Shaking Matchbox Holophonic Audio Illusion


Another user submitted illusion we got today. It’s a little different type than previous Audio Illusion, Shepard’s Paradox I posted. Be sure to check Mosquito Audio Illusion too! Def Oksbjerre sent us this MP3 file with explanation:

“This one is so amazing. You have to listen to it with headphones. A shaking matchbox is moved around your entire body. It’s so realistic!”

This effect works best if you put on your headphones on. Download and play the Shaking Matchbox mp3.

  • Joey

    I was home alone and I listened to that post, but I had to stop because it freaked me out! It sounded like someone really was standing behind me shaking a box of matches. I happened on your site (it was on bloggers main page). I’ve bookmarked it and I will definitely come back OFTEN. Thanks!

  • Xuzon

    Briliant :D Kinda scarry :)

  • Double-Z

    I’ve heard this before, it’s very impressive. They built a microphone which simulates the human head (it looks like one too) and recorded it using this mic. Very clever.

  • Judy

    Wow, that was amazing! It really makes you want to turn around and find the source of the noise.

  • jennifer

    it was kinda cool but then it freaked me out cuz i was home alone and i was on the internet and i heard about this website from one of my friends at school so i came home i got on then i just started going to a bunch of different stuff most of it kinda freaks me out

  • t

    that was crazy! I couldn’t stop turning around and trying to find the matchbox behind me!

  • ~*NIQUE*~


    • Cruz

      I know this is old, but me too!

  • biclops

    woah…. i felt i could just punch whoever it was shaking the matchbox when i closed my eyes, freeeeeaaaaaky

  • bowlero

    year, i wanted 2 grab the bax and stop it shaking

  • Merdis

    Oh, wow. This is the best one by far. Great site! Keep them coming!

  • Suraj

    dude, please add more audio illusions man !!!


    The matchbox was awesome and the door at end freaked me out(i was home alone)GET MORE AUDIOS!!

  • u ttama

    is the best in saudi arabia

  • Pandas

    what the heck? that was so weird. i had to end it early cause there was no noise in my house and it was just creepy. felt like there was someone or something behind me…

  • wesley

    this is like the newer version of the abraham lincoln show at disnyland. you put on the headphones and the guy cuts your hare and stuff.

    • Mandy

      Yall MUST do the virtual haircut, close your eyes. Its FANTASTIC!!!!

  • Ale

    Hi everyone. The argentinian Hugo Zucarelli is the holophony inventor. He worked in Pink Floyd´s “Final Cut” album and some Roger Waters solo album. Also worked with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

  • willis

    it didn’t scare me but for some reason i felt a tingling feeling in my hand

  • Sam

    It scared me so much, and My brain kept saying “Stranger doing something crazy! RUN!” and I felt like everyone could hear it…I had to take the headphones off to convince myself….and, when it felt it was moving up and down you spine, I got really scared, and my back had this tingling sensation, and my breath got really heavy

  • Ian


  • Anonymous

    Dude, i didn’t feel anything that totally sucked…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dude, that is friggin creepy!! that scared me So damn much when i 1st listend, i have the volume CRANKED and it was freaky!

  • Anonymous

    I was so scared…when i got done listening to that i could still hear it in my head…..freaky

  • Anonymous

    wow!!!! amazing!!!! how do people do this!?!?

  • Anonymous

    Hey this is also a great holophonic clip:

  • human

    nice stuff
    should get more
    can you please get rid of the unreadable stuff when posting comment

  • ryan_filkins

    dude, that is not cool to listen to when its 2 in the morn. and no one else is up… and i live in the country surrounded by woods..

  • Anonymous

    Wow ace! it’s kinda freaky
    I kept turning around lol!

  • big_red

    Excellent holophonic illusion. It’s like I was in the same room with a pyromaniac, and I was the victim! Awesome!

  • emma

    ok…. big fan of this site, seen a lot of things I really liked. but this was the first time I actaully found an illusion worth commenting on…. this was one of the most creepy things I have ever experienced… I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see the matchbox… great stuff… keep up the good work work with the site!


  • Cameron

    oh man, i was gettin creeped out cuz it felt like someone was behind me

  • Erika

    its not letting me hear anything. I’m clicking play and nothing happens and it also won’t let me download it either.

  • Anonymous

    I tried it with and without headphone because first I couldn’t find my headphones (again), but even without you can clearly hear it going round!

  • Anonymous

    all they do is pan th soun frm left to rite

  • Anonymous

    i thought i could actually smell matches at one point! i don’t like it!… but actually i love it

  • Anonymous

    what was it supposed to do? cause it hurt my ear.

  • Anonymous

    when the match lights i first feal like i could smell it burning!

  • Anony-Moose


  • Anonymous

    That is soooooo freaky!!!

  • Anonymous

    They actually just recorded it with two microphones…

  • Anonymous


  • kimmy

    wow amazing kinda freaky but makes you wanna turn around thinking someone is behind you shaking it lol x

  • Jordan Bannon

    that freaked me out.that is so realistic.

  • lol

    haha wen i was listening to this, i was the only one in my house that was still awake. then while i hear the footsteps, i actually FEEL the footsteps in the ground. turns out it was just my mom getting some water XD

  • Hot Stuff

    That was so AWESOME! And realistic! I actually thought that someone was behind me shaking a box of matches because I was the only one home at the time. But WOW!

  • janko

    omg i pissed off

  • Jez

    omg! that was pretty cool. totally freaked me out though.

  • me

    thats scary how realistic it is. it makes you think its like right in your face.

  • Jamodawg

    It is so scary. Not AAAH! scary. More like. Whoa! I- Uh- What’s happening scary.
    To sum it up, if it’s dark, you are alone, and your back is facing the room, you nearly pee your pants.
    Also interesting at the same time…

  • Someone

    why’s every1 saying it’s creepy? i just felt like a matchbox is shaking around my head, but no matter how hard i try to imagine it i still can’t get the matches to shake around my body. but i can’t agree more that the door in the end surprised me, i actually looked out to see if someone had banged a door

  • paulo lee cervantes

    amazing very realistic,its kinda scary but its really amazing

  • im a try that

  • Chris

    i kinda felt “flames”.

    anyways, nice! very realistic.

  • Veggies

    I tried it, it was awesome.SOO realistic, so you probably get big bucks for that.Congrats! Finnally people made somthing that other people enjoy!!!!!


  • Devam Doshi

    Woah!! This shaked me out.. I have dolby 3d surround headphones and I thought the sound was going all over my head.. Thank you.. Best illusion on this sight! :-D

  • Molly

    SO COOL!!!!

  • Sam

    Omg i was getting chills!! Its so realistic!!!!!! Especialy if you close your eyes

  • Melissa

    Whoa! I felt it go down to my feet lolol…

  • No way that is so realistic!
    Super freaky!

  • Chris

    I’m at work, and this is keeping me awake, better than coffee.
    Brilliant stuff!

  • Illusion Answer girl

    Try virtual barbershop it’s freaking scary!

  • It’s disturbing… very well done at the same time, but not as good as the barber.

  • Nicole

    Holy shit that is scary…Listening to it at night home alone with the curtains open definately freaks you out

  • it scares a hell out of me…hats off to this brilliant work

  • notme89

    This is fairly cool, especially when you have over-the-ear headphones on that block out most of the surrounding sounds/noise. Would’ve been cooler if they had gone in front of the mic(s) to add more depth.

  • Etalihina

    Ohmigawd that was scary! I could feel the matchbox practically crawling down my back!

  • Dave

    Known as “dummy head” stereo. Microphones are, literally placed in the ear canal of a detailed model of a head and the recording made. That’s why you only get the full effect from headphones. I have a demo. recording of someone walking around a room with lively acoustics, coming up close and whispering in one ear. Uncanny but the technique never seemed to catch on for music recordings.

  • Ananymous

    When the match shaker was on my left side of my ear, i turned to my left and i thought i saw a box of match.

  • Renee

    Simply amazing!

  • KUDOS!!!
    Great effects and great acoustics.
    You can actually visualize what you are hearing.

  • Wendy

    Could only listen once it sooooo freaked me out! Great job!

  • Hatson

    Whoever they were, they could atleast have said goodbye…

    Also, very well done.

  • Grace

    Help I’m on fire!!!!!!!!!!

  • Red

    I thought I was gonna get set on fire or something. It’s kinda creepy… I actually wanted to find the floating matches…

  • Prince

    well I failed to listen to the whole audio file until I tried for the fourth time. It was creepy. I still don’t believe I heard what I just heard. The effect is even worse when you close your eyes.

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