Scary Golfer Optical Illusion


I’ve modified the original caption used with this image to be more appropriate for our audience. The original said something like: “When you see it, you will SH*T bricks“. If you are well introduced in Internet subculture, you will quickly recognize the previous line is heavily used within those motivational posters (link). This is where I found this optical illusion in the first place. Anyhow, something terrifying is well hidden inside this photo below. Can you see it? BTW, I believe this was photoshopped – but still makes a nice post!

When you see it, you will be terrified!
When you see it, you will be terrified!
  • creepy but cool….

  • Indy

    is it the splash that looks like some kind of humanoid thing?

  • danny

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … the splashy thing is a monster .. top part its head .. and bottom bit legs … ITS GOT ARMS !!! AHHHHH

  • hoban

    its like a wolf person fingy :D

  • Kwart

    Scary Wolf face. That’s Creepy

  • the splash looks like a wolf dog face

  • totally photoshopped i think

  • Shannon

    That would be a werewolf in the splash of water. Great illusion, even though I spotted it in like ten seconds.

  • It’s the splash, but it’s not humanoid at all. See the picture name ;)

    Holy cr*p!

  • david

    atupid damm ass ypu gave the illusion away with your tag and picture thing looser

    but itZz a werewolf

  • Facebook User

    It’s a bloody wolfman!! LOL

  • Sc00ter

    Ahhh, took a bit, but I see it. Look at the top of the splash, it’s there.

  • Nick

    well it’s kind of a “monster” (the putter shows straight in his mouth)

  • I think so, it looks like some kind of werewolf.

  • Bull

    It’s a werewolf or something.
    The face is near the top of the splash.

  • egdirbr

    It definitely looks like some sort of water demon is about to cause that golfer to lose a stroke… or have a stroke.

  • Em

    Looks like a werewolf in the splash.

  • Someone

    Haha… A wolf man. Took a few minutes to see it, though.

  • Hahaha the splash looks like a small werewolf or something, really cool.

  • Marie

    That looks cool.

  • Jason

    Looks like the wolfman to me.

  • wanny

    it is a warewolf

  • sunaina

    the splash looks like some kind of dog creature on two legs?

  • lol looks like some wolf thing to me xD

  • Brian

    it’s a monster! Run! The top where the end of his club should be is where the teeth, mouth, and eyes are, and the bottom where the water space is is the space between his legs.

  • d

    I SEE IT!
    Wow, that’s weird…

  • dean

    the splash looks humanoid or warewolfish good pic dont get that often

  • Tim

    I have no doubt it was photoshopped, but it’s still a neat picture.

  • Tofu Mogu

    looks like a bog-cat monster…

  • #2

    yes….. it’s a werewolf!

  • popesantaxiv

    Oh come now, it is simply too easy.

  • Blake


  • Luke

    “When you see it, you will be terrified!”

    Well I wouldn’t go that far xD

    It is cool though, think about the sport he is doing

  • anonymous

    omg, i see a werewolf thing in the splash.

  • Luke

    Sorry, comment above is useless, I saw a fish, not a fish xD

    Look at the tags

  • Sor

    Hahahahaha wolfboy XD

  • Crash!

    I see it… *hears ominous music*

  • Bill

    I stared at it for about 5 minutes, walked away, and when I came back, I finally saw it. That’s a good one.

  • habschick84

    I think it’s a kind of werewolf. The 2 pointed ears are at the top of the picture from the water splach and the circle in the middle is the outline of the legs..I think,..

  • Joseph

    Oh, I see it now. Very cool.

  • Larry Moran

    It looks like somebody finally took a photograph of the ‘bogey man.’ : )

  • it looks like a werewolf or something

  • michelle leonards

    At first i didnt see anything but if u look at the splash at the top you can see a wofl figure with teeth and the two eyes and mouth with the ears.

  • Tuffley

    lol a werewolf kinda thing xD
    I see his ears, eyes the rest of the body and he’s like growling in a werid way xD
    lol this can’t be more than a photoshopped picture =P
    Still funny tho =)

  • michelle leonards


  • RB

    Oh Hell!

  • ryan

    I see a demon dog! (top half of the splash)

  • Chedder

    Holy crap itz a demon made out of water lol

  • Nyx

    I see a dog lunging at him in the splash

  • maximiwax

    i think there are 2 scary things to see (SPOILER?)

    1) after hitting the water you still can see a ball where a ball should be after hitting it (you know what i mean?? ^^)

    2) in the upper part of the splash you can see a dog-like beast with eyes, an open mouth, ears and body

    good illusion, mate!
    greetings from germany ;)

  • Marrah

    I’m confused, where is it?

  • Xerilon

    I see it :) That’s really cool!! I wonder how its done..

  • Tasneem

    Its a bear coming towards the man. SCARY!

  • Nebbit

    What is that thing???? Like a man-bear-pig!

  • Luiz Paulo

    I saw a werewolf on the splash.

  • Maddie (again)

    Is it some kind of big fish? I don’t see it.

  • Lily

    Kinda like a wolf man thing

  • Anusha

    Yeah, definitely photoshopped, but still super cool!

  • michelle leonards

    8492054** text mehh!

  • Magilicious

    lol you changed the caption to be more suitable for the audience yet you named the old caption in your post anyway…

    theres some kind of monster in the mud splash

  • sinai

    to me the splash looks like a werewolf.

  • Vulture Pulcher

    It be a werewolf???

  • random

    what is it? i’ve looked at this for some time and i can’t figure it out.

  • jacquie

    looks like a weirwoof

  • runetyper

    arghh *frightened* its a werewolf :-S

  • Optiguy

    That’s what I thought at first. There’s a humanoid/skull shape in the top portion of the splash. However, Once you read the rollover text, you will know what it is.

  • enehy

    I believe it’s a werewolf…

  • Tanner

    a werewolf

  • Billy

    It looks like a wolf/person. Wasn’t too scary but very good

  • Katie

    I see a werewolf or something like that in the splash.

  • Darm58


  • LimeCat

    I see a Werewolf

  • mmuulinn

    looks like a warewolf
    pretty cool!

  • Oh cool! the skull, very well made! :)

  • Troy

    i think the splash is a werewolf

  • Anon.

    The splash looks almost like a demon/werewolf-type monster … scary
    (two legs spread out near base of splash; arms on either side a bit higher up; face with gaping jaw topmost)

  • Wolfman?

  • shai

    OMG WTF THAT WAS SCARY… not the golfer tho >_>

  • Fred

    Very scary vertical werewolf with lots of teeth. Had to be photoshoped. Clever though.

  • Purge

    It looks like a werewolf.
    Very cool, indeed!

  • Jay

    Take that you evil water wolf

  • Grif

    OMG!!! the top part of that splash is some sort of fox!!!!!!

  • Joanna

    Yeah, good.

    One small hint, Vurdlak. The tags can give the illusion away (and it’s spelled “werewolf”).

  • kaila

    yeah thats f***ing creepy lol

  • dude

    looks like a werewolf to me

  • Ling

    Looks like a wolfman x_X

  • jack

    it is the splash, but its not humanoid.

    vurdlak you should make it so if you go to the gallery, it doesnt have the name of the image, gave it away for me lol.

  • Facebook User

    I see a bow legged wolf.

  • Dave

    Looks like a werewolf coming out of the water. Yikes! Photoshop for sure.

  • Is that Warren Zevon in the shorts ’cause that looks like a werewolf of London!

  • Mauricio

    The splash has a wolf or wherewolf like shape

  • Evi

    i see a wolf :DD in the water O.o like…. a werwolf?! O__O i think so…

  • Mojo

    Looks like an attacking dog.

  • Denise

    The water figure looks somewhat like a wolf-bear creature.

  • Amy Chew Was Hilton

    looks like a werewolf kinda thing

  • morgan

    Looks like the Devil rising up.

  • Pattie Roberts

    I think I see a wear wolf which is terrifying in any form Pattie

  • Anomynous

    mouse over picture to know what it supposed to be

  • Andy

    Looks like an aquatic wolf man rearing out of the water.

  • zaca006

    I see a dog in the splash , but not so terriable.

  • Tung

    kinda looks like a bear but like kinda humany aswell

  • Russell

    No it’s a werewolf

  • Fred

    It may be my imagination.. I see a werewolf!!

  • Tim

    I see a kind of monster with what looks like a dog’s head, kinda bow-legged.

    The mouth is wide open, bottom jaw about by the end of the golf club. Little beady eyes above the top jaw / snout, and little pointy ears right up by the top of the picture.

  • Mastmark1

    Looks like some kind of demon thing

  • Rafael

    Its an werewolf ?
    a dog on two legs ?
    pretty cool.

  • Rand

    Is it a wolf?

  • Mastmark1

    I was going to say demon/werewolf, forgot. then i read the tags; golf, illusion, scary, werewolf. So it IS a werewolf

  • Suerreal

    If you want to surprise us, you should check what pops up when you hold your cursor over the picture for a few seconds. In this case, it’s a dead giveaway.

  • wade

    oh i see it its a wolf
    !!!! second??

  • HOLY CRAP. At first, all I saw was the strange human face thing. However, upon further inspection, I saw what I was supposed to find. Now i AM sh8tting bricks!


    There is a wolf in the top part of the splash. It’s bearing its fangs.

  • no.johnny5


  • Louie

    It looks like a cat with its mouth wide open.

  • nicole

    the splash is a werewolf, arrrf arrrff im gonna eat you oh yes i am lol

  • Bonbonrools

    I think its some kind of monster. you can see the head, arms, and i think it’s legs are around the big circle at the bottom. about the size of the person next to it. it is kinda creepy…

  • Jakob Lahn Christensen

    i think i see a werewolf

  • mike miehlstein


  • riss

    yea that is sooooo photoshopped, but either way it looks cool… it kinda looks like some werewolf thing..

  • The splash is a werewolf, the head is at the top growling.

  • WHat’s it to ya?

    Supposed to look like a wolf.

    A demonic wolf.

  • WHat’s it to ya?

    Supposed to look like a wolf.

    A demonic wolf…

  • sarah

    name of the pic kinda gives it away, that did take me a while though! good one!

  • Nieminen :/

    i dont quite get it.. is the splash formed in some sort of way it shapes something?

  • ad


  • Gouri

    Woah!!! I see it!!! Itz like a bear or a wolf or sumthing!!! At the top it looks like a wolf’s head and its mouth opening about eat the guy!!! at the bottom u can see itz legs!

  • tenshi

    it looks as if the golfer is beheading a demon-ish thing.. or something with the head of a jackal (sp?)

  • Cameron Kuhn

    its a wearwolf!!! holy poopknuckles!

  • the splash looks like a werewolf or something…

  • NaTasha

    It looks like a lychan… werewolf. Cool.

  • Ashley

    The splash looks like a wolf…I didn’t notice til I put my cursor on the picture by should fix that..

  • Atchoo


  • Chris


  • scott

    some humanoid/canine looking thing in the splash

  • No one,

    it’s like a werewolf thing, spooky!

  • dustin

    at the top of the splash you can see a screaming wearwolf.. thing

  • Age A

    It is like a abstract werewolf…standing, growling and looking to pounce…not bad…not bad at all…

  • LuckyMcPixie

    interesting and I do agree it does look photoshopped. But it is still cool.

  • sponge

    its a warewolf

  • Nikka

    uhh… i don’t see it… i see a boob… XD

  • ohh, i see it! looks like a demonish-wolf liked creature standing. hahas.

  • Wow, its a werewolf.

  • judith

    Is there a wherewolf in the water?

  • Megadeth

    If you guys really look at the black-strange thing the golfer guy is shooting at, it looks like a fox! Hmmph, a standing fox, , mouth open, have 2 ears, looking angry at the golfer, rofl. Oh yeah, it’s legs are just beside the golfer’s left leg

  • Russdiddydog

    Looks like a werewolf with jaws wide open

  • George

    Green Goblin!!
    First i see in the splash a sort of an iris, it look like an entire eye.
    But suddenly i see on the right hand side in the water a face of a green goblin, a small face looking at me just below the suface.

  • josh

    there is a head of a wolf at the top of the splash. cool!

  • it looks like a white shark??
    and it also looks like a werewolf………..
    anyway great site ,,, bigup from amsterdam

  • wanny

    i see a warewolf..

  • Wolff

    Look like a werewolf to me!

  • Katie

    It’s a dog? wolf? fox thing (:
    pretty impressive though.

  • David

    I’d say the splash looks like a werewolf or something like this…

  • Ricardo

    WOW!!! There’s a wolfman in the water and the man…
    Is he trying to catch it???!!!

  • Krampfkeks

    uh, looks like an angry bear :D

    anyway: it’s photoshop, but cool

  • Sani

    To me it looks like a werewolf standing up right out of the water

  • Zac

    The splash is actually a werewolf
    to see it, zoom out far
    or look at the top, you will see ears
    good one

  • lisa

    it looks like a werewolf!

  • Sara

    a wolf :)

  • zero

    Its a wolf or a dog?!

  • gopher

    The top of the splash looks like a werewolf!!!!

  • Kate

    WOW! Wolfman or the devil??

  • Richie B

    Looks like a wolfman to me. And yeah, the face seems to well defined to be genuine, so some sort of photoshopping must have been done. Still pretty cool though.

  • TeaShoes

    its a wolf look at the top bit of the water splash, once your looking into it think of it as a wolf head. If you still cant see it click this link this should give you a hint

  • Kate

    WOW! Wolfman or satan?

  • Hoban

    it is like a image of a wolf. except it is a human body :D

  • Abi Lou

    I see it!
    There’s a face at the top of the splash that looks like it’s screaming at the man.

  • Stymmi

    Nice…..took a while :-)

  • Your tags and my common sense tell me there’s a werewolf in the splash.

  • Glosom

    i think i see the head of a wolf just where the golf bat ends

  • Craig Schaff


    Werewolf.. or swampwolf.. nice, i like!!

  • Chad

    I don’t know i don’t know what it is

  • Chad

    Ohhh not i see its a werewolf.

  • STK

    Looks like a Wolfman/werewolf standing there

  • Jouni Saikkonen

    Wow. it look like werewolf to me…

  • WiiDude

    the splah is supossed to look like a wolf

  • Zoeii

    i.. don’t get how this is scary at all.. this definitely wouldn’t make me shit my pants..

  • Zoeii

    oh wait.. now i see it :L
    still didn’t shit my pants tho :D

  • Taegoon

    The splash looks like a wolf stood up in Dungerees?

  • .

    I don’t get it.

  • calvin


  • ???

    The splash is like a big monster thing. The bottom part shows it’s legs (that’s where it is clearly photoshoped – a circular area was removed from the splash to show the legs). The sides are the arms, and you can even kinda see a face. BTW does any1 remember those little troll things with the big hair? I sware I see 1 that looks like stewie from family guy in the monsters left leg.

  • ccx91

    The splash look like a werewolf r something. Pretty freaky, but as the description says it might be photoshopped…

  • jasen

    i think it’s that the splash is supposed to be like a werewolf… if you hover your mouse over the pic it says “wolf optical illusion”… that’s my guess. (not very ‘scary’ though in my opinion..)

  • brooks Masterton

    yes it does look like some canine monster standing on its hind legs.

  • Bella

    mh… yeah, a humanoid thing with a wolf-head… i think

  • Frenzy

    Theres a werewolf inside the splash, isn’t it? A really angry werewolf i think.

  • meshell

    it’s a demon, well that what it looks like to me at lest

  • Rachel

    The splash looks like a werewolf to me :)

  • ThunderBunny

    The splash is a werewolf.

  • Solsp

    Its a wolf!!!
    Nice Illusion
    Its not terrifying but as a golfer myself
    I dont think ill ever take swings in the water
    Probably photoshopped

  • Hannah

    It’s a werewolf (un loup-garou). En tout cas, c’est ce que je vois.

  • dylangibbs

    Looks like some sort of werewolf thing. Can make out the snout, eyes and teeth…

  • JIM

    Its a warewolf!!!! YEA!!!!

  • Detective Kitty

    lol it looks like a bear going potty…lol

  • michael

    i see it! The top of the splash looks like a fox-type head. Then the gap at the bottom separates its legs and then if you see these, the rest of it’s body takes shape and you’ll see it

  • Sleep247

    squint your eyes and there is a big crocodile in the splash

  • Jonny

    haha its a wolf

  • Not humanoid exactly… something more like a daemon. :) Cool illusion!

  • vfagrfhgj

    hahaha i see a man in the splash

  • Christian


  • James de Haast

    I don’t see it could someone help

  • Well, I’m sure it is supposed to be something like Jaws but it sure alludes me. Didn’t you use to give us a link that would show us what it is? I’d really like to see it, but somebody needs to point it out for me please.

  • ashley

    werewolf in the splash :D

  • Jelmer

    A dog or something, you can see his legs and his head. The white spots at the top of the splash are his eyes.

  • joe

    where he hit the ball, the legs are either side.the end of the golf club is his mouth, and just above are his eyes

  • marco

    Its a Warewolf


  • Fabiana

    I see a wolf

  • Emil

    Yeah it some kind of werewolf form you can see the eyes with the ears and an humanoid form

  • Care Bear

    Now THAT’S what I call a water hazard!

  • Guy

    It’s anubis! The dog-headed god of ancient egypt!

  • Emma

    i don’t get it at all
    is it just some freakish wolf thing
    i really don’t get it
    can someone articulate for me?

  • nice!

  • nice!
    a watermonster!

  • goatse?

  • OMFG a werewolf!

  • it says wolf

  • Facebook User

    Ahhh! I finally see it! Yup, had to be photoshopped. Pretty good job!

  • Rafael

    Can it be Scooby-Doo ?

  • shahn

    It’s a werewolf.

  • bito

    i think it is… thought it’d be someting else…. it looks cool xD

  • Zeb

    the filed under description gives this away but it wasnt too difficult anyway !

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    I don’t see any illusion just an angry water sprite (guess it’s tired of being pelted by golf balls) :)

  • Raninf

    At first I only saw the legs…
    Then the head came and I saw the arms

  • Turagur

    is it that the splash looks like a meteor?

  • Burn On. ~Pyro~

    O_O I didn’t see it until now… For 24 hours I was thinking it was just a splash but with my friend, he saw it and said “OMGehehwoah!”


    It’s a human-looking wolf figure. The ears are the two sharp things at the top of the splash, and the eyes are very defined. It looks like it’s walking out of the water and its arms form an upside down U.

  • sponk

    its no a humanoid thing, its Mr. Belzebub aka the DEVIL himself!!! lol nice one!!

  • Scary devil! Or it could be a werewolf…

  • Steve Young

    Cool pic I’m not terrified but I see the legs arms and what looks to be a head of some kind of wolf-looking creatureat the top. I see eys ears and an open mouth. All coming out of the water toward the golfer. cool pic like the postings. keeo it up.

  • tonene

    its a werewolf!!!!

  • Sarah

    See the wolf-man thingy, but anyone else noticed that at the bottom there looks like there’s a tee and golfball set up in the water?

    Nice pic tho

  • pretty good even though i do think it of photoshopped!

  • oehoeboeroe

    i suppose it’s a bear

  • Julie

    Is there a crocodile behind his left ankle

  • Cecilia Silva

    It is a humanoid with a cat face… Urgh!

  • Snowcondor

    It’s a freaky wolf type creature. Head and ears at the top of the splash, rearing up on its hind legs which go down the side of the splash. Photoshopped or not that’s a cool and eerie illusion. Thanks for this one.

  • Yes… looks like an humanoid with a cat face…Urgh!!!!

  • Mir

    DAYEM!! I got it!!Its a bear or some similar horifying animal like wear-wolf looking back at the man.Thank me people if you saw it, coz this wasn’t easy!!

  • Wim

    What is it, a bear or the devil himself?

  • Alex

    I might be wrong but i think the basic outline of the splash looks like a giant golf club swinging at him

  • brittany-bella

    its truly photoshopped

  • Yeah, it looks like photoshop, at least, the face. But the body looks quite real and nice!

  • Big T Cougar

    The water and mud splash takes on the form of a Wolfman-like being.

    Try squinting just bit and look for the lower jaw of the open, fang filled mouth and head near the clubhead.

    Not all that terrifying.

  • What is it?!?!?!

  • I see it now! It’s a type of wolf-person! The two large parts on the bottom are the legs, and the ears are at the very top….about the same size as the golfer. NICE!

  • gabie

    there is like a face of a bear or something on the top of the splah with its mouth open

  • Cyus

    I have no idea what about it is scary at all. :T

  • Cyus

    Oh, wait! I see it now! I guess it looks like some weird… demon… thing.

  • Anonymous


  • Zabzi

    its a werewolf

  • Facebook User

    I can see a cat, screaming cat.

  • Bruna Pontes

    Cool!!!! I saw a werewolf! really nice!

  • XX XX XX Mommy

    The splash is a werewolf figure…definitely photoshopped.

  • Issuru

    The splash looks like some monster like a warewolf. Can see the eyes above the stick and the teeth of it. The hands on either side and the legs – standing warewolf.

  • Zetman

    If you look closely, the thing has a face

  • Samuel

    It looks like a Werewolf

  • Jarter

    The splash looks like a ferocious dog’s face if you follow the shaft of the club

  • cometin

    werewolf!!! werewolf!!!

  • AliceIgnis

    hm… i really don’t know were to find something therrifying.
    But the man shoots the ball in the wrong direction I think! I mean… it will fall in the water again, don’t it?

  • wolfbane

    it looks like a werewolf or human

  • shawn

    i just saw it the water is a werewolf

  • Spider

    Agreed, it’s photoshopped. Still, it’s a cool thing to see. Good one!

  • bub

    it took me a while but i see it. not that scary. is it meant to look like its walking towards him or was that just me.

  • tb20

    If I were the golfer, I would be very scared

  • Marco

    Can it be a wolf?

  • diego

    Sorry I cannot see it :S

  • Onie

    Ah, looks like some sort of little werewolf type monster thing walking towards him.

  • Thøm


  • Adrian

    Aaargh! Scary monster!

    It’s head kinda reminds me of the cover of REM’s Monster album?

  • thats pretty cool actually!

    i see the werewolf.

  • Rachael Simpson

    Looks like a wolf to me

  • fede

    it seems kinda werewolf creature…

  • Reginleif

    XD nice dog… (at the top of the splash)

  • joe

    or it could be some sort of snake… where he hit the ball is the snakes mouth, and theh snake is heading towards the ground

  • Esem

    Holy cr*p! It’s ManBearPig!!!

  • aloo

    i cant see anything can some one plzzz tell me cause i really dont get it and it really annoying me

  • gringo

    there’s a dog or sth. like this in the water..

  • Kane

    There is a guy standing there, looks to me like he as the head of a german shepherd. pretty scary :P

  • Decky

    Its the Devil himself

  • pdd

    It looks like a werewolf made out of water.

  • Emma

    It looks like a demon/wolf/monster thing that has it’s jaws wide open.

  • Garry

    Nice illusion but your alt tag gave it away and the tags listed.

    Otherwise I’d still be looking.

  • Adri

    its a werewolf!!! goddamit im sure!!! ehehe nice

  • Dave

    Great image. I would love to find out how people make these in PS.

  • I see a kind of human form within the splash, looks like the golfer got scared and tried to hit its head off :P good one.

  • Marvic

    lol, its like a wolf’s face at the very top.

  • Kris

    Freakin’ cool. Looks likfe a warewolf!

  • becky

    duh its like a wolf or dog in the splash

  • AliceIgnis

    oh no, I think I was totally mistaken!!!
    XD I thought it was a golf-player, who hits the ball out of the water!! *lol*
    oh my good… so stupid!
    so I guess he holds a fishing rod.
    But I stil can’t see something terrifying

  • Jen

    I think it’s some kind of creature….you can see it’s body shape, catlike ears, big eyes, and jaw open wide…like it’s screaming….

  • Daphne

    It looks like some standing wolf or something..

  • mathieu

    i see a standing cat! so great!

  • mark

    Poor guy, I’d be scared too, no golf ball, will cost him a stroke!

  • Chris

    There is a wolf’s face at the top of the splash.

  • Jem

    Face of a Dog on the Top part of the screen…
    Water and Mud look like hands and feet…..

  • Marilyn

    looks like a zombie,or creature of some type in the splash

  • mary

    a werewolf looking thing. in the splash. i like it.

  • Naija Rees

    wow, only one response? (apart from mine)

    HOLY F**K IT’S JACOB!!!!


  • steve

    warewolf in water splash

  • Looks to me like the golfer shouldn’t have worn an all white outfit!

    Just kidding, it’s definitely a werewolf looking creature!

  • Maddie (again)

    Thats not really scarry… you should of made a box that showed the thing cause I still cant c how its a werewolf. All i c is the face.

  • Maxlfaxl

    ist that a werwolf?

  • Zahra K Nultien

    the splash looks like a werewolf

  • AishaLove

    I guess it is neat, but if we can say that this is an “illusion” then why not all these long cat shop jobs? why not anything photoshopped, hell all these big effects in movies are now illusions.

    You can make anything in photoshop and just because I can make it in a computor does not mean it’s an illusion.

  • cool!

  • Anonymous

    It is photoshoped. Please see
    for proof and you can test it yourself with

  • Julie

    There is a crocodile next to his left leg near the ankle

  • Allison

    There’s a werewolf walking out of the water!!!!!

  • Dave

    Anonymous, the JPEGsnoop software you link to is absolutely useless in this context. If an image is converted from any format to any other (as from RAW to JPEG), then it will report that the image is “processed”. If an JPEG image is loaded to a website and is resized, optimized for filesize, or cropped in the attempt, it is likewise “processed”. And it only works on JPEG software, which means that any image whatsoever that began as a different format is read as “processed”.

    The ONLY time it works is when your camera produces a JPEG image, and this software is run against that exact file as it came directly from the camera.

    IOW, this software can report that a JPEG-formatted picture is an unretouched original, but it CANNOT say with 100% accuracy whether a processed image was actually “photoshopped” in the sense of being faked.

    For instance, 100% of my family photos are reported as having been processed, although none of them are fake, and some of them I personally know to be “as-is” from the camera.

    Personally, I think the “it’s photoshopped” argument is used far too frequently and without having exerted a little brainpower to show other possible causes, and JPEGsnoop doesn’t actually “prove” anything. Frankly, the image above doesn’t look any more like a werewolf than a passing cloud looks like a bunny rabbit… and you don’t see people shouting down God for “photoshopping” the clouds. More likely, it’s just the human brain looking for patterns in randomness.

  • Riyaad

    ha! i couldnt see what the illusion was, i looked away then the second i looked back i saw it! the water is in the form of a person/warewolf faced creature thing :) excellent

  • Sammy

    no, AishaLove this is not an optical illusion BECAUSE it was photoshopped, it is an optical illusion because hidden in the image is another image that becomes obvious when spotted. its not so hard to understand…

  • Victor Fan

    This is really coooool!!!! I like it!!!!!

  • Knix

    I see a fox.

    the man’s stick
    is hitting the fox’s neck.

    how come it’s a werewolf??

  • Tammy

    Awesome illusion!
    You can see the ‘werewolf’ walking out of the water, the same size of the golfer. Its head at top has white eyes & teeth. Its arms is down like its waling. and its legs is around the circle splash.
    Once you see it…

  • James

    look at the symbol on the golfer’s leg

  • spoiledchic11

    it looks like a dog to me not a fox or a werewolf but to tell u da truth i thought it wuz a giant fish u kno wit da big mouth all wide open

  • Mr Average

    This is why should never try to hit out of the water and just take the drop and 1-stroke penalty instead.

  • Alycia

    sweeeet! i FINALLY found it after like 10 minutes. Thanks to Knix. The man’s golf club is against the “creatures” neck. The “creature” is standing up on two legs and i guess is ‘walking’ out of the water. (:

  • Ella

    It wouldnt be photoshopped. Its just a coincidence. It hardly looks like anything.

  • eleanor

    i can see 2 images the 1st one i saw was the face of a devil but upside down and the 2nd was the dog or werewolf right side up,kinda twisted but it didnt make me s**t myself,lol

  • Nikki

    .. I see the Shoop Da Whoop face in the water. Like, if you look closely at where the ‘eyes’ are, and the way the mouth is opened. It looks like the thing that was made internet famous thanks to 4chan. : )

  • LOL, nice one!

    nice illusion, i don’t see the point in complaining it’s photoshopped. It’s still great!

    props for yor site, keep up the good work.

    greetings from italy.


  • Ximena

    It actually looks like a sad clown’s face to me. Don’t see the werewolf at all

    • Joseph

      It’s some kind of monster, you can see the faace at the top of the water splash and the rest of the body is beneath it

    • guy


    • guy

      coooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll, now i get it, it’s a were wolf!

  • Salad

    ROAR! ^^

    And yes, it’s an optical illusion because it’s a hidden image, photoshopped or not.

  • chima

    i see a werewolf

  • anon


    Seriously go and look up the real deffinition of illusion please. If you were to make an “illusion” in photoshop then it wouldnt really be an illusion, all of the resulting effects/appearances would be intentional therefore it is what it was meant to be.

  • maddi

    cool, if you turn it upside down it kinda looks like a werewolf’s head.

    • Alysha

      if u don’t see the werewolf I’ll give u a hint it looks like a werewolf in some fog

  • Jewelspride

    If you look at the golfers leg in the water you will see a face

  • Alli

    The werewolf looks like its doing a shit…

  • Destoyer

    He shave his legs look lol

  • neat! i was a little startled at first

  • Hot Stuff

    It’s a Wolf Man! And I’m with Destroyer, the dude does need to shave his legs.

  • Soundwave217

    crap crap crap crap crap crap crap i freaked out, now i cant stop seeing that face

    • katrina

      was it that creepy face that pops up? (eee)

  • Adam

    AishaLove and anon, here is the definition:

    illusion- noun. a deceptive appearance or impression;

    a thing that is or is likely to be perceived or interpreted by the senses.

    In other words, if it’s photoshopped, it’s an illusion.
    If it’s not photoshopped, it’s also an illusion.

    I see water splashing which becomes a wolflike figure standing in the water. Thus the image is deceptive whether it was intetional or not.

  • alli

    not the scariest ive evers seen

  • scoddi boi

    i see a demon…. or it could be a werewolf but im going with it being a demon

  • firehawk

    i see one of those tree-like creatures from WoW lol

  • littleladygoldie


  • iamino617



    UMM IS NO ONE ELSE SEEING THE MAN WALKING TO THE GOLFER?! You can clearly see the shape of a body with the legs spread and arms swinging! HAHAH WOW SCARY!

  • leon

    how is any of this scarey? do u still sleep with your nite light on?

  • Paul

    Werewolve aren’t scary. What’s scary is so stupid that he is hitting his ball farther into the water on purpouse. I hope he’s not driving

  • Jay

    It looks like someone coming out of the water.

  • petting a dragon

    a cute (not scary) husky dog
    i dont get how it is scary

  • Didi

    Soooooooo cool a werewolf

  • flapjack

    i dont see an illussion

  • Shaleha

    WTF i dont get it

  • C22

    It looks like the illusion is screaming maybe because it’s getting hit with a golf club

  • Koolie

    Oh wow…. You see some person made from the mud when he shot. And hes screaming i think. D:

  • nice illusion
    this is why i hate golf weird crap like this happen -.-

  • ♣not as scarey as i thought ♣

    i saw it from the thumbnale ↨

  • Beth

    O.O I saw it. I screamed. That thing is tre freaky.

  • Mars

    I wasn’t really terrified…. more confused
    the first time I looked at this I didn’t see it, then the next time, it was obvious. The werewolf looks a little sad to me actually…

  • jess

    that is weird

  • Arielle

    Actually its not that scary…

  • awesome girl


  • gray eagle

    …not really scary

  • alicia

    I CANT SEE IT :::((((((((((((((( WERE IS IT??????????

    • Kris

      It’s in the mud that the golfer has splattered. If you look to the top of the mud, you will see two triangular shapes in the mud, then below that, two circles. That is the ears and eyes. After that, you should be able to see a werewolf. Also, the bottom mud is the legs of the werewolf, walking out of the water. It’s not really scary, so don’t be frightened.

  • alicia

    thanks i cansee it now :)

  • zilak


    • HaloDUDE80


  • Fire Bolt12

    They were my favourite pants.

  • goblin

    that’s pretty insane, like a demon roaring

  • A ten year old(9)

    this is not scary at all, just weird.

  • im not saying me name 4 alot of reasons

    shivers down me spine

    • me

      seriously not scary i saw it the first time

  • Onta Mary Celeste Emo’zy


  • Grace

    It looks like the demon from Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

  • dragon

    looks like a skeleton with the muscles showing

  • suzanne becker

    is it real or photoshop??

  • J2233

    what the hek not scary

  • molly

    also he is hitting the ball into the lake.

  • kevin

    What I can’t see is what it is supposed to look like if you DON’T see the wolf.

    I am unable NOT to see it

  • Meg

    u sure thats photoshopped?

  • pizzapuke

    it’s not that scary

  • west

    wow cooool !!

  • velan

    actually its not freaky but coool!!!

  • Amy

    Werewolf? I’m too busy looking at the alligator by his foot!

  • keira

    it is not scary it is cute to me. but what do you think?

    • keira

      i ment to say that the wolf is cute nothing else ok people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bow-legged monster?

  • Gm

    Where’s the werewolf, I see Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle! jk but still I think the “werewolf” looks more like a cure german shepherd :D

  • CM

    Not only the werewolf but the zigzag man on his right calf>>haha

  • 1deniseak

    Nice, and I agree, it does resemble a german shepherd

  • Halley

    yeah I saw the warewolf, but more interesting, I think the man is wearing one white and one black sock LOL (although it might be a shadow too)

  • Amber Ashton

    I totally think that is a werewolf there. That is totally creeepy. Yuck! MUdderss..

  • me

    that was pretty cool tho its probably a photowarp

  • Psu DoNym

    Water splash = shark?

  • Me

    It looks like a dog head with a human body

  • stardragon

    Well, I see the wolf. At first it looked like a cat. And the tag gave it away.

  • stardragon

    Oh…You can see a human rear end…

  • M.E.

    Turn the werewolf upside-down, it looks like a cow skull.

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