Scary Sushi Optical Illusion


I’ve received my brand new iPad 3G from USA today (thx Vernon!), and will try and post more details about my experience with it soon. In short, I never saw any value in all those eReaders and tablets at first. But when I noticed I spend almost 2 hours each night reading books off of my iPhone, I decided it’s time to re-think. Am specially interested whether it’s possible to properly update this site solely using iPad or not. I had the same thoughts when I got my first iPhone, yet it didn’t turn out as I expected. BTW, are there any professional photo editing tools available for iPad? Also, if anyone did the same as I did (imported 3G version from States), please report will I be able to use my local telecommunications provider’s micro SIM card, or is it locked to AT&T exclusively? Not much more to say, as I’m too excited to brainstorm right now, but be sure to join our Facebook group (there is a box for it in the sidebar) for few more illusions we missed showing on this site in the last few days! Also, don’t forget to check those scary illusions below!

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