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  1. interesting but, the nuns on the bottom are highlighted and where they are standing is shadowed – dead give away for photoshop

    1. what you’re pointing out here – the cut & paste – can be easily done even with mspaint or gimp.

      the “photoshop”ng isn’t the issue here. the perspective illusion coerces our brains to interpret the farther nuns as ‘larger’ the midway nuns as slightly lesser in size and the nearer nuns as smaller. even if the image had different subjects at the far and the near, the illusion stays the same – ponzo!

  2. Dead giveaway for photoshop? Somebody missed the point. :-)

    YES, it’s a photoshop. Nobody is clever for figuring that out.

    The illusion is that all three pairs of nuns are the exact same height, (in pixels). But their position on a picture that includes perspective makes them look like they’ve been scaled to different sizes.

  3. Ah, St. Peter’s. I remember going to Rome in college and my friend had mailed me some acid in London. I sat where those nuns are frolicking penning gibberish into my journal and taking a series of photographs that tried to document a phenomenon only I saw. I can tell you the illusion was much more compelling than this one!

    Not that I don’t love my illusion-a-day widget. Keep it up!

  4. No, all the nuns have two legs, one that one the leg is just in front of the other, but you can see it. If you bother to look, each pair of nuns is identical to the other pairs – they are the same pair lifted to different parts of the picture to show how perspective changes size. If you take a ruler or whatever you can see all three pairs are exactly identical in dimension and everything else – that is the whole point of constructing the illusion.
    Some people are under the misconception that if something is constructed rather than natural it is not an illusion. That is a totally false idea. While some illusions occur in the natural environment, a great many are constructed on purpose – yet they are still illusions.

  5. also, as well as the presepctive the darker coloured background helps the illusion. shut up about photoshop allready you idiots… read colin’s comment. like this its good. random subjects tho…

  6. i agree w/ colin and colico. HECK YEA ITS PHOTOSHOPPED.

    i think u need 2 stop putting photoshopped stuff on the site. its a great site, but not if u put a bunch of photoshopped crap on it.

  7. I agree with the anonymous near the bottom: they could”ve made it better. Especially because the nun in the back is a gigantic monster giant nun! Like three times bigger’n the person. It has to do with the size of the objects around the nun in case u guys didn’t know.

  8. ARGH! I CAN SEE SOMEONE NEAR THE DUSTBIN!!! the real nuns are in da middle. i hav proof cuz:

    1. They have a proper shadow


  9. No doubt, PhotoShop all the way. Maybe Paint.
    Creatively it’s stolen from Status Quo’s ‘on the Level’. That was exactly the other way around.
    (Do I sound dumb enough like this?)
    Tony T

  10. you guys dont get it. this picture is *supposed* to be photoshopped. the illusion is that each of those pairs of nuns is actually the same size, your brain makes it seem like the ones furthest away are bigger, when in reality they are all exactly the same size.

  11. The Anonymous poster in post no. 13 claims he measured, and that the nuns in the front are smaller.

    Actually, I also measured, and they are the same size as the rest.

    Neat illusion.

  12. This type of illusion can be explained in two ways, which is 2th Dimension and 3D.

    If you talk about the relative size in 2D,
    it is same.

    But in 3D they are different.
    Except it looks kind of weird to me…..

  13. oh lord have mercy! half the people who comment here don’t even look at the rest of the change in the jar before putting their two cents in. yes, it’s photoshopped, and yes it’s supposed to be photoshopped. if this were a drawing where the artist exactly replicated the size of the nuns three times in three different places in a distance scaled background, would that make it a “real” illusion instead of a “faked” illusion? really folks, i, for one, would like it if you fully understand the definition of the word “illusion” before you go off crying about how something is not a valid illusion just because it is a real life pic which has been photoshopped. there is a difference between creating an illusion with photoshop and photoshopping a photo to make it look like a naturally occurring illusion. this is an illusion of scale created artistically by humans to fool the mind, not an illusion of God created naturally which fools the mind. even the pics which are not photoshopped but attempt to fool the mind with scale, distance, and POV trickery fall under the same category as this pic which is photoshopped. it is just an artist’s way of making the mind think outside the box and see something that isn’t really true. (like the statue of a boy sticking his finger in the butt of a lion statue) finally, i have a very keen eye for detail, especially when i know to really examine something, and i also measured the the pairs of nuns. the “closest” pair IS slightly smaller than the other two. that ruined an already sub-par illusion for me. i prefer for illusions such as these to be actual artwork and not just photoshopped pics, and for actual photography illusions to be naturally occurring with or without effective uses of distance and camera angle to manipulate scale perspective.

  14. Some,”don’t even look at the rest of the change in the jar before putting their two cents in” — what a great way to put it and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, i.love.illusions!! Some people also need to get over their FEAR of Photoshop…it’s ALL just and illusion!

  15. Argh. The only thing worse than reading dumb comments is reading the same dumb comment a dozen times. No point in explaining things to people who won’t read.

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