Swastika Shaped Building Found in Google Earth


Price Sicardsure pointed this questionable Google Earth location. You can find it yourself; just point Google Earth/Google Maps to: 32°40’44.16″N with 117° 9’42.89″W. Consider this as an interesting assignment, that will also try and teach you how to read geographical latitudes and longitudes. Google them if you don’t understand what they are… In short, these numbers represent co-ordinates of the certain, Earth location. I’m sure most of you already knew that, but remember there are many kids browsing this website everyday, and some of them weren’t yet introudced to this stuff.

Image below can be found as an illusion (coincidence?), or provocation done on purpose. As you might know, Swastika once represented the symbol of life and fortune in Hindu holly books – Vedas. Later it was adopted as Nazi symbol, representing horrible deeds and “visions” of Hitler. Recently, Hindus in Britain have started a campaign to ‘redeem’ the swastika from its Nazi past and reclaim it as the symbol of life and fortune it once was. I’m little sceptic on the results, but we’ll see… Allegedly, there was even a picture of a secret Swastika-forrest circulating the net. If you know the link and the story behind it, be sure to post it! Price Sicardsure also wrote: “I think this is the Navy SEAL training place!” (USA)

  • Postmaster

    pretty coool. That looks exactly like the Hindu holy symbol man. Nice find!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    Nope. Wrong coordinates …

  • erin

    Hindu holly books? horible?

    Spel chek?

  • Candace

    It bothers me to see things like this, but I can’t deny that this is a part of history. A darker part of history, but it’s still a part of it. For anyone who is curious, here is a website that shows the Swastika forest:


    But for the image that is shown on this page, when I checked the coordinates, it is in the US, but it’s only showing a spot in the water.

  • ron……….lan.mi.

    designers have their signs, symbols, and signatures in obvious and mysterious ways both since the beginning.

  • no brain

    lol! stupid nazis! giving away their base position!

  • storm

    what is the city?

  • Waqar

    Correct co-ordinates from Google Earth

    32°40’33.90″N with 117°09’28.5″W

  • Pembo

    The Hindu swastika and the Nazi swastika go in oposite directions….that is the Nazi Swastika but if it went CCW it would be the Hindu one.

  • Mike

    Good ol’ US of A. The coordinants were close enough that it didn’t take to long to find it. Once you know where it is, it sticks out like sore thumb. You can see it from an eye altitude of about 25,000 feet. The picture in this post is about 4000 feet.

    San Diego Bay

  • Someone

    It’s a practical design for a building, too bad it represents what it represents.
    Yes, I DID find it, it’s located in Coronado, San Diego (US), 1.4 miles southeast from the Coronado mark in Google Earth.
    Curious, look at the jet-ski’s wandering around on the water there: About another mile southeast from the building, there’s one doing 8’s. I don’t know what it can be, but if you look at it, it looks like it projects a shade over the water (a couple of yards north) so it looks like it’s above the surface…

  • Hugh Peebles

    I discovered this image a while ago and posted it on my website. The city is San Diego.


  • JarheadGunny

    Actually, 4 seperate buildings, it’s enlisted quarters at the Naval base on Coronado.

  • Nico

    There are also four college dorms on the campus of the University of California Santa Barbara that are shaped like swastikas. I know — I lived in one of them!

  • Nicco

    Another intresting thing to notice, and this was made on purpose.
    To the bottom left of the picture, there are two buildings made to look like bomber planes, headed for the nazi building.

  • tng

    If you’d like to learn what the Navy had to say about the construction of this cluster of buildings, you can find it here.

  • Gracie-K

    Yes it looks like a swastika, but we shouldn’t freak out! The swastika was a sacred native american symbol berfore the nazis ruined it!

  • JIMMYBOBBOB Junior 3rd

    Anyone smell sausage???

  • Diego

    oh no! the navy seals are nazis? they keep inside the Hitler frozen body? like Walt Disney? like Cher? in facts, are they friends? really? what happend en in that place? what terrible thing they prepare? Kosher BBQ?

  • Dajjal

    Just to add Hitler, understood about reverse Symbology. Quite right, the hindu holy symbol is a reverse of how hitlar used it. Just the same way as the media and the illuminati say one thing and do another .black is white and so on……..

    Intersting find none the less

  • aishel

    See here

  • woteva!!!

    it jus looks lyk the swastika because of the angle of the camera!!!!! If the camera andgle was slightly different, then it would look lyk a hindu symbol!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDUUURRRR

  • chris
  • Derek

    I Found It! Cool!

  • ilikechocolate<3

    one word. scary. another word. wow.

  • Anonymous

    the building was built in 1917. 30 years before WWII. it is the enlisted soldiers building at the naval facility in coronado, ca.

  • Pat

    What’s nice with that architecture, it that everone on every part of the building has view on a little piece of garden.
    if you add all sides (every walls), you get much more than if it was a square building.

  • Anonymous


  • sarge

    looks a little bit like burns middle school!!

  • Anonymous

    Here you are another one in Cadiz, Spain. It’s a marianist school.

  • hindu history

    obviously not a lot of people know that the swas tika is hindu. when it points clockwise and is square shaped not diamond shaped it’s the hindu symbol…..idiots. the germans got that sign from the hindus a long time ago and the native americans of south america also used this symbol. our symbol also has four dots, one in each square

  • Anonymous

    below it you can see a cross

  • Anonymous

    OK Its pretty simple. Regardless of the internet behind the construction of this building, the symbol is A nazi swastika and was constructed in 1967-1969(http://www.thepowerhour.com/news2/navy_response_letter.htm) on A US military base. The problem with this is that is sends the wrong message to the other nations around the world who might question our intent. Clearly no one in those buildings of on that navy base is a Nazi but it might send the wrong message to young impressionable men who train there and at military bases across the country. I would be no big deal to change it so it isn’t Nazi. heck lets make it into the Hindu symbol.

    I garantie you there are scum bag Nazis in America( they have big rally every now and then, you know the KKK) and they will see this as a sign that the “Nazi dream is still alive”.

  • Anonymous

    hah, the nazi-symbol originates in the scandinavian sun-cross viking-symbol

  • Anonymous

    Does someone know where it REALLY originated from, with perhaps a website of facts?? I’ve heard it originates from hindu, scandinavian, and native american holy symbols… Where did the nazi swastika really come from?

  • Anonymous


  • Doc

    Here’s another one: 52°20’53.48″N 4°49’32.46″O. I think Swastika shaped buildings are quite common this hospital was built in Amsterdam in 1975. Only fools will see this as a sign that the “Nazi dream is still alive”.

  • omkar

    hey guys its a swastik am a hindu ask me.Its not a nazi’s symbol nazi had a symbol opposite to the swastik so got it.ty

  • andrew

    while it wouldn’t shock me if this building was purposefully designed as a swastika, i seriously doubt it…..considering it isn’t a swastika at all. beyond the fact that. if it were done on purpose by anyone it was probably pre world war-II german catholics. if this were made to be a swastika the architect would have tilted it at a 45 degree angle. if you change the position of the symbol it radically changes meaning and i’m sure it would have been tilted against the water if it were made by nazis, since that is how they made other swastika shaped buildings. sorry folks, but you are all making a big deal out of nothing

  • Anonymous

    FYI, before you lay out incorrect facts, the Hindu symbol and the Nazi swastika are not the same thing. They go in opposite directions of each other. And you are correct: the Hindu symbol means does good fortune, unlike the swastika.

  • Travis

    Mmm… that’s good satire

  • Anonymous

    The swastika is the oldest recorded symbol known to man. If you doubt this, please visit this site for some background on the subject. It is far from all inclusive, but offers a small amount of info on what is a very complex historical subject: http://history1900s.about.com/cs/swastika/a/swastikahistory.htm

    The Swastika is symbolic of nature and life.

    The center “+” is symbolic of the Sun and the rays eminating from it. As most of you know, the Sun and its’ rays are a central theme to the ways of life on Earth. Without the radiant light, heat and energy fed to us from the Sun and its’ rays, all life on Earth would cease to exist as we know it.

    This is why the “+” was chosen as the core of the swastika. It has both a center and shows evenly distributed outward growth from that point on.

    The four “arms” attached to the “+” are symbolic of the four seasons i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. If you notice, the four arms are always rotating clockwise, as the four seasons rotate as time passes. All four seasons are based on the light energy derived from the Sun, hence the seasonal rotation “arms” being directly tied to the core symbol representing the Sun.

    If you notice, those “arms” are somewhat “boxed in”. In effect, the life force is not only relatively well contained, but also self-sustaining.

    Having said that, there are other factors involved. This is why there are also gaps within the swastika. This allows energies from within the core to balance the energies outside of the core.

    This helps to maintain a proper balance, with balance being a vital component of nature and sustained life cycles. So long as all forms of influence, both outside and inside, are kept within reason, the rotational life cycle continues on with its natural progression.

    Any “swastica” that rotates counter-clockwise isn’t really a swastika at all, as it isn’t rotating in the correct direction. It is a corruption of what is a very revered symbol by those that know the true meaning of a swastika.

    It is for the aforementioned reasons that various groups have tried to use the swastika as a symbol of their group or movement. Just as the swastika represents what is a natural renewal of a robust and vigorous self-sustaining life cycle, they sought those same characteristics for their goals and ideals.

    Obviously, some of these goals or ideals are controversial, but then again, so is the very nature of the origin of the swastika.

  • Paige

    Nico is incorrect about the college campus buildings. They are only shaped like pieces of a possible swastika. Not quite but close. 34°24’35.68″N 119°50’35.62″W should show you on Google Earth.

  • Geotrotter

    Here is other “Swastikas” on Google Earth

  • Wilhelm

    Hi…for the person below…The Hindu Symbol is opposite. The top line going to the left not the right. That is the Nazi Swastika.

  • Politikally Paranoid

    Does anyone have a link for this? Thas really kewl.

  • Anonymous


  • randa

    In Lugano Switzerland we have an enormous fountain shaped like a giant David Stern.

    Loot at it in this pIc, it’s partially covered by vegetation now.


    Is this offensive to someone flying over?

  • Anonymous

    this picture was already shown and the planes are coming in from the bottom left hand corner

  • Anonymous

    I think they did that on purpose.

  • zeldafan

    Native americans also use the symbol meaning sun

  • Anonymous

    I thought this is an illusion website. This is not an illusion guys.>!

    • ??????????

      true that

  • Anonymous

    I have heard the Hindus also used the counter-clockwise swastika… and for them it was a symbol of evil even before Hitler used it.

    • curl

      The swastika was actually a symbol of prosperity/ good luck in Hinduism. The swastika only became negative after The holocaust.

  • Infinity
  • ed

    Waqar is right, the coordinates are quite off. Try these simple ones. Places you smack in the heart of the swastika
    32o 40′ 34″; N 117o 09′ 28″ W

  • Anonymous

    this is really a sign for one of the worst parts in german history…but it’s also a holy hindu symbol and there it means “sun”…horrible^^

  • emily

    go to decatur alabama.swastika elderly home..mi mom works there!!its the full swastika too

  • Anonymous

    germans stole the swastika from the hindus!!!

  • Anonymous

    and pembo IS rite, but they still stole the idea for the symbol from hinduism (they didnt have any imagination to create something ORIGIONAL)

    ooodles de le <3's!!!

  • Toby

    OMG! weird :O

  • Anonymous

    Nazi’s reportedly adopted the swastica cos they admired the caste system and segregation in India.

  • scott

    to the dumb ass saying it’s a sun sign. Wrong, the good one doesn’t point in that direction. This is the opposite of whatever the good represented.

  • scott

    those co ords are wrong btw. the building doesn’t even exist. It’s a hoax.

  • nobody

    those darn nazis are at it again

  • Jei

    For someone who wants to find it in http://maps.google.com/ – you can find the place with these simple cordinates:
    32.676, -117.158

  • navyguy

    This is a US Navy barracks on Coronado Island in San Diego, CA

  • aj

    theres an airplane shape also!

  • Special ED

    Swastika.. Weird.

  • im pretty sure she

    the Nazis Are Coming Back!

  • breanna

    so wat???

  • Those b*stards!!

  • paint

    the building s do exist but it’s not the whole picture .. ther are 2 b2 bomber buildings , flying at the nazibuildings to take them out..
    the whole story seen from above it America fighting the nazi’s although ther has been talk of bulldozing these to the ground and rebuilding them .

  • Steve Anderson

    I lived in one of those barracks when I was stationed at NAB Coronado.

  • Me

    So fake…… They would have gotten in trouble for that and thats not even an illusion dummys

  • Someone

    Stupid Hidler He Uses Natsi Signs For NOTHING!

  • me


  • Jeff

    I Found Messages: Swatstika in San Diego
    By FedExPope

    The buidling in San Diego Harbour has a shape of a swatstika and can only be seen from space!

    Swatstika in Sna Diego – 1 Messages

    Google Earth Community

    Swastika Barracks
    By JoeNick78


    Swastika Barracks – 1 Messages

    Google Earth Community

    and: The New Bunker
    By Niyou77

    OMG Secret Nazi Bunker!

    The New Bunker – 1 Messages

    Google Earth Community

  • Eric


  • Cassie

    The forrest with the swastika had to do with the hitler youth. Check into that and u shld find it. I remember doing a report on it in highschool. It was a camp or place where children were being raised ‘hitler style’ for military purposes….i think. Lol good luck

  • NASAfan

    Actually there are a lot of clothes shops that use the shape as a practical way of railing clothes. Many clothes rails use the shape but its only noticeable from above.

  • Snake

    Here is the history of the buildings.

    Nazi prisoners were brought to America WW2. During that time they were told to build enlisted barracks at US Navel Base Coronado. they had completed this structure and were in the process of building two others when a Naval Aviator flew over and spotted the building from the air. He returned and took photos and presented them to the Base commander. The other two structures where then modified so the emblem would not be there.

    How do I know, I stayed in those buildings many times with the USMC. I could never understand why (from the ground) why they were zig zagged like that. It was explained in case of an air raid with a direct hit, many people would survive because of the shape. I did not know at that time it was a symbol.

    A friend of mine in the USN sent me the photograph of all the buildings. When I saw the outlay I knew where it was. They are located near the Club, where one of my Marines would always toss a Sailor through the large place glass window and then start yelling TRADITION! Very large club, very large fight.

    Semper Fidelis


  • owen

    ( or click “next random illusion”)

  • that is pretty bad ass for a building

  • blinded

    Adolf hitler?

  • Necet

    National University: Naval Base Coronado Learning Center
    Building 650 NAB Coronado
    San Diego, CA 92145

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