S.W.A.T. Team Optical Illusion

I always wondered how U.S. security/intelligence system works. More importantly, how functional in practice inter-agency cooperation and information exchange really is – specially when there are like gazillion of them… Who coordinates them? Which one acts as roof on top of them all/is its name publicly known at all? I’m sure some of our millions of US visitors have insight into this stuff and would care to explain, at least what they’re allowed to, anyway. What I’m even more interested in, which of the many open-source cypher tools used to encode files are actually impenetrable (at least for now)? Potentially, which of the higher end (non-linear) encryption tools are “safe”, thus can’t be broken by mere use of brute force (by mega capable clusters of computers governments own)? How many of them are proven to lack back-door access?

Now, I wouldn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention, asking all them security questions (lol), yet young engineer-problem-solver minds are always curious and strive for knowledge in diverse fields :D Having such a big audience can actually be a mighty tool – just like that time we got insight into Free Masonry, which basically translates to networking/philanthropy brotherhood for what I could sum it up to(?). Anyhow, sorry for pulling you off the illusion course for a moment – won’t happen again… So, can you decide which of the police officers below is the biggest? You might be surprised what comes out of it, specially if you own Photoshop or some tools to inspect…

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  1. all the same size….
    i don’t need any fancy tools…. :)
    it’s the lines that make the right 1 seem larger.

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  2. first of all theres too many of these – we get it bent lines ~ perspective… theres all the ‘same’ size

    except wait – CHEATER – they arent all the same size (count the light pixels on the nose…)

  3. These are always cool to me. If you hold a couple of pieces of paper or other straight edges to identical points on each guy, the edges are parallel. The forced perspective of the background makes it look otherwise.

  4. this one is pretty uninteresting. It doesn’t even achieve the desired illusion, as they all look to be the same size without me knowing the “trick” to it. Maybe it’s because I’m an artist, but I’ve seen a few others of this type and they all do the job fairly well. This particular one just seems kind of fail.

  5. The one on the far right is the largest. I measured this and I can tell you the one on the right IS the largest. The illusion is to trick the “know it all smart asses” that always assume the opposite. Well fool this one got you!

  6. You may think the SWAT Officer on the right is the largest but if you take out a ruler and measure all 3 Officer’s height, they are actually all the same size but you are fooled because the 3rd Officer is nearer to your eyes (due to perspective).

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  7. There are no math-based encryption systems that are unbreakable, and this is on purpose. There is only one encryption system that has been known to be unbreakable since 1917, but until now, it was suppressed everywhere it could be put down. It is coming out now in a series of products but it is not “approved” by the USG and it won’t be until it is well-established outside of the USA first. The One-Time Pad is truly unbreakable for all time. None of the digital info, *NONE* of it, protected with ciphers including SSL, AES of any key length, or any math-based cipher, is safe. See what happens next!

  8. The images are all same size only if size is understood to mean “amount of space physically occupied in the image”. The illusion is a cheat. If we agree that the boards do not reflect normal perspective but are actually wider on the left than on the right, then we have to explain how the three cops are standing with their feet at normal angles on what would have to be a seriously tilted floor.

    Think about it…

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