The Smiling Leaf Optical Illusion

Today is Thursday, and you all are probably feeling a little sluggish, because the week is almost over, and so is your energy, but buck up, because today is another gorgeous fall day that we should all be happy to be part of! To make you all feel better, we have a very special optical illusion that should bring a smile to all of your faces. Think the day is going to be bad? Are you ready to go back to bed? Well take a look at today’s optical illusion because it is something very cute, sweet, and should bring a smile to your faces! Do you all see how the leaf is smiling at all of you? The leaf is giving all of you a smile, and it should make you smile in return!

the smiling leaf optical illusion

Ready for another great optical illusion that is one part imagination and one part vision? Take a look at the side of this mountain that seems to be looking back at you.  Do you all not see the faces on this mountain? Remember, today is a whole new day, and we only wish you all the best and hope you have a fantastic Thursday! Tomorrow we will meet again dear friends to talk more about the wonderful world of optical illusions.

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