Only the Shadow (Illusion) Knows…

Sometimes when you look at an image, it’s all about angles and perspective. How you look at something makes all the difference sometimes. Today’s shadow illusion is a perfect example of this!


When you first look at it from this angle, this shadow illusion is a little difficult to process. It may look like a wall with shadows of three people. Or, it could look like the shadows are the actual people, which gives it a bit of a creepy vibe.

However, when you look at this shadow illusion from a different angle you might find that it’s a little more normal than you originally thought. Let me make it easy for you and rotate the image…

shadow illusion rotated

When you look at this shadow illusion from a different angle, you can see that it’s just a photo of three people walking across a courtyard. With the sun at their backs, their shadows are actually projecting in front of them. There’s actually nothing unusual about the original shadow illusion at all; it was just a normal picture rotated to create a fun illusion. It’s a simple illusion, but very effective and interesting.

This shadow illusion is actually very similar to this shadow illusion. If you like shadow illusions, be sure to check it out!


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