Stop Staring, Find The Animals!


Maxime Euzière found a pretty interesting spot the object picture, which he decided to share with us. At first I couldn’t see it, so I showed it to few of my internet-friends, and asked if they could point out the illusion. After hearing bunch of childish comments, ones I can’t believe I’m sharing here (“She’s not in the kitchen!”, “Tree is missing a finger“, and like), one person managed to spot an elephant, a dolphin, a duck, a crocodile and two monkeys. Yes, it has been photoshopped, but still good! Maxime added – there is also a beautiful damsel present…

  • Ianrose44

    Dolphin, Monkey and Elephant… Easy

  • ally

    i see the grim reaper….. in the background top right corner
    i see the elephant, croc, dolphin, two monkeys, but no duck????

  • ally

    i also see a birds head(dont think its a duck) under the models head in the log

  • anonymous

    thats some horrible photoshop…
    and i see the elephant and the dolphin. i couldnt really see anything else because i cant stop noticing the girl

  • kelecaes

    where’s the crocodile ???? aand the two monkeys i cant only see one

  • jeff

    I am convinced there is a fisherman or something too.. his fishing pole appears connected to the croc’s chin. You can see his leg bent and his face and arms in the green moss.

  • Pete

    I am looking for animals, but I keep getting distracted. I do see the elephant, dolphin, two monkeys, and well I got distracted again……

  • Jacob

    took me ages to find em all…puberty has got a firm grip on me…but it’s still a pretty cool [physiological?] illusion… thumbs up!

  • peace-angel

    Found the elephant, dolphin and 1 monkey easy as, but as for the others no luck as of yet. Liking these kinds of illusions :)

  • me

    its offensive but, still a good one

  • josephine

    there’s a water skiier in the tree roots

  • Roadie

    There’s a man with a golf club, or a fishing pole…Some sort of rod-like object. He’s green. Right above the woman’s left thigh.

  • Me


  • Patrick

    I found the elephant, dolphin, crocodile, and the monkey at the bottom in the wood. Not sure where you see the duck though, unless it is more obvious than I am making it out to be.

  • jeney

    there is a lot more then that. there is a woodpecker, and i think your second monkey is actually a jet skier, a bat, and there are a couple of faces in the top right hand corner by the bat.

  • Found the dolphin, 2 monkeys and the elephant. Can’t find the duck or the crocodile. Any one else see those? Nice job with the photoshop. :)

  • illusionist

    Dolphin jumping out the water and elephant in the tree trunk behind the girl; crock coming out the right side of the elephant ;monkey below her hand, and a green monkey pulling something, with a leg extended above her bum. where’s the damn duck

  • Lol

    Elephant is behind her, Dolphin is jumping out of the water, one monkey is at the front in the wood, the bird is near her head on the wood (personally doesnt look like a duck), the crocodile comes off the right side of the elephants head,and i think the other monkey is right up in the back right hand corner. (im saying right as in from our point of view its left if you were to be in the picture)

  • Kitty

    Haha, taken those comments about “chicks” to heart have we? There is what looks like an ostrich in the bottom right.

  • I cant see anything because I cant bring myself to look at anything other than the “beautiful damsel”. Maybe thats a part of the trick of the illusion :)

  • qwertyuiop

    i can see an elephant, a dolphin, a monkey some unidentifiable creature, some bird-like creature and thats it
    id probably be able to find more if i looked longer though…

  • QinKool

    I only found a monkey, dolphin, and an elephant! >.<

  • Radical Bombs

    1st comment oh and shes hot

  • Radical Bombs

    although nice illusion

  • Suzy

    I think that you mispelled “staring”?

  • Digit

    This is Fab …. besides the obvious damsel, I spotted the Elephant off the bat as well as the crocodile. The monkeys and the dolphin required some searching. However, the Duck ???? I am still looking :-)

  • hps bajwa

    this was goood one, cannot stop staring as it is too good .


  • Actually there’s also another animal I saw in there.

    There’s a monkey, look at the very bottom of the picture in the center on the wood you can see the outline of a monkey’s face ^_^

  • Oh crap! I read above more closely and I can see on the next line they already listed the monkeys… *embarrassment* (next time I’ve got to read more thoroughly)

  • maxime

    In fact *I* found those animals, dude, and asked if someone could find other ones :)

    PS: isn’t it “staring” with one “R”?

    PS: your friends comments are hilarious (and totally shitbrix’ish xD)

  • Esteban Serrano

    I see a man walking, and everything else… except the duck!

  • Debra Howard

    I saw the elephant right away, I see the dolphin, one monkey, and something that might be a crocodile and the duck…but nothing else.

  • kieran043200

    There’s also a grasshopper

  • Ironman

    There is also a knight or something just next to her bum. Looks like he is holding a sword or something.

  • Nidhogg

    there is also a monkey face

  • Marcus

    Realy hard finding the second monkey and the duck :/
    good job :)

  • Billy_no_Mates

    Nice! But where’s that elephant’s trunk?

    btw it’s ‘staring’, not ‘starring’ ;)

  • i can see a dolphin in the sea and an elephant on the trunk and i think i see a man holding a stick next to her leg

  • oh now i see the rest theres a croc on the right of the elephant and a monkey face below the girl
    though the duck still eludes me

  • Tom Jeffrey

    Spelling mistake in the title. tut tut…

  • baked

    in my opinion at least

  • mr pedantic

    Stop ‘Starring’? I think you mean ‘staring’. Sorry, I am very pedantic about these things.
    Oh, and it is a good illusion. I noticed the dolphins straight away, then the elephant – but I can’t seem to locate the duck or crocodile. Hmmm….

  • patko0770

    there is elephant on tree behind her.

  • A

    There is also a whale.

  • The girl

    There’s also a frog behind her bottom.

  • Theres a beautiful damsel present? Where? All I see is animal!

  • Mike

    I can see the tree trunk is an elephant’s face, the mossy things top left are dolphins, there’s a crocodile just to the right of the tree, there’s a man/monkey above the girl’s leg, and there’s roughly 200 stick insects.

  • Fiona Wynn


  • tooom

    excellent spotting by jeff, there definetly is a fishererman there.

  • Micheline

    Where’s the duck???

  • Another Monkey

    I can see the dolphin jumping in the sea, elephant in the tree trunk, duck or other bird on the log she’s lay on, a giant grasshopper leaning it’s back against the girl to the right, crocodile profile to the right pointing towards the tree, and only one monkey as a knot in the tree at the bottom of the picture. There’s something going on in the top right corner, maybe a horse in a reclining position. As for the other monkey, can’t see one, I think it’s a joke meanin the girl’s privates lol.

    • LULOEA

      I see a bunny in the top right corner.

  • David Bethke

    Sports Illustrated did a whole bunch of these a couple of years in their Swimsuit Issues. Maybe even one on combination with 3d glasses. Of course the 3d didn’t help you find the animals (or whatever), but made the models more distracting!

  • Another Monkey

    I can see the dolphin jumping in the sea, elephant in the tree trunk, duck or other bird on the log she’s lay on, a giant grasshopper leaning it’s back against the girl to the right, crocodile profile to the right pointing towards the tree, and only one monkey as a knot in the tree at the bottom of the picture. There’s something going on in the top right corner, maybe a horse in a reclining position. As for the other monkey, can’t see one, I think it’s a joke meaning the girl’s privates lol.

  • I see an elephant, a dolphin, a woodpecker, a crocodile, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, and what looks to be a person pulling something (I guess it could be a water skier like that other person said).

    I also possibly see a German shepherd and a monitor lizard.

  • rokssolana

    I’ve spotted them all, except the second monkey. I can see only one (actually, it was the first animal I saw). Can anyone see the second monkey?

  • Sara Williams

    i see an elephant, crocodile,monkey, dolphin and a bird like a quale but no duck or second monkey

  • Johnny Jack Pompolla

    i found a beautiful girl. does it count?

  • anon

    You couldn’t have chosen a poorer quality picture.

  • monkeyguy217

    ok now why are you setting comments about animals WHEN THERES A FREAKIN HOT CHICK RIGHT THERE my conclusion is that your gay or a girl

  • Mii

    elephant, dolphin, something else?

  • Tayler

    i found an elephant, three monkeys, a crocodile, && the dolphin

  • kisame

    I can see:
    -1 or 2 elephant : the first one behind the girl on the tree, the second one in the top right corner befor the gorilla
    -2 crocodiles : one in the right side of the tree behind the girl and the other one ahead the girl in the trunk
    -1 dolphin: no comment, everybody have seen it
    -1 monkey and 1 gorilla : the monkey is in the same place with the first crocodile: we can see a crocodile face with an open mooth or a monkey inverted with its 2 arms trying to catch something. The gorilla is in the top right corner behind the elephant/armadillo
    -a bird face in the trunk ahead the woman face and a pelican in the left side of the tree. Its green. Maybe a 3rd bird face (an ostrich’sface) in the trunk in the foreground.
    -1 Armadillo (or the second elephant) : between the tree and the gorilla, in the top right corner.

    I can’t see any duck.

  • kisame

    I have forgotten the fisherman just behind the girl (green).

  • illusionist

    possible duck? top right corner, there’s a beak like structure, and eyes, and you can make out the outline of the head and a long neck (the trunk of the tree there)

  • Papa D.

    Dolphin jumping out of “eye of hurricane”

  • Hey Vurdlak. This is a good post! Congrats! Now let’s see if I can find the animals!

  • C.C

    I can see another person made out of moss and leaves and stuff next to the girl. wheres the duck?

  • Found some of them. But where the hell are the monkeys!!?? Nice job.

  • Barbarella

    Can’t find the duck or the second monkey (one is a face in the log under the girl). Help!

  • Cassiano

    The difficulty is to stop staring the girl.
    What a girl!!!!

  • Lissa VanNostrand

    I see them all…plus a squirel, a fox, a goose and a fish.

    • godric

      i know you doas well as i do

  • The girl

    Why don’t all of you see the frog behind my bottom?

  • Dolphin

    I found all of them,and more…

  • Natalie

    The green thing to the right of her leg . . .
    some are calling it a fisherman or water skier . . .
    I see it as Tarzan or maybe Jane swinging on a vine.

  • jeff

    any one else see the rabbit in the stump to the right of the elephant tree

  • alex

    theres a wood pecker next to her head

  • Thijs

    lol took me 2 minutes to start reading the text :p

  • Great work :) Although I am a men, a see most of the animals you have listed. And even the frog on the first plan :) I like your blog a lot !

  • I even saw a shark look at the dolphin then the next of the dolphin keep looking at the next and ull see a shark xD

  • Dark

    Duck, dolphin and crocodile on the water

  • Terry

    and all of you missed the fisherman in “stop staring find the animals” #296 plain as day he is ..

  • jorjeea

    Dolphin, crocodile, elephant, duck…i see all the animals, even da monkeys 8D

  • Someone

    I Found A Monkey Face

  • joker

    i see no animals here, nor fisherman, nor trees…

  • Whatifikillyou?

    I see Epic Boobs and a hot chick!

  • Sarah

    I cant see the grasshopper!!!

    • Mavreen

      no grasshopper was mentioned here

  • Somebody

    Where’s The Elephant?

    • MM

      the tree

  • eeee efffff geeee

    wow so many animals…and a hot woman )XD

  • jazz

    i see a fisherman

  • notarealname

    found elephant and dolfins

  • Nancy

    thumbs up if you couldn’t find any of them because you were…preoccupied.

  • cassie

    Found elephant dolphin, one monkey. and did anyone see the guy golfing?

  • Eric e

    I also see a tribal guy with a blowgun made of moss or seaweed right above her leg

  • Jay

    I have been told there are animals….. i have been staring for 3 hours….. still no animals….

  • dspurlock

    I have been staring at this picture for about an hour maybe even more, I have found a chipmunk (sitting on her hip), a crocodile, a skier who looks more ape than man, the monkey face on the log, then down from there more monkey faces? Then in the far back right you have a gorilla, and the stump after the crocodile you have one of those monkey types with the red bottoms, just the face (can’t remember the name gibbons I think), then in the log by the gorilla it is kind of slanted there looks like an owl face. Also right behind the crocodile you see a green blob it is the face is a bear or panda, then if you look at the crocodile at the bottom of the jaw near the hinge there is a face of a man who kind of looks like president Clinton. Of course the tree looks like a elephant, and in the water there could almost be two dolphins. Never saw a duck or bird beside the owl. This is just my take on the picture. I think after staring at it for so long you actually start seeing things (ha! ha!)

  • Vega

    I see an elephant, monkey, a dolphin, a fisherman, alligator(2), a wolf, and Alvin (off of Alvin and The Chipmunks) at the top right ^.v

  • blabla

    i see the croc its under the hand thats holding onto the tree

  • crikey mikey

    There is a pussy just below the elephant. (How many times have you had to moderate that “joke” out?)

  • couldnt find d duck -_- butfound a the hurricane, storm or swirl below the dolphin

  • chey

    at first couldnt see anything, but then i saw a monkey and the dolphin. Is the tree trunk the elephant?

  • cyril123


  • cyril123

    i found all the animals but not the duck where
    is the duck???

  • cyril123

    elephant(tree trunk) dolphin(logs on the water)
    monkey(root under the girl) crocodile(root at the right of the elephant) :)

  • lol

    shes in pain

  • twojezzer66

    i can see an anteater i think

  • Bruna

    There’s also a guy playing golf… It’s the green thing near the roots of the tree.. U see him kneeling with his two arms extended holding a golf club

  • David

    What animals?

  • GeeFos

    I wouldn’t be more surprised if you couldn’t find any of them

  • Glaringly I see the Statue of Liberty with torch and crown.

  • Aaryash Nayak

    well the lady too is an animal LOL

  • Meghan Sellers

    There’s also the head of a woodpecker or roadrunner on the tree right below her face.

  • becca3333

    1 elephant (obvious)
    1 crocodile
    1 bird
    1 woman (we r animals too!)
    1 monkey

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