22 Replies to “Strange Castle Optical Illusion”

  1. Who made these? You should credit them.

    The first two look like computer graphics, which make them all the more impressive.
    I mean, painting would be difficult – 3d-modelling, just… WOW!

  2. I seriously must comment on this… the first two (top and bottom left) are definitely Escher himself. I have a book of 76 Escher cuts, and these are in there. The third (bottom right) may be Escher or may not be… I think it probably is.

  3. the first one is actually entirely possible. The stairs can go down while the actual floor is tilted sligtly upwards, if tilted at all :)

  4. You can make the top illusion. You have to have a rubiks mini cube. it only works with mini.
    1)twist opposite sides(corners are opposite when you twist sides)
    2)twist adjacent sides and vuala! it’s easy to make. email me if you want pics.

  5. hei i see here the strange castle illusion and next to it is a fake one of the floor turns into ceiling drawing. anyone know where i can find the original with the boy sitting on the stairs drawing??

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