Reverse Spokes Illusion


Another cool illusion featured and explained by COGSCIdotNET is the Reverse Spokes Illusion. This particular effect was discovered by Anstis and Rogers, and it works in a way so that grey lines (or “spokes”) separating the pizza into slices, appear to be rotating clockwise. However, on a closer inspection you can clearly see that this is not the case!

What is happening here is that the grayish color-wave traverses the wheel in a counterclockwise direction, and the spokes occasionally get gobbled-up by the pizza slices. This occurs because two of the pizza slices are of the same color as the spokes!

  • Roosie

    You mean it looks like it’s moving around when the lights on/off it and really it’s not…. Oh, yeah – I see it when you say it like that! :)

  • z2d4th

    this is what i called real and fantastic illusion

  • Adam

    Now that’s awesome. Nice find.


    Love this one. Great effect. Still amazed at how it tricks my mind into seeing it move!

  • Indiana Jones

    Very simple, yet very powerful. Love it!

  • clues

    So cool I wish it was something that I could do!

  • bob


  • good illusion, but been around for ages!

  • glittergirl

    weird, i dont get this?
    first comment though!!!!!!!!

  • it sounds good

  • ?

    I don’t see it.

  • ?

    Oh! I see it now!

  • Care Bear

    Just looks like a big ol’ umbrella to me. Good thing. We’ve been getting a fair number of thunder storms lately. ;-)

  • shhhhhhh


  • rajan

    very good.

  • Maddie

    1It spins faster when you look at a nearby white spot.

    Cool illusion. Hurts your eyes BAD though

  • Alfred Money

    this is an animation its actually moving i copied to my pc and its like 7 pictures in one

    • Pancreas McGlockenspiel

      Umm, yeah, we know it’s moving.
      But the spokes aren’t.
      That’s kind of the point.

      I actually can’t believe you checked if it was moving!

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