Saddam Husein’s Face Appears on The Moon

We had celebrities appear in the mountains, stadiums, vodka commercials… but we never had celebrity appear on the Moon. Not until now! This time it’s bad-ass “celebrity”. I don’t like this guy, but have to admit that the illusion is quite scary! Duncan, guy who submitted it said: “This image is circulating around Arab websites and forums, people claiming that Saddam’s smiling face appears on The Moon…” Think what you will, but I can see it. Makes me scared

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  1. this sure is scary. such an easy-to-fake picture of an already obscure, blurry moon. idiots. it looks more like one of those muppets who’s always heckling everyone from up in the balcony. no, it looks more like the moon.

  2. LOL!!!!! OWNAGE, you know why he is smiling?, cus he knows america never set foot on the moon. not one but 2 fingers up the a$$ of USA.

  3. Most probably photoshopped…

    But it’s creepy still, especially because the lights went out right after I saw the pic… o_0

  4. wow, ya i can see it, if its real, then thats crazy, if its photoshopped which i think it is, its just another illusion, cool though

  5. It’s not propaganda, infact I think it’s horrible praise. Now if there was a HUGE missle heading toward it, now that would be wonderful propaganda.

  6. Yeah, I agree – it’s been photshopped. I also agree that it looks like one of the Muppet hecklers: either Statler or Waldorf. I don’t remember which one belonged to what name though. If I had to guess, Statler was the tall one and Waldorf was the short one!

  7. I dont understand why people are declaring it photoshopped. The website is called MightyOptical ILLUSIONS for a reason.

  8. dude that would be like really weird to see him on the moon. i think people would go crazy. they would be like OMG its creepy. o sry thats totaly off topic… still, very weird.


  10. 2 minutes in photoshop. take photo – make b&w – put slight fish-eye curve – put over moon image – lower transparency – and now you too can be on the moon, alice!

  11. people who actually believe man never stepped on the moon makes me laugh hysterically. Their reasoning for it makes me laugh even harder. Anywho, the moon looks different from different places on Earth, so who knows. I still think it may be photoshopped, however. Or it could just be the same type of mental image creation exploited in the Rorschach inkblot test.

  12. That could be Fat Albert’s face smiling, much less Saddam Hussein. And anything’s possible in a picture with Photoshop these days…

  13. Wow!!!! This is the best looking piece of crap I have ever seen! Awesome! I think I can smell it even throught the monitor! Great job!

  14. I just installed that widget and was disappointed to see this crap. This isn’t an optical illusion, it’s just some preschool-level photo fakery. I also agree with the previous poster that nobody needs to hear any more about Saddam Hussein, especially something trying to rabblerouse that he’s supernaturally “scary” or similarly ridiculous garbage.
    And you misspelled his name.

  15. You can tell it’s been Photoshopped by the straight line accross the top o his glasses. I don’t imagine that there are many stright lines on the moon

  16. If you have the Current Moon Phase google gadget enabled this will show you what the mood actually looks like! You can clearly see where they have added extra seas and messas to make the face.

  17. Okay . . . lemme get this straight. For several millenia no one saw this and then all of a sudden . . . Poof! Besides, I think it’s Burt Lancaster.

  18. that is so easy to fake, if that really was there then we would see it everytime the moon was in that position and there would already be hundreds of photos of it.

  19. No no no, it’s not photoshopped. Don’t you get it? Saddam used his immensely supreme powers to carve great canyons into the surface of the moon to resemble his visage. So easy.
    Either that, or we now know where all the money being dumped into Iraq has gone.

  20. I’m almost positive it’s photoshopped although I believe many other things on this site aren’t. My reasoning for believing that it is photoshopped is because you can look at a real picture of the moon and it will be different. I think the same side of the moon always face’s the earth, the rate of rotation in comparison to it’s rate of revolution around the earth causes this, though I’m not positive.

  21. OK, I see the Saddam face (only Without …the straight line accross the top o his glasses…by dville)I
    don’t see any glasses.

    Anyway, Wanna know what’s RREALLLLLYYY FREAKY!!!!

    …None of you noticed any of the other images inside the picture???

    …like the small boy standing in the centre…

    …or the Yin-Yang to the right…

    ps. for the seeing blind people I can upload a modified pic
    to SHOW you some of these…

  22. If you believe that it was made with Photoshop, and are not truly convinced that the moon truly is that way, search for a picture of the moon online, and compare. =) I havn’t done it, but I will.


  24. I think that if it wasn’t photoshopped, or even if it was, it could be anyone’s face. I think that any of us could look at this picture and say there was a face, but without it saying that it was Saddam Husein’s face nobody would recognize it. It’s just people trying to scare people. An interesting illusion all the same.

  25. i see it three ways…if you look at it long enough you might to 1 is saddam 1 is elvis presely and another is jim jones (if you dont know about him look him up you will be shocked) elvis is looking the opposite way of saddam and jim jones is the same face as saddam looked at so it seemes as it has sunglasses

  26. well this is a real image.
    and even if u think it’s not saddam still makes u never to forget him cause here we are talking about him
    the guy rules

  27. Stuff Saddam, you were’nt the ones who used extremely advanced telecanetic energy fields to carve my face in the moon. So there.

  28. Oh, and for all of you thinking that it’s a photoshop coming in with “real” pics of the moon, have you ever thought that this may be the other side of the moon?

  29. “Oh, and for all of you thinking that it’s a photoshop coming in with “real” pics of the moon, have you ever thought that this may be the other side of the moon?”

    We cant’ see the other side of the moon, idiot, that’s one of its wonders. This is a blatant photoshop, more spam for the internet.

    1. To the person who said it may be the other side of the moon…REALLY? Yes I see the good photo shop job!

  30. saw him immediately =) just luck for me, and i really think that is like sadams smiling face…don’t care about if it’s edited with photoshop. Cool stuff ;)

  31. hi people ,am from Iraq all of this shit is a lie made by some sick people who loves that dick head

  32. I see the big face, but look closer. You’ll also see a head n torso shot of Michael Jackson. The shoulder sash is in the Saran cheek

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