This Is a Single Photo


Can you believe this is a single photograph? Yeah, I know – it doesn’t appear so at first. It takes few moments before you see what’s actually going on, right? Here’s another interesting illusion that works in a similar fashion (solution animation included!).

  • Bob Bayn

    I think I’ve biked there. Banff National Park?

  • z2d4th

    i cannot get it

  • ITG765

    In case anyone else didn’t get it:

    If not for the mountains and the upper part of the photo, the lake in the bottom would actually appear as if it was the clear sky.
    You’re welcome.

  • z2d4th

    taken from rear-view mirror isn’t it

  • cgimusic

    That is amazing. It took me a while to figure that one out.

  • Bob

    Yeah the “sky” in the bottom picture is actually water

  • Tiger li

    Yay First Comment. the line between the river and the mountain isn’t straight :D
    … real

  • Annie

    Oh-I see it :D

  • Penguin

    Haha that’s awesome. I think the fact that the two sides of the lake are so different also contributes to the illusion.

  • antou

    Wow ! One of the best of the kind ! :)

  • Elmo

    I have serious trouble understanding this. apparently something is not what it appears here, but I cannot fathom what it is?

    • Elmo

      So my best guess is that the lake should look like the sky?

    • Hank


  • KT

    Probably a roll cloud,

  • Anonymous Pagan

    This was sooooo easy to understand.

  • Rick

    Looks like Glacier National Park or somewhere else in the Rocky mountains. Those of us who live in mountains would aren’t surprised by this.

  • Carl Fuglein

    Very Interesting. It took me a minute to figure it out.

  • mike

    thats a lake at the bottom of the mountain

  • slogriz

    Can somebody point out to me what the story is with this picture? I do not understand the illusion.

  • You’re just tricking! I can clearly see that this has probaly been photo shoped or 2 photos put together for you to say that it is a single photo. but it still looks like an adventure.

  • nushibubble

    i’m still working it out… help!

  • nushibubble

    WAIT! i just looked at the link of the other lake wall illusion in the description and i think that:
    where the car is driving, that blue grey part looks like the sky but its actually a sort of wall?…. why would a wall be ther? -_-

  • James

    Perhaps a lake is there. And am I first?

  • The Doctor

    It’s a wall. Just a very, very clean, non-vandalized, white wall…

    • The Doctor

      Oh! It’s also quite a big wall too!

  • Awesome

  • eric

    what illusion? just looks like a mountain… haven’t you seen a mountain before?

  • dude

    i dont get it, this picture looks normal to me…


  • Time for adventure

    all it is, is a big picture in the mountains or is it a big picture on the road?

    • Time for adventure

      just a wall


      look closer and you’ll see

  • Rachey

    didnt even see the illusion until I read the comments. Its just a road next to a lake/lochan with a mountain on the other side of the lake/lochan :P

  • MM

    Oh dear, only when I have make it in full size do i realize it’s a mountain, not a big wave. Maybe there’s a wall? :0 <(???)

  • b

    oh i get it now

    thats awsome

  • Faizan A

    Wow that fooled me!

  • smarty0505


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