Sandro Del Prete’s Optical Illusion Art

We’ve been posting Sandro Del Prete’s optical illusion artworks for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately he was never properly credited for those mega popular illusions he created. When I learned that he was the artist behind all those pieces of art, I’ve browsed through every each of his illusions from the past and tagged them with “Sandro Del Prete” tag. You may check all his previous works by clicking this tag. Today I bring you one of his awesome impossible paintings, not so many people even heard of. I have included the gallery beneath this image, and added as much new illusions from Sandro I could find. Many of them were covered before, but many new ones were added additionally. Few days ago you asked why is there a need for gallery, when it would be easier for you to see all photos that are part of the set just in one page. I’m aware of this, but as I always been transparent to you guys, the reasons follow – First thing that gallery enables is faster page loading. By having only one image on each page with additional set thumbnails, makes it much smaller in size, thus faster to load. Second, and more important reason (for me as webmaster), is that by opening each new image in a separate page, adds another impression to this website. By this I mean loading new ads each time the new illusion is opened. This shouldn’t effect you, but enables me to provide our sponsors with more impressions. Hope this answers your question, and explains role of our newly added galleries. Now little bit of Sandro’s biography.

Sandro Del-Prete was born in 1937, and is a Swiss artist who paints figures, situations and processes that cannot exist in the real world. Comparisons can be drawn between Del-Prete and Escher’s artwork, although they differ in subject matter, style, mood and technique. Del-Prete greatly admires Escher and believes that they are ‘kindred spirits’, however the viewer will find very little mathematical precision in Del-Prete’s work, something that is always present in Escher’s work.

Sandro Del Prete - Crusader Optical Illusion
Sandro Del Prete - Crusader Illusion

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16 Replies to “Sandro Del Prete’s Optical Illusion Art”

  1. it’s interesting to know how many illusions he has created that i have seen and found fascinating…that man had had to be a true genius of the arts…

  2. Nice. But I don’t ‘get’ the Einstein one (or really the Leonardo one)

    I’d love one of these to hang on my wall.

  3. i love your website and your updated illusions they aer fantastic to view but, i dont get the streograms at all i wonder if my laptop is compatible i guess i ahve to download some kind of software o admire the stereograms anyway. Mr. V. your website is far the best on all other optical sites i ahve viewed in my past, and the rpesen keep up your fantistic website regardless what critics have to say about you your a great person have a great summer Mr. V. ciao nadia from unionville, markham

  4. I cannot decide which is my favorite, the leaves (woman’s body) or Einstein (3 women in wading pool). I love your website and look forward to seeing it every day. Thank you for all your hard work. May God Bless.

  5. Thanks for posting all these great pics.

    I am wondering if I can get a slide show some how. I’m sure I could go through the hassle of downloading each picture and put them into some sort of a slide show myself, but time is required, the pictures would become stale, and my guest would not have easy access to your site.

    I would like to provide a slide show on my TV during parties and what not. I use my Nintendo Wii for the TV. And I would prefer to not have to download everything and then transfer it to a card and then insert the card into my Wii, just wondering if you can make my life easier.

    Please let me know what you suggest.

    I would really like to play music on the stereo and have these great pictures slowly change on the TV with fresh and new pictures.



  6. LOL, the einstein one!
    the wall on the 3rd pic is impossible, and the hand was really a woman hugging her child.
    the rose has a naked couple inside and an impossible background/frame.
    the dry leaves has a dead girl in the middle of the dry leaves.

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