Straight or Not Optical Illusion Question

Examples like this one below have been posted in the past, most of them are still located inside “Seemingly Bent” category. Original illusion of this type is “Cafe Wall Illusion“. Never the less, I decided to post similar one today. I did this because the effect in the image below is strongest to date. Do you agree? Basically (believe it or not), the lines of the “diamond” you see, are perfectly straight. Hard to believe, isn’t it? The effect is achieved by smaller black and white squares, and dots arranged inside of them. Those of you with keen eye for details will notice the light background shares the same effect. Anyone understands why we get the impression that lines are bent? Help! Sorry for so much links inside this post, but I did this to make it easy for you to find most similar optical illusions.

The image was taken from the book ‘new optical illusions’ and ‘big book of optical illusions’ by Gianni A. Sarcone.

Concerning our web-ring of websites, Mighty Flicks started rolling quite serious. The man behind our sister-site is my cousin Mr. Boycie, and it seems he updates it almost daily. Its just that he needs to get hang of it, because I noticed he is posting some “edgy” stuff that some people would consider little obscene. Please instruct him what to change to get his site safer for visitors, and please give him insight what is considered tasteful inside blogging world, and what isn’t.

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  1. This is a great illusion! I checked out your cousin’s site and thought it was pretty great actually! Some of the pics are a little risque, but its not different from the pics everyone gets in thier e-mail daily. They’re hilarious!

  2. looking at it up close, it does look somewhat curved, but looking at it maybe a yard from your screen, it is, like alexx_0x said, very much straight.

  3. If you place your hand on the outside of one side of the square, then on the inside half of the square. you will see it is straight. However, it does not work unless your hand is blocking te inside row of blocks, for the change in color and dots is what throws your mind off.

  4. Cool illusion.
    Yeah…uh….some of the Mighty Flix pictures would be a little risque…for my grandmother.
    People are sissies.

  5. It is strait. If you go to MS paint or other such things and draw a strait line, it folows the lines of what looks curved. Awsome illusion.

  6. The illusion is actually enhanced with another subtle effect: a shadow has been added to the left of the diamond, which suggests to your mind that it is bent enough to lift it from the “surface” behind it.

  7. I think it has to do with the DOTS. You see the pattern there with the white and black dots inside the white and black squares? It’s very deliberate. I believe this has to do with how your brain process’ information. The brain wants to just see a continuous pattern but this is not. Its back and forth. And its not the shadow or other squares that are warped either. Yeah, Im sure of it. I didnt have time to check the rest of the posts, hope i didn’t steal someones idea. Workin hard.

  8. that is awsome they are actually strait but its the way they are designed wich they are bent or whatever!

  9. it is striaght but the pattern on it is warped so it makes the whole thing look screwed up. very nice.

    but the question is……..

    …….are YOU striaght :p


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