Transparent Magazine Faces

From a user called Kitammy, we received four additional magazine face illusions. It will be nice addition to our Transparent Optical Illusions category. Just so that you know, I updated it fully, so only few categories more, and I’m finished! Yeeey! The photos below are just plainly cool, and what’s best, they can be done by anyone with digital camera and few minutes of spare time. If you didn’t know, you can see more illusions in almost every post, simple by jumping inside them by visiting “full article” link at the bottom. Maybe you won’t find them as sexy as those transparent bags, but they are sure fun! I had two or three previous posts with these. They were quite nice as well. You can check original transparent magazine post here, then quickly jump to cooler uniforms article. I recall we even had Geisha and Lex Luthor, from Superman appear in them!

25 Replies to “Transparent Magazine Faces”

  1. sorry to say this but if you look closer the transparent thing in the magazine is not transparent but the last pic. is transparent i`ll give the answer in pic. number one : the hair are not the same

    1. wow, you sir, are an idiot. its not supposed to be actually transparent, hence being on this website

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