Spot the Oddity in this Butterfly Illusion

It was unfortunately a late morning here in Illusion Land. We all overslept, and Kid #1 and Kid #2 were both late for school. Again. Fun times! So, this morning’s illusion is going to be a quick one, because Mama-lusion is way behind schedule. It shouldn’t take you long to spot the oddity in this butterfly illusion…


I felt a little dense the first time I looked at it. I knew there was something more to see here, but the number on the wing didn’t jump out at me right away. It took me a bit to see the 89 in this butterfly illusion. Or, is it a 68….?

I swear, you guys must think that I’m a complete dolt sometimes! The simplest illusions trip me up at times. In my defense, I’m often searching for illusions either really late at night or really early in the morning, when I’m beyond tired. No matter. I should probably stop admitting when I’m dense and just let y’all think that I’m an illusion wizard!

Check out this butterfly eye illusion¬†when you’re done finding the hidden message in this butterfly illusion!

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