• Anonymous

    I LOVE THE FIRST ONE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the second illusion is too obvious, I don’t really manage to sea a cup in it, so I think the first one is better, although I hate horror.

  • Christa

    Cool! I love this show!

  • Anonymous

    First thing i saw was the vampire. Didn’t notice the blod before i read the text. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Cool! Took me a while to figure out the vampire. Looong Neck though.
    Greetings from Brasil!

  • CareBear

    Two of my favorites. Nicely done.

  • No.47

    great pics. Love the website.

  • Philman

    heh, took me a while to see that vampire one but I get it now! cleverly done. The LAst Crusade one was a bit more obvious though, however still enjoyable.

  • Anonymous

    i like the true blood one most…cause i am on a vampire trip^^ at the moment i saw the heads first:P…really nice!

  • Anonymous

    thats awesome:)

  • Anonymous

    Cool! I like it!

  • Aronno Kazi

    thats so sick
    its awesome

  • mr happybunnyrabbtit

    The indianana jones one looks gross because the two people look like their about to kiss!

  • Anonymous

    thats just like the vase thingy, still cool tough, btw first???

  • Anonymous

    I had to search for the blood…. I saw the vampire right away


  • Jan

    and i thought they were having sex! i think i have to go to the psychologist!

  • blobman

    There’s actually another illusion in here. In the Idiana one (middle) the two guys’s faces seemingly move closer and closer giving the illusion that there about to kiss…

  • Aronno Kazi

    that is so cool i loved the third indy movie

  • Aronno Kazi

    it was one of my favorite movies

  • X o X

    i LOVE the first one :D

  • blaitus

    wow are you guys kidding?

    The first one is pathetically easy

    the indiana one is much harder!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m still not seeing it. Can someone point it out?

  • bufar

    If you, like me, had trouble finding the vampire, click on my name. It’s the same pic but with the vampire outlined in green.

  • Misa

    i didnt see the blood until i read the text…i just saw the vampire…

  • mike

    ok i normally get these… but i cant for the life of me see the vampire nor the old lady… clearly it is a blood stain but were is the vamp/old lady???

  • HerCathyness

    Brilliant and much appreciated!

    Now,re: Anonymous #8-your opening remarks were quite nice- but you descended into snarkiness. I have no doubt that President Obama would thoroughly enjoy this site, ESPECIALLY the fact that it is created and maintained by a young man in Zagreb, Croatia. I wonder how good your proofreading skills would be in Croatian, hmmmm?

    To “looks like a waste of time painting Obama”, that statement is not relevant to the image; this is not a political forum.

    And to “While I do not agree with Obama’s politics” your expression is even-handed and fair, with appropriate praise for the art.

  • Ann

    I couldn’t see it until I clicked on “bufar’s” name and then that is all that I saw. Frustrating.

  • BUH

    I really loved these!!! but the first one for me was the best of them! i love vampires! xD
    love this site!!!

  • taniaar

    when i first saw this, i immediately saw all those faces xD and before reading the info i was thinking ” what are we suppose to fund here ? all i can see is those two faces ( in picture one ) . am i suppose to see something else ? ” lol xD hahah
    i love the indiana jones one :)

  • I Luv Teen Titans!

    excelent! I love the True Blood one! I saw something at first and thought that was it, but it wasn’t. then I saw the vampire, then I found the girl, and I’m like “awesome!!”

  • Anony-Moose

    My favorite was the first one. I actually saw the vampire and the lady first.

  • Anonymous

    That second one is pointless BTW
    Call me sentamntal but i thougtht
    you had to find the illusions not just look at it and find it straight away i like the first one thougth its really SHARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    The first on is so cool
    I gasped when I saw it and is very clever

  • Pia

    OMG Vurdlak !!!!!! Hahaha it took me..15 min to get the vampire and the ladyy…i feel sort of stupid right now…i really really really i mean really loved it,,,i ike the difficult ones, it takes me time from my homework lol. Btw, are u taking the pills for focusing u talked about. Hope ur studyn hard.
    THANK YOU,you just made my day.

    Pia, from Long Island

  • Strawberry

    WOW! I mean really WOW on the first one!

  • psycho_stephy420

    wow i like the vampire one best. i seen all the others right away but really had to look…. still couldnt find the people, then i backed up some and saw it right away.

  • Jocelynn

    Wow. It took me a while, but when I did I was amazed. That was cool.

  • Johan

    i turned my head upside down a bit to the left and that’s when the vampire showed up!! freaky! and Cool!!

  • Drew

    Wow, that first one was very tricky.

  • Abrc08

    i cant see the illusion in the first one!!!!!!!!
    please give me clues.

  • Mysterieo The Illusionist

    Whats the first one?

  • .-DoUbLe @-.

    it’s actually almost impossible for me to focus on thge pic as a blood spatter first thing I saw was the girl and vamp I have to concentrate to see the blood lol

  • Anon

    Wow, at first I could only see the vampire and the lady. Also, did you notice? Turn the image sideways. (to the left) It’s another person!

  • aaa

    why does the vampire have blood spots on his neck

  • aaa

    the blood stain looks like elvis

  • L.E.D

    the first pic is cool

    like it;p

  • hello 121

    the first one is scary

  • The first looks aweosme.

  • Lilli Billy

    i JUST got the picture now.
    took me awhile to find the lady!

  • kayla

    oh the first one is def my fav. very cool! beginning to love this site too!

  • Julian

    I saw the vampire first then noticed the blood

  • nerj

    This was too easy, but cool

  • alicia

    i cant see the vampire! help

  • Someone

    Nooooooo……. I think he already feasted on the woman the blood is her blood

  • AJ

    i was like, “to hell with this!” until i saw it. haha. it was obvious.

  • Whittney

    First thing I saw. I was looking for an illusion, than relized it was the shadow thingy. lol :]

  • MrsAtticusMitchell

    o my god i feel so stupid i was like “i dont see anything wtf!?
    then i saw that you had to rotate a couple things and then i saw it

  • funkybassist

    it took me a while to see the trueblood one but i was like WOW

  • Emmy

    I was like, what the heck??!! I turned my laptop upside down and still couldn’t see it but finally I saw it lol!
    There are two faces, one is a vampire and the second is a woman. the blood spill separates the two faces. the thinnest part is around the vampires neck.

  • Emmy

    I mean chin

  • Sabeans

    I really don’t get it

  • curlywurlyfatman

    Hey, i just noticed, the indianna jones one is an illusion if you look at the centre, it moves in and outi f you ‘wiggle’ your eyes.

  • WarriorGirl

    I love the first one best

  • Kiherra


  • Angel

    I found 3 faces In the first Image. Ones kissing the lady (made out of the blood) and the vampire as you stated is going to bite her neck :) very cool image :D

  • AB

    I didn’t see the vampire at first but stood back and tipped my head to the left and saw it. Cool!

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