Sinking House Illusion

Is this really a sinkin’ house, away in the horizont? Hardly possible, but yet appears so. Can you guess how this optical illusion took place? When you’re ready, and think you know the solution, open this article, scroll down, and see the solution for yourslef… It’s rather simple. Enjoy!

As you see, the first photo was taken under an angle, giving you impression the house is sinking, while infact the camera was tilted to the right :)

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  1. hey everyone i looked at it and because i was a genious in school it took me no longer than 5 seconds to decide that the camera was tilted not the house. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment from me i must go now to bed be wonderful

  2. this is really cool, but the setting looks so fake it is hard to believe it wasn’t just put together on the computer.

  3. It’s a dandy illusion even if the solution is extremely obvious; especially, to anyone who has ever used a camera.

  4. This is really stupid. When I got this widget, i thought i’d get cool illusions, not crappy photoshop.

  5. I’m not one to question – but it just looks so photoshopped in both images I find it hard to get lost in this particular illusion.

    Perhaps it is the fact that the light on the House seems so much more intense than the light on the tree.

    I like the concept though.

  6. This one was easy to figure out. Just look at the clouds in the first picture, they’re angled.

    Still a cool illusion though!

  7. Who’s the arrogant “genious” in school? I hope he was joking considering how many people figured it out so easily, and you can even see the tree trunk in the first picture tilted to the side. I do, however enjoy the illusion.

  8. Id10t5!

    People that scream photshop at every opportunity are too lame. This is a photograph plain and simple.

    But the person that said the clouds give it away needs to look at clouds in his part of town. Do all your clouds run parallel with each rooftop or horizon?

    Personally I still think the cause of this house sinking are very large gophers.

  9. it still does look like the house was cut off and place at an angle cause someone used photoshop


    i do see everyone’s point

  10. Wow! I really liked that one, I never suspected the camera was tilted. I didn’t work long on it though…but I really liked it! :)

  11. Hi everyone !

    this picture isn’t Photoshopped at all. And the solution has already been posted (34).
    This scene take place in Paris, France. At Montmartre to be exact…

  12. Not so good.
    I myself am a proffesor of Art and Drama at Grungenbride University in York and I found this Blog by coinsidence and it appears to be very impressive and I enjoy looking around.
    But this Link is not so impressive and you could do better.

  13. Why….does people have to bah this kind of stuff….my guess is they couldn’t figure it out and once they did thy are like…”lame, so old, anyone could do thid…blah blah..”

  14. Why do some people always question whether it is photoshopped? just enjoy the great illusion. obviously it is easy to see its on a hill, but its about seeing the illusion, seeing it as a sinking house, not about seeing the answer. I think it looks really cool, great illusion!

  15. i believe that what is so very clever in this picture is how they used the tree… they shot just as much as they should thus making it look going straight up in the first picture

  16. I think that that is neat. Of course, if ‘geniouses’ are finding in too simple maybe they should be on some ‘make your own’ or somewhere instead of here with us lesser beings.

  17. Oh come on. That house isn’t anywhere near that hill in reality either. It’s a town house. Not an optical illusion but a montage…

  18. lol i knew it was tilted from the start
    haha no wonder the person who took it cut out the bottom of the tree in the first pic

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