52 Replies to “The Chicago Bulls Logo Conspiracy”

  1. This “conspiracy” it’s actually pretty old, I seen it in other websites and videos years ago. Also, it’s the first time I hear that the book is supposed to be a bible.

  2. To me, it looks more like a robot riding some sort of spider-like walking machine and working the machine’s controls. Maybe the vehicle even has little red jet-flames coming out of white pipes.

  3. @Andreas

    When a christian cross turned upside down stands for the Antichrist, then DIO must be at least the Anti-Devil. ;-)

    1. Any book can be put out in paperback including the Bible. I have two paperback versions dating back to high school.

  4. More typical christian bullshit. Pardon the pun. Why is it automatically a bible? It’s just a book. We have no way of knowing what book it is. Just as a woman in a grilled cheese sandwich is automatically ‘Mary’… yeah right.

  5. LOL.
    Firstly, it isn’t a bible, it’s way too thin.
    Secondly, I thought it was the…guy (forgets titles) at the dojo place xD

    Also, it doesnt have to be a park bench.

    Also, since it’s a cartoon, it doesn’t have to be a robot.

    I rest my case.

  6. probably a bible because it is a very thick book. Also, if you said robot reading a book, it would be a lot less interesting or intruiging.

  7. Huh? It looks like a robot giving pleasure to someone by massaging their feet that are sticking out of the bottom of the bed. Or what you started to think half way through that sentence :P

  8. Lol i thought it was a ninja reading some ninja book at first…yes why is it a bible? It could very well be any book. Wonder if this was done on purpose or just by accident…because I know a book with a cover of a snake head tht when turned upside down looks like a bikini top but that’s probably by accident…

  9. this is such an old idea… in college, those against the texas longhorns would flip the symbol over and it looks like a woman with her legs open…you can still see some “good ol’country boys” with the sticker on their trucks. very simple trick of the eye, nothing profound or complicated.

  10. Flip a Dodge Viper emblem upside down and you get Daffy Duck

  11. Why is it automatically assumed that it’s a bible being read? Why couldn’t the robot be reading a Playterminator?

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