Secret Mechanics Optical Illusions


Our regular contributing fan, Gianni D., truly has an eye for interesting and peculiar finds! Just look at this wallpaper Gianni shared with us recently! What at first appears as nothing but dismantled mechanical instrument of some sort (could be a hard-disk for example), in the end turns transforming into something entirely different. Each time you inspect this image more closely you’ll discover another well hidden multiple-meaning illusion. In the end you’ll come to conclusion that each element helps in creating the big picture, picture of a world gone steam-punk! If you like these sort of illusions, then I’m certain you’ll love our recent Engine Room Illusion too. The best thing about this one is how obvious, yet well hidden illusion it holds is.

  • What happens if you would *turn* this on?

  • Qtip

    wow so that’s what they be thinking. and all this time i thought they just loved what they did. lol
    very nice

  • Leroy

    I spy a woman, some clouds, a sun, two airborne machines and a stringed instrument.

  • Bandit

    i HATE the page refresh!!!!

    i had a nice comment going, the page refreshed & lost it all… now i gotta start ALL OVER!! can you please stop it or make the rate MUCH lower?? (thanks for letting me vent)
    now, what was i saying….

    Groovy illusion…
    of course there’s the nice girl with flowing hair lying under the sun & clouds, above that, the airplane, the guitar, & what could be a hang glider….

    under the girl’s feet, is that a frying pan?

    ok,… what else is there to see?

    • A frying pan? I see a table tennis bat and ball.

    • Koaieus

      I think that frying pan was supposed to be a beach tennis set, see the little ball next to it on the left

    • Bandit885

      DUH…. ;)
      just frying pan was 1st 2 come 2 mind… you R correct.
      now that explains the “ball”… knew there was something to it.

  • jazz

    I see a chick, clouds, guitar, and I think the sun

  • Kathy


    • Johnny

      First to do what… make a fool of yourself?

      Yes you are the first fool to make the ‘first’ comment, sadly there were many more to follow

  • Paula


    Where can I find the wallpaper?

    • Bandit885

      You can make any image your wallpaper bt right-clicking & click “set as background”

  • I see a female figure laid back with her leg bent at the knee, & she has long, curly hair. I also see a guitar close to the top. I’m not sure if there is anything else in the pic. If there is, I can’t see it.

  • 8angelgirl8

    ok, so i can see the girl, her hair, the plane, the guitar and the clouds. Is there anything else?

  • Gramercy

    Very Nice one got to love this type of Illusion.

  • David Bethke

    What’s the curved thing between the guitar and the woman supposed to be? I think it’s the only “object” I’m not seeing. Otherwise, I see a guitar, a woman, a boomerang, and maybe a magnifying glass.

    • Bandit885

      I see airplane.
      the row of dots are the windows, the wing & tail….

  • boomboomo

    i get that

  • Alex

    LOL first comment. Great ilusion. it took me a while to find out XD great

    • Georgia

      Not quite the first, LOL, too bad
      maybe next time

  • Booker

    Guitar, clouds, magnifying glass, girl, her hair, boomerang, aeroplane – probably more but these the first seen, Nice, but rather obvious

  • donaldtrump

    yayy !! first comment ! BOO-YAH ! :)

    • Georgia

      Yeh Not realy

  • ZL123

    Wow! I can only see one of them…

    • ZL123

      Oh, now I’m starting to see more of the illusions.

  • Georgia

    Pretty cool. I can see a girl, clouds, sun, gutair?, some sort of a bat with a ball, aircraft and some gears!

  • rosane

    There’s also a tennis racket and ball.

  • So.. no one else sees the hang glider at the top? The wings have white strips..

  • kih

    i got this one twice

  • Dork

    Ther is a girl lying on the beach, with a table tennis set beside her, a plane taking off be hinder her (coming out of the sun) a floating guitar, some clouds, a hang glider…. And that appears to be all

    • Dork

      And the girls lying on a towl

  • muddymoon

    no one else sees the army tank but me? Love this one. Something new each time U look at it..

  • Ramyak

    I see a ghostly figure, just above the guitar.

  • Annie

    i see a guitar, a plane, a girl, a mirror, and a cloud, and a boomerang.

  • revdrlon

    this is actually not a made up object, it looks to be a fully functional watch movement. possibly the best ive ever seen.

  • Anonymus


  • Bella

    I have seen a woman and a guitar on the picture.

  • joe

    I see a woman about to get sawed in the putang

  • adiba

    this illusion is so easy!!!!!!!!!! loved it so much. besides i am into Optical illusions

  • anony

    It looks nothing like a hard drive… just saying.

  • MM

    I see a girl with curly hair, an airplane, clouds, a sun, a guitar, s tennis racket and a tennis ball.

    • MM

      And a hanglider too! At the top right hand corner

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