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The web is changing. It’s evolving rapidly, specially as of late. It’s becoming more social, localized and real-time. Instant and distributed is the new trend. It’s adapt or loose the battle for other web properties if they want to maintain their popularity. By now, you probably heard about new redesign of twitter, one that happened sometime yesterday. I think this is where future of the web and information is heading. Why am I writing all this? It got me thinking how maintaining this website alone won’t be possible anytime soon. We need to follow the trend, and evolve as well. Think I should put more work in connecting and hiring professional individuals, and re-architect our website with more sophisticated functions and design. What do you think? What do you think is the future of Mighty Optical Illusion? Where do you see us head next (design, functionality, distribution…)? Which things you like here, and which ones you don’t? Am not sure if all my thoughts relate to you, still here’s a nice set of Impossible Windows by István Orosz just to keep up with the illusion trend ;)

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    1. the last one with double door with one is because there is on the left part shadow at the top and on left part there is shadow on bottom

  1. I think every comment system should have threaded replies. Excellent idea.

    As for the illusions, some of them I had a hard time seeing. Some of them hurt my head to look at, trying to force the illusion to happen :)

    1. i agree! and the reply button is GREAT! ;) I think it would be great to be eaiser to send you illusions, like to have a button or something ;) I like your color scheme, no need to change! I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be EXTREMLY cool if when you clicked on a section, say, bilboards, there was a button that would give you a random illusion ONLY from that section! :D just an idea! Also if you could add ccolors and font options to the comments, that would be sweet! Keep up the good work! ;)

  2. Love the illusions!
    If you need any help, I will be more than happy to give you some assistance plus my hubby loves to do stuff with computers and websites!

  3. I just found this site 2 weeks ago and have been visiting it daily ever since. I’m 28 and content with the features but maybe people younger than I may not be. Making the site a little more user friendly is always a good thing but there are sites which have lost their charm due to redesigning themselves.

  4. First-time comment, but I feel strongly about this.

    Not interested in Facebook, Twitter or any other “social” media! Just like the illusions for themselves – don’t need “social” gadgets to do that! Privacy is important! (At least I like to pretend it still is…)

  5. Vurdlak you have done it again! The impossible windows are fantastic! When I look at the top of the picture the windows recede; but when I look at the bottom of the picture the windows come forward. I’ve never seen anything to beat this one. You’re great! Keep up the great work!!

    1. And there looks like a little person trying to escape from the books near the bottom too!!

      Vurdlak – Thanks for the reply feature. Great idea.

    2. I hadn’t noticed the skulls, then I looked more closely and noticed the floor.
      I also don’t use twitter and facebook, and I like the site now. Employing people could be a hassle and I really don’t get how you make money out of this sort of thing. but the internet is constantly changing, so it is up to you, how much work you want to put into it.

  6. Running a business is really tough. The more people you hire, the more headaches you’ll have. You started this website our of joy! Keep it simple and joyful or you won’t want to do it anymore. All your fans want you to keep up your great work and be happy!

    1. If you’d like to add an image in your comment (like I did here), just click the link next to the “Submit Comment”.

    2. definitely keep the comment function and the picture function. They rock!!!!


    3. Hmm, have to lower the max width, since 500px would be too much if images were to be found in replies! test below:


  7. I like the site the way it is. I don’t see anything that needs to be changed. I like the KISS rule-keep it simple, stupid. The site works well, and it’s easy to get anywhere you want to. The only thing I’ve noticed is a slightly longer load time than I would expect, but that’s probable just the nature of the site. It’s great the way it is!

  8. Excellent impossible geometrics.
    The first one would make sense if viewed as an inside corner were it not for the top of the window on the right. There is no other conflicting reference if viewed in that perspective.

  9. Whilst the reply and embedding is useful, I dont think the website needs to change much – people come here to look at illusions, not to socialise. You may want to look into having some merchandise, but most illusions have copywrite, so that wouldn’t be possible. Good luck!

  10. If you liked these (and I did), you would probably enjoy some of the works of M.C. Escher. Particularly Relativity(1953),Convex and Concave(1955) Belvedere(1958), ascending & Descending(1960)and Waterfall (1961). not all of his work involved illusions, but it is all masterful.

  11. I also like the floor in the fourth image. I didn’t see it at first sight, because i was focused on the window, but after taking i better look I also noticed the floor :)

  12. this is the only website I check EVERY time i am online. I will keep doing so until it gets to be too much of a pain. I agree Keep it simple. It’s a great site.

  13. I love this website. I check it out every day. I agree with those who say that there is no need to add facebook, twitter, etc.

    As for todays illusions, I think they are fantastic, and I love the artwork in all of them!

  14. This is the first site I check daily, despite the “minor” problems T love this page. Please do not screw around with it! I like most of the illusions and the chit chat that go along with it. Good luck………..

  15. Vurdlak,

    Do not fall for the siren song of Facebook and Twitter. You site is the anti-Twitter: thoughtful, challenging, and rewarding to those who put in real hard work. Most of f and t appear to me of us as the banal musings of the uninteresting. Cheers to those getting something out of these services, but don’t foist them upon us.

    The fans of Mighty Optical Illusions are building impossible slopes and happy birthday cubes. We are trying to wrap our head around the amazing talent behind Chop Cup. (Wow!) And we are writing complete sentences (without goofy texting abbreviations), employing punctation and eschewing smileys.

    Definitely go with the small improvements. I love the new comments / Reply function. (Embeddable images, not so much.) The random illusion button by category mentioned above also sounds need.

    The site and widget are marvelous. As the many fine readers above has stated, less is more.

    Finally, thank you, thank you for the daily joy you bring. I imagine the site is a labor of love. Back at you, man.

  16. In my opinion, I would encourage you to expand and make the site better with more functions and designs. After all, in the beginning this site was pretty bare and plain. Now you’ve integrated social media into this site and added things like a video player and better searching. However, what keeps people coming back are the illusions, and personally for me, the personal commentary by you. So don’t be changing that. But you should keep up with small improvements like the reply button ( we can have better discussions now!) and image embedding. Good luck in the future!

  17. I think “keeping up with the jones'” is over-rated. Don’t adapt to new technology and go hiring folks just to keep your blog going. I love the site as it is, and I don’t twitter. I don’t need that kind of connectedness.

    If you find that you have too many comments, too much to post on a daily basis, then fine, adapt to new technology, hire folks and all that.

    And the images today? They are great!

  18. I love the new improvements, but I really don’t think that you should make the site more like twitter and facebook. It’s the fact that this web has a unique personality that I love. That personality could easily be lost by trying to “keep up” with other websites.

  19. The top pictures as depicts our today as portrays everything that burns inside me – wow! Your art looks much better than my capability to speak in English – l admire Mighty Optical Illusion and bow to you-your great mastery. Thank you and best wishes to you from your fan Butterfly in Plaster

  20. The STEREOGRAM illusion is the best among all illusions featured as far as I am concerned. I have been looking for this kind of illusion to no avail. I hope you will feature more of these kind in the future. More power!!!

  21. when a site can provide quality service, or, when anything can, the rest of the stuff, like services and features, don’t have to be as prominent to compensate, and you’ve put up some pretty good illusions here

  22. WOW this is neat and wow my eyes r look KAPOOF beta giv it a star (lov the drawings..well wat eve they used)

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