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    1. it was so easy it is little so look more if you cant find it it toke me about 10 secons but im 10 so m good

    1. Actually this is the best of illusions, camouflage. This pic comes from a series recenly featured on Yahoo news of natures camo in full effect.

  1. I don’t see a bird… I do see an obviously bird-shaped arrangement of leaves… as well as a hidden picture of what appears to be a kneeling man… is that the “bird”?

  2. Oh… I had to go look up the _appropriate_ definition of “bird”. Yes, I definitely see it now :) Took about a minute to see, and another 2 or 3 to understand…

  3. It looked to be impossible, then suddenly, there it was; it’s a kind of wren-anyway, a small bird. Very sweet. (smiles conceitedly) It didn’t take long at all :D

  4. I think there are 2 birds… the tail doesn’t align with the body.
    The tail of the first bird is hidden behind the leaf, the head of the 2nd bird is hidden behind the leaf.

  5. Looks like 2 birds to me. The tail doesn’t seem to line up perfectly with the bird’s head & body.
    Putting the head and tail together makes the bird look kind of crooked and overly elongated. Also the shadow behind the leaf is a little weird. Anyone else seeing this?

  6. That will be a warbler, methinks…
    ( Yay, having an Orinthologist for a Hubby…!! He has caught some even harder ones…especially with even smaller ones..They survive for a reason…Great pic!)

  7. I like your site, but only about half of what you post are optical illusions. This is simply a bird that blends in, a sort of where’s Waldo.

  8. What bird?? – All I see is a bunch of leaves. Oh and one leaf with 2 eyes a beak and a tail… wait… that’s a bird! Found it!

  9. He’s hiding behind a leaf! At first, I thought it was the leaf up and to the right of him that looked like a humming bird, then I saw the real bird. Well camouflaged!

  10. Wow some of you people should be overly proud of yourselves.
    “I found it right away!”
    “I found it on the thumbnail!”

  11. didn’t see it in the thumbnail; found it when I opened it up… took just 2 seconds.
    it’s a gold finch…
    my parents favorite bird to feed…

  12. Well, i found it and for those who havent yet, or are in suspicion, it is an actual bird, not a leaf like formation or even a play on words, its simply a little bird holding onto a branch in the picture, it is however quite hard to spot as its the same colour as the leaves, but also as beverly said, i too can see a little john lennon face, but you have to look really closely for that one!!

  13. Camouflage–God’s illusions in nature. Very necessary for several reasons. I like the variety of illusions. Doesn’t have to just be art w/illusions for me.

  14. I also agree with the 2 birds theory. At first i saw a couple of leaves that looked a bit like a bird and i though oh, you tricky bastard! but then i found it between that group staring at me. it could have pooped in mi t-shirt like 20 times by then…

  15. Oh, I found the bird !!! Half of her body is hide it behind a leaf as also part of bird´s head. She is staying right in front of our eyes behind the first leaf. I found it :)

  16. I think is more a men thing and not women, as man were born to be “hunters” so men´s eyes are made for seeing even in the most finest, small places. So it obvious for you all man kind *__*

  17. Yay! first comment(written in English that is!)
    If you were wondering, the bird is near the middle of the photo, more in the background, kinda hanging out in the tree. You can see his little tail as well! good luck finding it, but for me personaly, it was not too hard

  18. I was whining about how I couldn’t find it, looked on the comments for a hint, scrolled back up and bam. Saw it instantly.

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