Secret Hair Illusion

Check this out! This girl cleverly disguised a word in her hair… only if I understood what it means! Can someone help? This was submitted by Terence Gelo: “This is a cool image I found. I thought I’d send it to you guys cuz I saw the areosmith cd covers and liked it”. This belongs to “Multiple Meanings Category”, as well in “Spot The Object Category“.

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  1. looks like it says JET. dunno what hat means though. does anybody here understand this? I’m anxious to see what’s the significance of it is. SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!!

  2. LOL – The “hidden” word is “JET” and the woman’s hair is black.

    I guess the ulterior message of the picture is “Jet Black”

    Who knows… I don’t know if there is supposed to be another hidden message somewhere.

  3. the kid who sent the image said that he related it to the Aerosmith album cover…so it make sense that this is the “Jet” album cover

  4. Hmm, hello. I guess that this has something to do with the band “jet” i may be wrong but is the only logical thing i can thnk of that it may mean.

  5. I saw “JET” he first time I looked at it within like 1 second. It’s a ripoff, so I looked in the other part of her hair. The black part, but I couldn’t find anything up there. chances are there isn’t anything up there, so this was a complete RIPOFF!!

  6. How about the face? Is there any message on the face?

    P.S. thanx moderator for not getting too mad @ me and for posting my post! (don’t include the P.S. in the post tho)

  7. This is the picture the band Jet (by the way Seth…they’re better than you!) are using for their new tour. It’s not really an illusion…the point is that you see the word…but it’s a cool picture.

  8. here in belguim Jet is a magazine that come free in our mailbox
    this year ist 35 years old maybe it has something to do with that?

  9. People often make references to something that is ‘jet black’ such as clothing or hair. What they do not realize is that the word ‘jet’ means ‘black’, and ‘jet black’ is an oxymoron.

    1. yeah i knew that i always correct my friends when they say “jet black.” but doesn’t it look like joan JET?

    2. you aren’t exactly explaining it right: an oxymoron is two antonyms put together to describe something… before you explain something you should probably know what you’re saying.

  10. Its an album cover for the band jet just like some have already said. But its not an optical illusion. its completely obvious and was designed to be obvious albeit clever design. If it had been a photograph where a real persons hair was made to do this in not so obvious a way, it might be acceptable as an illusion, but not this. This should be taken off a site for optical illusions. It cheapens them

  11. i think i might see IS too. between the J and the E and an I, and the E and the T makes an S. maybe ? but what does it meann ??

  12. it’s for the band JET people! if you ever go on myspace and look at JET’s (band) profile and look at their pics you’ll see this one!

  13. I KNOW FOR SURE my sister has jet black hair and that girl does yo you said it had something to with her hair well her hair is jet black~!!!

  14. ok, so you all agree that it says ‘jet’ some say its for jet black or the band or for jeti…but someone also said there was ‘is’ within ‘jet’ so put it together and WALLAH!! jetis!!

  15. It definitely says JET, but that could mean anything…

    A band (as Nahomi suggested), her boyfriend’s initials (quoted from Terri), her jet black hair (like KayEn said) or something else. Something totally wild.

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