, jane’s addiction, cowboy junkies

  • aoife


  • sue139uk

    The Cruisers
    The Tornados

  • jack

    deep purple ;)

  • Alisha

    One Tree Hill

  • Paolo

    The Vibrators

  • Lloyd

    crowded house

  • Laurie Jordan

    Alice in Chains

  • jeffrey

    Korn, everyone forgot Korn.

  • Monia


  • Dave

    The Dead Kennedys!

  • Tami

    Cute find, but does anyone else find it annoying that users like Winster, Miika and MachineHead are either completely incapable of reading directions or are just so selfish that they don’t care about ruining it for others?

  • steve

    BLUR, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Beach Boys, Blind Melon, Smashing Pumpkins, B52’s, The Police, Alice In Chains, Talking Heads, Gorillaz, Dead Kennedys, Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses

  • yeah1


  • Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Rolling Stones, Dead Kennedys, Whitesnake, Beach boys, Smashing Pumkin, Alice in Chains, the Cars, Queen, Twisted Sister, B52’s, Pixies, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, the Scorpions, Prince, Yellowman, Deep Purple, the talking Heads, Blind Mellon, Hammerhead, Greenday, U2, Cowboy Junkies, Television, Spoon, White Zombie, the Police, Matchbox 20, Kiss, (Can anybody tell me what the smiling lemons are supposed to be?)

    • Jackie Schwartz

      Lemon Heads

  • Daniel


  • Barb

    Wow…no one picked up on The Blues Brothers

    • nicholas frey

      i think that’s the Killers

  • SimpleSolutionsINC.

    I love the people who cant read and decided to post every band they could think of. Especially the ones that make no sense.

  • alan barnes

    did nobody get ‘the vines’

  • be perry

    i got :
    black flag
    alice in chains
    the cars
    the monkees (the apes)

  • toasty

    red hot chili peppers (on table)

  • Arnold LY

    Black Crowes

    • Arnold LY

      “Black Crowes”

      Are on the “MAIN” street sign.

  • Donnie

    3 Non Blondes. Think the blurry guy might be Enigma?

    • Robert

      Or blurry gut might be blur !

    • nicholas frey

      but the band is 4 non blondes

  • James

    …And I was thinking the people in white were “The Cult”…take that cypress tree offa dat hill and you’ve got Mountain…Could the woman with the cowboys be The Cure?…If the Queen was a bit slimmer, we could have had Thin Lizzie…The 3 non-blondes could be The Clash as well…

    • Jackie Schwartz

      The people in white are Maniac Street Preachers, the mountain is Cypress Hill, the cowboy is Cowboy Junkie, 3 non blondes is actually called “4” non blondes :),

  • Oliver

    All I found was the Rolling Stones lol

  • d

    The whole image says to me Mötley Crüe

  • Newton

    red hot chili peppers?

  • Ana

    Cake, Hole, Green Day, Lemonheads, Talking heads, Beatles, The Doors, Radiohead,Atomic Rooster?!, Korn, Great White, Sex Pistols, Garbage, U2, The eels, Cowboy junkies, Beach Boys, Counting Crows, Madonna, Twisted Sister, The Carpenters ou Soundgarden (Please mister postman/ Mailman….), Matchbox 20,Mountain, Cage,Led zeppelin, Queen, Scissor Sisters, Spoon, Blur, Blind Melon, Eagles, Rolling Stones, WhiteSnake, Gorilazz, Pet Shop Boys, Alice in Chains, Deep purple, White Zombie, Smashing pumpkings, Guns n’ roses, Iron maiden, Black flag, Pixies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince …

    • nicholas frey

      where do you see cake? and what says pet shop boys?

    • Johanna van Zyl

      Cake is in the left hand bottom corner, and the Pet shop Boys = the boys standing underneath the pet shop sign.

    • Jackie Schwartz

      Hi! I don’t see Cake, Doors, Cage, or Atomic Rooster. I think Atomic Rooster is SEAL. I think the yellow and pink rectangles aren’t The Doors

  • virigin moblie

  • Sarah

    There was an app on the iPod touch that’s the same like this. Any way I can get it and what’s the name please :)

  • Koen

    I found Led Zeppelin (zeppelin in background) smashing pumpkins (guy smashing a pumpkin with a sledgehammer) guns n roses (guns and roses in a cart) alice in chains (alice in chains… duh) the eagles (self explanatory)

  • Toby

    A part of the tree on the hill looks like a porcupine to me. Porcupine tree?

    • Jackie Schwartz

      Cypress Hill

  • zey

    Could the “fairies”, “pixies” be MUSE?

  • Michael

    Collectively – They are all The Pretenders.

    And let’s not forget Oasis (on top of Mountain in the background)

    • Jackie Schwartz

      I think the “Oasis” is actually Cypress Hill

  • Jackie Schwartz

    1.) The Pixies (flying fairies)
    2.) Led Zeppelin (Blimp)
    3.) White Zombie (zombie)
    4.) SEAL (Poster)
    5.) The Dead Presidents (posters on building wall)
    6.) Madonna (madonna of the Rocks painting)
    7.) The Yellow Man (the yellow man haha)
    8.) Guns & Roses (in vases)
    9.) Bush (plant under vases)
    10.) T-Rex (dinosaur on ground)
    11.) Queen (the queen)
    12.) The Sex Pistols (queen is holding the pistols)
    13.) Prince (queen is pointing pistols at him)
    14.) The Killers (the 2 men in suits)
    15.) KISS (couple kissing)
    16.) Maniac Street Preachers (group of people in white robes)
    17.) White Snake (snake)
    18.) Great White (shark street poster sign)
    19.) B52’s (jets in sky)
    20.) Gorillaz (gorillas)
    21.) Cyprus Hill (Tree on hill)
    22.) Rolling Stones (stones rolling down street)
    23.) Iron Maiden (chess piece)
    24.) Radio Head (man with jam-box on shoulders)
    25.) Cars (cars in street)
    26.) Twisted Sister (2 people twisted up)
    27.) Ratt (rat)
    28.) Scissor Sisters (pink scissors)
    29.) The Eels (2 eels)
    30.) Eminem (spilled candy)
    31.) Nine Inch Nails (nails on ground)
    32.) Match Box 20 (matchboxes shaping “20”
    33.) Smashing Pumpkins (Man smashing pumpkins)
    34.) Phish (fish in bowl)
    35.) Garbage (trash can with spilled garbage)
    36.) Hole (hole in ground)
    37.) Black Flag (black flag)
    38.) BeeGees (B.G. initial on building)
    39.) U2 (u.u. initial on building)
    40.) Men at Work (atop building)
    41.) The Police (police men)
    42.) Cowboy Junkie (cowboy with needle)
    43.) Talking Heads (faces on t.v.s)
    44.) Culture Club (people dancing in window)
    45.) The Eagles (eagles flying)
    46.) Black Crows (black crows)
    47.) Bob Segar (Main Street sign)
    48.) Beach Boys (surfer boards with guys)
    49.) Lemon Heads (lemons with eyes/smiles in veggie/fruit stand)
    50.) Blind Melon (watermelon with shades on)
    51.) Korn (corn on veggie stand)
    52.) Red Hot Chili Peppers (peppers on veggie stand)
    53.) Green Day (calendar with day colored green)
    54.) Celine Dion (necklace on “heart of the ocean” reference Titanic)
    55.) Blur (blurry man)
    56.) Alice in Chains (Alice in Wonderland girl with chains wrapped around her)
    57.) Spoon (spoon)
    **** The following are ones I’m unsure of/puzzling for me a bit ****
    58.) The Carpenters (the post man)
    59.) White Stripes (cross walk stripes)
    60.) Deep Purple (building color)
    61.) The Beatles (cross walk (abby road reference)
    62.) Shiny Toys (the monkey/gorilla that’s a toy)
    63.) Britney Spears (blonde chewing bubble gum – referencing bubble gum pop music that Britney Spears made famous)
    64.) Pet Shop Boys (shop window labeled ‘shop’)
    65.) Goo Goo Dolls (blow up doll in window)
    66.) Sunny & Cher (couple standing near the cowboy)
    67.) The Dead Kennedys (1/2 dollar)
    68.) 50 Cent (1/2 dollar)
    ****Clueless items****
    -Bag of onions or potatoes on ground next to veggie/fruit stand
    -Stacked boxes with bagged food next to veggie stand
    ****questionable/multiple meaning items IMO****
    -the pink and yellow rectangles (I thought I’ve seen them as album artwork)
    -post man
    -1/2 silver dollar
    -the right window with people in it (there are two and i think the one on the left is Culture Club
    -The different looking monkey from the gorillas
    -the blonde chewing bubble gum

  • Jackie Schwartz

    I have 73 listed and there are 2 images that I’m clueless on. So, I think I got it!

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