The Transparent Desktop Trick


You just take a shot of what’s behind your screen and make it your desktop background. And yes, I’ve tried it, and yes, it’s more difficult than it looks to get it just right, especially if you don’t have a laptop. It’s all about the fold-down screen. Post your own pictures under comments and I’ll include them… More pictures Inside!

For even More pictures check the source website!

  • kabturek

    Really nice !
    some seem very really

    nice blog btw ;)

  • wil

    i don’t understand how the guy who holds the calculator did it.
    i thought for a while and i could be a digital trick. not an illusion

  • jordan

    the shadow of his hand is clearly part of the picture, and not a real shadow. this means that the entire hand is in the picture. he probably just put his sleeve (with no hand sticking out), up to the screen.

  • Bella

    Ooh… really interesting! I want to try this.

  • vurdlak

    The calculator was just lanched in front of the background image of his hand. This was a very clever illusion indeed.

  • millie

    But his sleeve goes off the bottom of the screen and covers up the border…it’s strange but so coool!

  • Tee

    there cool but they boggle me

  • natakalt

    cool!, now I will do it!

  • whatchamacallit?

    they are awesome. but how do you do THAT?

  • Jott ha

    how do you do that i tried and i couldn’t do it

  • dargh

    rofl… thats the way

  • ihope

    As jordan said: the hand is part of the wallpaper, but the sleeve isn’t.

  • Farted

    All of these are cool, but the calculator one is definetly the trickiest!

  • jul

    They are all awesome but just as jordan siad i believe the guy just put a sleeve up to the screen. I believe ill try this now

  • monet


  • Andre

    It’s not a calculator – it’s an iPod. Surely that was obvious from all the Apple equipment on display.

  • Shannon

    Andre I think you are looking at the wrong picture.

  • 2 wil

    That man with a calculator trick is simple. He took a shot of his hand reaching out without the screen there – cropped and done whatever one does to place it on their desktop and moved the REAL calculator app onto the screen and took his photo.

    Hope this helped!!

  • Dunkaz

    For the calculator…
    How about, take background pic and set as wallpaper.
    Take pic of monitor with new wallpaper and hand reaching out. Set as new wallpaper.
    Start calc app and then take pic of just the screen area!!!!

  • ~*NIQUE*~


  • RaiderX

    this was a quicky:

    shades are diff in the screen, but wut the hey

  • Sayeth

    I think the calc pic is made by takeing a pic of his hand reaching out. Putting it on as your desktop and starting up the calc placed over the hand on the desktop. Then positioning your hand so that your fingers are bent backwards on the screen surface. Adjusting your palm untill the fingers on the desktop line up with your palm. So i think the only real parts of him on the pic are the palm, thumb and arm.

  • Hai

    i should try this

  • Ash

    That’s neat! I’ll have to try it.

  • mason

    The photo of the older iMac is the trickiest one, the stem is completely visible (as it should be I guess, for the whole transparency thing to fly) How’s that one done? Can anybody clarify?
    Is it like, 3-4 separate photos layered, cause the spiny plant would have to be imposed on top of the original photo (with the iMac screen) and then another for the stem….uh oh, I’m getting dizzy…..

  • Niki Pound

    …wow. The lava lamp one is especially cool, as is the one with the iMac and the empty base.

  • Ed H.

    Mason: He took a picture of the iMac from behind (or the side, or whatever,) to get the neck. He also took a picture with the iMac completely not there. He then Photoshopped them together so he had what was visible behind the Mac with just the neck.

  • Rayne

    I did something like this once, but not the same way this person did it. I took a keyboard from a computer, got a big picture frame, took the back out so it was only glass and put on stickers of things that would be on your desk top. It didn’t look nearly as realistic though.

  • loser

    SWEET!!!!!…..i think they took the picture..put it on the computer…then…made it there back grownd….after that they lined it up just right….corse im just 14 and i go a simple way…not the very confusing way….=^.^=

  • niki

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

  • Rayn

    Wow that is sooooo cool ^__^

  • Video Games 10 Hours ADay


    SOOOOOOO NEAT! I’m not gonna try though

  • kid with attitude

    wow thats well good you see i cant do that sort of thing because i do not have a laptop and anyway i have no space between the wall and my computer

    from a 10 year old with atttitude

  • endboss

    It’s not that hard to do this… not easy either thou…
    You just need a one colored background. Then you take two matching pictures, one with and one without computer and the rest is photoshopping… set the backgroundcolor of your computer on the computer picture as transparent, put the other picture behind it and there it is! ;-)
    That also explains the holding calculator trick.

  • Me

    The calculator is a lot simpler than everyone is making it. It is clearly photoshopped. What you do is take a snapshot of the calculator app, then just take a picture of your hand reaching out to the screen, then paste the picture of the calculator app overlapping the hand. If you imagine it without the calculator, you can see plain as day that it is his real hand.

    If anyone disagrees with me, please feel free to explain your theory.

  • Great!

    This illusion is one of my faourites. I especially like the one with the calculator. It got me thinking.

  • Zig

    WOW that is amazing!

  • Manda

    i heart my imac
    its way better than microsoft computers
    it even looks cooler
    not to mention that its got way cooler stuff
    and easier programs
    its always dependable
    and in the year that i have had it its never frozen
    not even once
    i heart you imac
    but technically your name is anna hahaha i gotta change that
    one sec

  • Kurt


    how to achieve without photoshop:

    print a screen shot with a calculator on it
    cut that out and hold to take a picture to do the transparent screen thing
    then to get the final, simply put your arm out there with the sleeve pulled past your hand
    then it is an illusion within an illusion.

    that’s my guess

    thought this was the best illusion I’ve seen on this sight. first time something has inspired me to try it.

    nice submission

  • Tori

    I hate it when I lose my screen…

  • Anonymous


  • pirategirl

    nice!!! i wonder how they did it…

  • mati101

    i would try this but my computer is infront of a window with all seagulls flying past constantly. that would look weird. heck maybe i will after all. hehe.

  • Ryan

    The calculator one is simpler than using photoshop… no editing is needed for the picture (other than maybe cutting the edges down to size/cropping)
    Jordan got it…
    Remove the screen, take a picture with your arm extended with an open hand like in the picture (and without any sleeve down).
    Then put the picture on your desktop, put your hand inside your sleeve, position the end of your sleeve over the arm in the picture, open the calculator application on the mac, and position that over the picture of the hand… hey presto, you’ve got that picture.

  • CoNoRrrrrr

    the calculator one is so easy i did it my self one day when i was bored…
    you take a picture of your hand and wrist reaching out then you import it and set it as your backround.
    you open the calculator and move it into the palm of the picture of your hand.
    finally you take a shirt or jacket and put your arm through one of the sleeves and being careful to not show your actual hand, take a picture.
    its just that simple.

    i don’t even have photoshopping software so there goes that theory :]

  • Anonymous

    WOW (o o) (o o)
    0 0 0 0

    (o o) 0(x x)
    0 0 0

  • Anonymous

    some of them are funny, but i do not get how the man was “reaching through” the computer screen.

  • Harish

    I would agree with “CoNoRrrrrr said…” and someone else who pretty much said the same thing. If you notice the area behind the sleeve of the sweater, it is swollen as if the fist is inside clenched up.

  • Cassie

    Now that I’ve figured out how to do it, I want to try it sometime. It looks so cool! It’d be a pain to get it aligned just right, though.

  • Anonymous

    i think they just took pictures and put them as the desktop…. oh well. neat-o. :)

  • badvice
  • Anonymous

    the one with the hand is hard to get right, but easy to set up. to see how to do it and where the hand stops and the picture starts, look at the very far right of the dudes hand. the shading is different when it comes to the desk. he took a pic of that part of his hand behind the desk, then set as background. the only real part of his hand is the thumb, palm and possibly one finger. i’m still not sure on that part. this is how it was done as far as i can see. its funny how the simmple explantations are the longest to read. sorry about that, but i hope this helped w/ the hand prob.

  • Anonymous

    i bet they jus tuk a pic of the exact plce, then they put it as there desktop pic! example. tke the second “illusion” the wood on the computer is darker then the real life wood, also the lines of it arent level! trust me, its not a trick.

  • Mario Rossi
  • Anonymous

    I love the one with the hand holding a calculator. It’s really cool!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    okay…., weird on so many levels

  • Sapnai

    wow! amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Thats so cool i wonder how they do that!!!! definetly #5!!!!

  • izmir temizlik firmaları

    thanks a lot… :)))))

  • bas

    funny thing is, you think you know what’s behind the computers, but you don’t :)

  • Jade

    “i bet they jus tuk a pic of the exact plce, then they put it as there desktop pic! example. tke the second “illusion” the wood on the computer is darker then the real life wood, also the lines of it arent level! trust me, its not a trick.”

    Aren’t you just a goddamn genius.

  • I put some here, please include them!

  • probaly a camra

  • Yasvant!!!

    Awesom tric done using photoshop

  • wow amazing ..:/)

  • smartypants

    It’s chroma key, you know the green screen technique used in movies and stuff, just set the desktop background in an specific color not present in the rest of the components of the scene and take the picture, 2 pics are needed one shooting the laptop screen with the blue, green, pink… desktop and the other shooting the background also both must be taken from exactly the same spot, angle, direction and with the same lighting, then during the edition just set the color you choose as transparent and put the other pic in the background layer.

    Now quit talking about how tricky it is, it’s kid’s stuff.

  • fuck you

    It’s obviously NOT chroma key, you idiot! That would be cheating ! (in this context).
    YOU HAVE TO SET THE PICTURE YOU TAKE (of the background) AS YOUR computer’s DESKTOP BACKGROUND, then take another photo of the whole thing (including the computer screen). THAT’s why the tint isn’t exactly the same on most of the screens vs the background AND you can also see small areas where the continuity doesn’t match up 100% . Idiot!

    Having said that, all you other idiots gawking at these going “woooow, that’s soooo amazing” need to educate yourselves a bit more into what actually IS amazing. Sure, these are quite neat, and it takes a lot of tweaking to get perfect (unless you’re chroma key cheating) but they’re not THAT amazing.

    HOWEVER, the REALLY cool thing to try is to do this to someone’s screen IN REAL LIFE, unbeknown to them, to watch them try to put their hand through their screen. Now THAT’S amazing ! (and there you HAVE to do the real thing, obviously greenscreen won’t do shit).

    All the more difficult, since you have to control their angle of approach (unless their background is very plain.

  • Facebook User

    what an idea!!! very unique!!!

  • Rick in New Jersey

    Anyone notice that it’s all MAC people who did this? Just sayin’…

  • Cool.

  • Gd Singh

    Good but it is a trick

  • sano

    i get the hand one its easy… all he did was take a picture of his pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, and his pinky. then he put his thumb on the computer while bending his other fingers down.. its very hard 2 explain

  • an0n

    The hand one is simple. He just put his whole hand in the background, and only his sweater in the picture is real. Picture on screen starts at the end of his sweater. Duh.

  • anonymous

    that was totally amazing..

  • Mr B

    Why is there always one of these people in the bunch?

    I can’t believe someone would really use the handle – F… You and then say we (all of us who are not educated in the field of illusion) are idiots.

    That person (Male or Female) must really be a great person to associate with.

    Maybe he/she is an illusion and I really didn’t read what he/she wrote because if I did there are names for him/her and I will not stoop that low.

    Having said that this is a great site to check out your mind over matter abilities.

  • know its a trick but cant guess it

  • aleks
  • sanjay

    nothing more than the sweater is live……the hand is an photographic image……..the sweater is added on after making the hand’s picture as the desktop background

  • Andreas

    My own, if you want to make it: google it. Easiest is with a laptop and a camera on a stand

  • this is cool and i did it
    it came out good but i still need to tweak it i even have Erica sitting behind it! LOL

  • retard

    these are fake, i can tell by the pixels

  • Tom

    To all of you saying “these are fake” or “how did they do that?” are you f%#king retarded?

    All you do is take a photo of what’s behind your screen and set it as your wallpaper.

    Seriously I can’t believe how stupid some people are. Read the intro it even says what to do.

    • Rusty russ

      lol… Ikr… Like its rocket fcking science….america gets dumber and dumber while chinese and koreans still get great educations

  • Кирилл

    Cool ! i do no speac inglish … i am in russia

  • looking so cool! i love it!

  • Picture on screen starts at the end of his sweater

  • these are fake, i can tell by the pixels

    • Aaron Parkour

      Look at the second one you can clearly see that the lines don’t line up. Anyway it’s not fake.

  • Awesom tric done using photoshop..???

  • Anonymous

    did anyone else notice that theyre all macs?

  • kamao

    @anonymous.. mock!

    • Say they would be 10 years ago no one would believe such a thing.

  • Steve

    Macs suck.

  • JJ

    the one with the hand
    took a snapshot behind screen, then set it as backdrop then a snapshot of screen and bezel and some surroundings with his hand outstretched in front of it, then he used that as the backdrop, then he placed the calculator app over that, and took a final snapshot of his screen excluding the bezel and used that pic as the one you see above.

  • Mii

    yah, i don’t get it. is the thing actually transparent or is thata pic of whats already behind it????

  • Mii

    WAIT!! random question: what country are u in cos this thing sez i submitted a comment @ 1:41 am and all my clocks say 7:433 pm….?

  • wowwwww its great…..can i do this?????????

  • ishieeeeee

    i guess he hide his hand to his long sleeve, so it could look exactly as the background of his computer. i dont know if my guess is right.

  • anonymous

    anyone who is saying how do they do it; you are an idiot, get off the internet.

    and all of you saying it’s only mac computers, look harder at the second pic. that is NOT a mac, you all fail.

  • Scott

    These are NOT tricks. These are special monitors that only I sell. I custom manufacture them order by order, one at a time. They are EXPENSIVE. If you’re interested in one, let me know. If you have to ask the price though, you can’t afford it.

  • James

    ok everybody not getting this is an idiot. credit for the idea! i love it!

  • aleksander

    no wonder that there were so many mac people, they can’t do anything else cool on their mac shit :p

    • its what your mum

      you are the most idiotic person that could ever live oh wait your not alive your a dead mindless ZOMBIE!!!!!

    • ouch…

  • Geoff

    Sounds like aleksander is a depressed PC user.

    It’s okay, buddy; you’re not alone.

    • Candace

      umm..when did this turn into a mac versus pc debate? I mean, being a pc owner but both pc and mac user (on a daily basis), I know that it’s funner to buy a cheap pc but funner to use an expensive mac.

      But Let’s get back to the fact that this concept is sooooo awesome! I love it. I shall now waste countless minutes of my day recreating this trick and post the result on my facebook page. That’s how geeks like me roll.

    • Ben-jammin

      I think thats really cool I have a Macbook at home and I’ve never heard of that trick before… I would like to try it sometime!!

  • TeK

    Mac sux, I’m sorry, but it still sucks, why would someone use a mac, probably because it’s cheaper than getting the perfect PC, all customized. Btw GAYOFF :)) I don’t think he’s depressed, but really, what else is mac good for? I mean, lol apple released an big ipod touch, a new technology, but it’s an ipod touch, just bigger, IPAD. Cool, and yes, macs couldn’t survive if they wouldn’t have the PCI chip from PC’s, that’s why you, a gayoff, can run Wold of Warcraft and other shitty games on it, otherwise it would be a fail, mac only has the user-friendly interface.

    • It’s Bridgett Bitch!

      Hey! The one talking about Geoff! Talk shit all you want to him! And Mac! BUT LAY OFF THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT JOKES!!!!!! hahahaha. I personally don’t think it’s shitty, however, I’ll agree that the Mac is! :)

    • Mentally challenged or what?

      A PCI chip? You mean an Intel processor right? You’re trying to bag out a company when you have no idea what it even does? People need to get their facts straight before they go and try to pull this fanboy shit. The reason Apple works so well is that they design both the hardware AND software TOGETHER. Windows is a generic ball of crap that’s thrown on anything cheap and nasty, Microsoft pay no attention to actually securing their operating system because their too busy trying to copy ideas from other companies. Understand GAYOFF?

    • BKR

      Just Angry that you can’t afford one.
      Enjoy using your $1000 PC and good luck selling it next year for $250. I’ll stick to my $2500 Mac that I’ll be able to sell in 3 years for $2,000. It’s like a high quality imported vehicle Vs. a ford, every ford owner is angry they can’t own a sexy BMW

    • Akash paul

      i heard of pci express and chipsets .. i think he combined the both :P

  • Bluefly

    Apparently the PC crowd is unaware of the usage of mac in the film industry. (oh, by the way, mac is NOT cheaper than a cheap PC or even one loaded.) Best part, THERE IS NO BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! It is more stable than any version of windows out there including 7. (I currently use both a PC and a mac. love the mac)

    • Lol

      I’ve made plenty of Macs crash with the equivalent “blue screen of death.”

    • its what your mum

      hey same YEEEEEEAAAAAAH

    • Ahaha

      I third these comments. My work Mac crashes and freezes more often than my win 7. that comment is totally untrue. the reason mac users run into problems with PCs is because they often don’t have technical know-how and misconfigure shit.

      i feel like most regular PC users can narrow down and figure out issues on a mac, but most mac users would shit themselves trying to figure out issues on a PC.

    • dwoodsky

      hahaha macs dont have ‘tbsod’ because they lack the damage control system of a pc, and if u get one of the, albeit rare, mac viruses, you. are. fucked.
      this applies to all unix systems including linux, leading to another amusing little point that mac isnt actually an operating system, its simply a gloryfied ubuntu with cairo dock on startup, i personally love apple products but fanboys need a smash in the face with some PC POWER

  • jfdjf

    The only reason to use windows is for games.

  • Laharl

    i can never figure out the hand into screen one…

    • It’s Bridgett Bitch!

      I think he took a picture of his hand there, and opened calculator.. Then maybe he pulled his hand into his sleeve for invisibility. But hey! I’m not expert! Just guessing, lol. :)

    • 22kanman

      Me nether!

  • Ryan D.

    Most all are photoshopped. LCD screens don’t emit light without neon tubing or LEDs behind them. Therefore, if you removed the back and the tubing, if you had a working screen at all, you wouldn’t have white light coming from them.
    Some of these are simply a trick of a photo being taken, cropped and used as a background to a laptop that is placed in proper perspective.
    The Calculator one is photoshopped, as is the sunflower Mac, though it is a real picture of a Mac’s desktop background, but the desktop background is photoshopped.

    • AngellSpike

      If you read the into to this segment, you can clearly deduct one simple fact:
      “You just take a shot of what’s behind your screen and make it your desktop background. And yes, I’ve tried it, and yes, it’s more difficult than it looks to get it just right, especially if you don’t have a laptop. It’s all about the fold-down screen.” I do believe they state that it is simply a trick of the camera. They’re optical illusions, not real-life occurrences.

  • Luiz

    I know to do it; Good creation.

  • tekkky

    The PC crowd is well aware of the use of macs in the movie industry: everyone pirates movies on macs because you can’t get a virus :D. If you want to pay too much for too little, buy a mac :) at least you can save money on free movies!

  • jon

    i can do that stupid trick with my pc all u need to do is take a pic of the spot behind the computer put the computer back upload pic to computer adjust the screen to were it needs to be after u put the image as your backround

  • This is like a new artform :D

    Ryan needs to learn his manners. I GIMP’ed my photos.

    But the thing is that the end result is *never* edited for these photos. EVER. It’s the unwritten rule.

    The calculator one? That’s simple. You take a picture of your hand where the screen would be, set it as your desktop, put a calculator over it, and then hold *just a sleeve* up towards the screen so it looks like the hand is coming out of it.

  • Tomek

    TeK: steve jobs, the creator of apple and the mac, invented the mouse.. so, basically your computer exists because of apple (also microsoft stole everything from the mac)

    • sergio

      AFAIK, Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg and others from Xerox Parc Place lab developed the whole concept of a new UI (windows and the mouse) with Smalltalk, based on the Simula-67 language.
      Apple really licensed the concept for their Macintosh (and Lisa, remember?). Microsoft liked the idea too, but forgot to arrange an appointment with Xerox salespeople. Years after, Apple failed suing Microsoft, except the rights over the trash basket icon.

  • schamart

    Apple invented mouse is a wrong statement. The mouse is actually invented by Xerox. Both microsoft and Apple competed in stealing the technology from xerox and apple suceeded in it. Frankly speaking there is no difference between apple and microsoft they both stole many technologies from other companies. :)

  • aswang

    stealing technologies from others really exist.

    that’s the way of the world.

    mac and pc/windows have their own respective niche. they have their own advantages and disadvantages in some unique ways.

    mac is generally good for industrial use, specially in the movie and music production industries, etc…

    pc/windows is generally good for home and office use…

    i use both…

    • Blair Hagen

      You know what would be awesome? Get some kind of webcam on the front of your computer so you could have live feed.
      Now to the mac/pc problem
      It is all based on opinion and usage
      I love pcs because i use them all the time
      There is really no other thing that keeps me on one or the other side besides price
      I would like to see the look on a mac users face when their data gets erased by a virus in the next few years so they would shut up already about their virus invulnerability
      Also, the blue screen of death is a safety feature, nobody ever reads most of them they usually say that windows has detected/encountered an error and shut down to protect your system
      Of course, if i was more comfortable with macs, i would have some other info to contradict this, and i respect that, we both have our opinions, and also, give linux a chance, people usually end up booting them out the window at their first words, but it is a very good OS and will probably be better than mac and pc soon, the probem is it makes no money, so they cant advertise to get their names out

  • does the wall paper really works on mac?

  • matt

    “The PC crowd is well aware of the use of macs in the movie industry: everyone pirates movies on macs because you can’t get a virus :D. If you want to pay too much for too little, buy a mac :) at least you can save money on free movies!”

    Yes, and ugly people are less likely to have an std.

    There are mac viruses btw.

  • Jen

    mac is generally good for industrial use, specially in the movie and music production industries, etc…

    pc/windows is generally good for home and office use…

    i use both…

  • O.M.

    I m not able to understand this , is it an illusion or real ???

  • Thraxxuss

    Ok since this seems to have turned into a debate between PC’s and MAC’s. Because theres good news and bad news for both of ya.

    PC Users – good news – youve got alot of good choices and if you know what your doing, blue screens of death are very solvable.

    Bad news – Viruses are going to get harder to get rid of.

    MAC Users – Good news – You dont blue screens of death or many viruses out there and if you want to do audio/video editing, awsome!

    Bad news – it wont last. The only reason that MAC’s dont have viruses or BSOD is because these systems are used in such a small part of the overall market, you dont have every thrid party programmer or another developing crappy little apps and things of that nature. But give it time, as sure as the sun rises and set eventually when MAC becomes more prevelantly used, you can gaurantee somone out there wants the porn you have on it and will find a way to drop in a trojan.

    In either case, none of us invented these devices so how bout we all just try to get along?

  • speedy

    Hmmmmm to all the mac users out there……………………oh oh hold on two sec now thers like 5 maybe 10% mac users out there so SHUT the fuck upp you just whine like a fucking bitch becos you have so few apps so go fuck urself stupid mac WHORES

    • Thrax

      dude, your right though. When 95% of the market uses windows and thats not to say how many are developers are in there, this kind of thing happens. I applaud you sir.

    • Thrax

      and well, maybe not “fuck ourselves” but I do agree.. lol



    • Primachord

      @vIRTUAL – N/S Sherlock! read above numbnuts, they’re ALL PS’d.. ooh look, your short bus is here.

      I’ve switched several systems from “PC” to “Mac”.. it’s all the same hardware and once you know what you’re doing, takes about 2 hours and you’re up and running.
      I do this for 2 reasons:
      -Trips ppl out to see a Toshiba Satellite run Snow Leopard
      -$250 laptop + $29 Snow Leopard Distro is still less than a New Macbook
      Done the same with one of my towers. I refuse to pay the cost of buying a fancy “shell”.. my hobby is computers, my trade is Industrial, if I want a fancy shell Ill stamp my own out and weld it up myself for $100 in material.
      Get off your asses ppl and stop paying big bucks for something an afternoon can accomplish (simple stuff to do/easy to learn if you try), and stop trying this whole “this is better than that” crap.. its fun to poke and prod, but for christs sake its getting old.
      I use Mac/Win & Linux Distros as they all have their strong points… *Hits Escape on program Rant*

  • Speedy, you are stupid. As the rest with everyone who wants to claim one OS is better than the other. It’s all totally opinionated. Everyone should know this. If mac was better than a PC than why would people want to buy parallels to run Windows on a Mac? If PC was better than a Mac than why would people desperately try to style their computer like a Mac, OSx86, or try to get Mac programs on their PC? They both have their goods and bads. It’s also certain that a Mac is way the hell more expensive than a PC, fully loaded. You can build your own OSx86 PC with way better specs than a Mac Pro for about 1/4 the price. Claiming that one is better than the other is childish. Their are some similarities between the two OS’s because they both feed off their opponent’s ideas. Apple is one of the most successful companies in the market, so you cannot tell me or anyone for that matter that Macs or Apple’s other products have potentially no use. I hate to be the one to make a point because it feels dumb having to explain to everyone how ridiculous they are being.

    I own both and am always switching between the two.

  • Brad

    You should all try Linux

    • hahaha_14

      hahaha maybe they should try linux and they’ll see how functional it is against all their os….

  • frozenfizzy

    Macs are better for my squirrel movies.

  • PurpleRainCloud

    hahaha i like my windows 7 pc my dears xD u poor poor things jk jk jk xD it ask what u think not what type of computer u have geez get it right people i think its awesome but then not idk haha

  • its what your mum

    oh yeah i gotta changnam ……………nnnnnnnnnnever mind I SAID NOTHING…………………………………….. fwooh (epic running away sound)

    go away Hypnose Sofa[img][/img]

  • a ….for…………………………………………….,anaconda maybe wrong spelling

  • afagaga

    completely idoitic idea

  • Ruler of Canada

    whats the deal with the friken chair?

    An ever one knows PC is superior

  • yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Yeah another stupid MAC/PC debate. To Microsheepies, Mac Sheeps, and Geek Nazis out there:

    I’ll just rant about some technical stuff concerning the operating systems written above, applications are not my top priority right now so please people don’t compare apples with oranges and pears:

    Windows 7 sucks, like every Windows had sucked over the years, don’t you just get bored after using it from 3.1 and for more than 15 years?? to have a Perfect Windows (7) system you have to have the super CPU, the super GPU, 64GB DDR3 RAM, a 512GB SSD, a good paid Anti-virus (because MSE can’t do every job altogether), and download (and crack if necessary) every fucking 3rd party app you need to customize your computer to your needs, in case you disagree with the kind of bloatware the OEMs have to offer for you, to make it work just like you wish to, perfectly, and yeah because it consumes 20GB of useless disk space when you have a fresh install and NO PDF READER??? but a bunch of stupid little games??? consuming at least 1GB DDR3 RAM with the Aero lit on?? Internet Exploiter consuming all the freaking RAM when I open lots of tabs and then closing then again until only remains ONE?? give me a break!!! Windows should be the gaming machine, and I’m surprised that still many industrial applications are made for Windows only or Windows like the first priority. For industrial and life-critical work it just sucks. Windows server with no CygWin for a network sucks even more.

    The “optimal” Windows 7, Ultimate, which can be close to the “perfect” windows system (with all of the care taken like i wrote above) is a prohibitively expensive operating system (200 USD anyone) compared to a regular release of mac OS which sometimes cost up to 60 USD, and of course, Linux and BSD, where most of their distributions are free.

    Linux is one of the best operating systems I’ve ever used in my life, just technically talking about the OS itself, not about the applications, it’s a really good operating system to be free (Ubuntu is starting to suck, so I recommend Linux Mint, BTW).

    An Operating System with the Linux kernel it’s really stable and secure, can automatically detect and load a driver for general hardware and some exotic hardware and save you LOTS of configuration time with some package management software like apt, yum… of course there are some rootkits and malware for linux, but the way it works and the steep development made into it makes it a good choice for industrial, scientific and life-critical systems.

    The actual downside with Linux and why it still does not make fit with many home users, it’s because of the nature it was made at the beginning of it’s history, because Microsoft is an oligarchic monopoly, and of course when you are out of luck and need to configure something manually (command line) can be sometimes a real PITA if something does not work out like you wish, e.g. some really exotic hardware or some other random configuration you need. Nothing is totally free of course, albeit you can spare some time to do the exact stuff you need with the exact tools, and unlike windows and mac, you can have an all-purpose and specific-purpose FREE operating system if you wish, you can install multiple desktop environments, apart from the general purpose ones (GNOME, KDE) you can install some optimized for netbooks and old hardware (xfce, lxde, openbox, fluxbox).

    Snow Leopard sucks too, it actually feels like a feature creep compared to leopard and tiger, a bit slower… but overall, is still a really sleek and resource efficient operating system, It also has it’s own malware and rootkits though and be appreciated, but is not as insecure as some people may think, anyway just in case I use a 3rd party firewall software. Remember that mac OSX is a blend of NeXtep and FreeBSD, so overall is technically a bit more solid than what windows is from it’s roots and Microsoft had to do all that duct-taping and make people spend 20GB of space to make a Windows 7 somehow a bit more robust.

    The problem with MAC OSX is the same as with Windows when you get a fresh install, sometimes you have to look for third party applications for almost everything, but for some applications, this can be circumvented by downloading macports and fink, which may work like using the PORTS package management system from FreeBSD/PC-BSD.

    And the Las but not least, the unknown giant, BSD. BSD is actually a very very robust operating system, Microsoft took some stuff from FreeBSD just to make Windows 7 a bit better.

    Make a FreeBSD/PC-BSD/OpenBSD with a TrustedBSD combo and you have an almost invincible system in a network.

    With FreeBSD/PC-BSD you can have an useful and very very solid system to work like an advanced linux one, for free. The downside is as same as the Linux one, but more remarkable because BSD was designed for critical missions in mind, and not for usability until very recently, and that’s something the PC-BSD project is trying to solve.

    I’ve used Windows for 16 years and Linux/BSD/Mac systems for 5 years. I hope my rant is useful for you.

    Goodbye, and stop this stupid debacle.

    • w t f is that

      …..if anyone noticed….this is just some very cool images

      -.- but turned in to a open fight of OS
      linux VS MAC VS WINDOWS …..chose what fuck you like and STFU

  • Joel

    I agree with w t f. You’re all a bunch of idiots. It’s different operating systems for different people. Also, the images are, as explained in previous comments, not photoshopped, nor is it actually really “transparent”. I’ve seen how it’s done, you take a camera to the back of a screen, and take a picture, making sure the lighting is all good, of course.

  • Erick

    Hahahaha… for PC… mi lap is turning transparent [img][/img]

  • pre entertainment

    hahaha… tried mine![img][/img]

  • Hey..sounds like a good way to freak out your friends. And most of the pictures I saw really look like you can see through your computer screen. I guess I will have to put my camera behind the screen and snap a photo. Then put that picture as my background.

  • mister smith

    pc for games mac for everything else.

  • lebete

    Technology is going more crazy in the word we live in today on believable the world of soon i hope to see a transparent mobile, come ruling the world too.(And i hope to see my idea ruling the world of communication)
    from LEBETE
    in NIGERIA.

  • Awesome transparent screen. I think this technology is being developed by Samsung and they are looking to introduce it to the public but most experts are looking to use it in vehicles windscreens. Thanks for sharing and posting.

  • simple tricks…but nice

  • radioman
  • G8tr1522

    Using a Mac is like trying to shave with a bowling ball.

  • jeetu

    thanx for this nice trick, a very gud idea to make friend fool. here is also a very nice trick to make a video as your wallpaper

  • A

    The pic with the lava lamp is my favorite.

  • A

    Wait no the first is by FAR the best. After you look at the lava lamp a while you can see that it isn’t transparent.

  • In first look its look amazing then I thought about this and finally got the trick. I tried by myself and did not find success.

  • Its now easy to make these transparent images. I have a free program on my website that lets you create them by taking a few photos and letting the program do all the hard work.

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