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  1. This is definitely not an Escher. Escher’s primarily used printmaking methods to produces his pieces, and the sort of halftoning required to achieve an image such as this through printmaking methods would have been absolutely ridiculous. This is definitely an Escher-inspired piece.

  2. It’s like a Rubix cube. The stairs at the bottom go up, and there is another one after that, leading up too. Ignore the fact that the walls are in different angles and places (If you don’t the illousion will look like something COMPLETELY different!) And ignore the fact that the stairs are on the top and bottom of each staircase. I haven’t figuered out why there is a wall between the stairs near the first staircase. That’s more focused on on the wall facing upwards, which is really a floor. If you’re trying to be normal, the floor facing upwards would mean that the stair case next to that floor wouldn’t (and couldn’t) exist. Spooky!

  3. This illusion isn’t a work of M.C Escher, althoiugh it is done in his style. It reminds me of that seen in Labyrinth where that girl is trying to get her brother from David Bowie, but she can’t figure out how to make the staircases hold her or something. Good movie, but the comment board isn’t about good movies =^.^= -_-()

  4. it is an escher but sum1 has just added colour to it and added a bit more detail

    oh, and they’ve taken the people out of the work

  5. @feather, Its appropriate to mention and give coo-dos to the movie Labyrinth. Besides the Escher inspired set(s) it also incorporates MANY optical illusions not to mention the illusion of puppetry.

  6. Also, I was going to mention there was a early Electronic Arts game on the Commodore 64 called Realms of Impossibility (1984?) that incorporated these Escheresque stair and hall illusions, that was a great game.

  7. For me, these are two different pictures merged together. the one on the left shows a horizontal view while the one on the right shows a vertical view.

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