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Rob Clement emailed me: “I’ve been a frequent visitor after I had mighty Optical Illusions put on my Google homepage, and I love the site! After I saw the Canadian flag and American flag afterimages, I figured I’d try to do one myself. I just used a simple image creating/editing software that had an “invert colors” function and it took about two minutes.” This cool afterimage gave me an idea! Why don’t all of you try and make afterimage of your country’s flag. Then you can mail it to me, and I’ll give my best to publish them on Mighty Illusions! P.S. To get best effect from these afterimages, open them full size, stare at the center dot for 60 seconds, and then look at the white surface (blank piece of paper). If you start blinking, this should even make the effect stronger!

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    1. ACTUALLY, im British and everyone calls it the Union Jack now, not the Union Flag. Anyone critisicing? Remember: I would know, I’m British.

    2. i know, im british too im from dover actually :D i dont like it at all when americans do that :D

  1. Ooooh! It looks really cool after you stare at something white. FYI celings work well too :P

    Oh and great site! I love looking at all these awesome illusions!

  2. It would be cool, especially when I sugested that very thing on one of your other after images… But the French flag is kinda boring, even though its history is awesome

  3. Excellent Image. Do you know how it works. I’ll tell you. It is damage to the rettenna which causes temporary blinging in that point and shows an image of oppostite colours. Its the same when you look at the sun or a lightbulb!!!

  4. Fix up… It’s not England’s flag, it’ the flag of the United Kingdom. They are two very different things.
    England’s flag is St. George’s Cross.

  5. I am english its not called a union flag its called a union jack and its not the england flag but a lot of people think it is because england is the most famous and heard about country in britan

  6. Wow! Its only called the Union Jack when flown at sea by the way… I’m english 2… Its the UK flag not England.

  7. WoW first of all, NICE SITE !! so now that we got that out of the way: I looked at that picture for 2 mins and the line from top left to bottom right just started moving behind the other lines…really fun testing it with my colleagues..^^ keep up the good work

  8. A “Jack” flag means a small flag that is flown from a jack staff on a ship.

    So technically flags flown in any other conditions should not be called a “Jack”, although it is now accepted the the flag of the United Kingdom is called a “Union Jack”

  9. When Britain first, at Heaven’s command
    Arose from out the azure main;
    This was the charter of the land,
    And guardian angels sang this strain:
    “Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
    “Britons never will be slaves.”

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