Really Scary Optical Illusion

This is the scariest Optical Illusion I’ve seen… just to warn you if you don’t like beeing scared or think that something scary may be detrimental to your health or provoke seizures, I advise you not to open this illusion. Also children, please ask your parents to preview this before they allow you to looking at it…You’ve been warned ;)

392 Replies to “Really Scary Optical Illusion”

  1. Cool “illusion.” I liked it (and screamed).

    Keep doing what you’re doing, like the blog.

    – Tom
    “Sic semper tyrannis”

  2. Awesome illusion!! And for those of you that don’t know what the illusion is, click the blue sentance below the picture. I JUMPED BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost even cried!

  3. we are so damn scared by this. oh my gaaaaaaaa.


    i found the thing that was wrong with the room.
    none of teh decorazhns mached.


    *too lazee 2 staier @ eet 4 a minit*

    SHe didNT finD it BUt the ReSt of Us DId! it was scary
    it was the furniture.
    *hint hint

  4. i looked at it aand my mom was like o w/e when she looked so im like otg but then the thing went boo and i was creeped out

  5. wow taht was kreepy i was like…confused in the beggining but then the thing was all like…..Bo0o0o0o0o0o and i was like AhHaHHHH

  6. HOLY CRAP DUDE i mean i almost crapped myself i thought you look for the ghost but it popped up out of nowhere it caught me by suprise!! but still original

  7. please, original? There’s hundreds of images that do that floating around the internet, it takes about 2 seconds to realise what’s going to happen. The best one of these is the one with Regan from the Exorcist, that’s quite jump-making. This just sucked

  8. my sister and i wuz like…um wat’s so scary, but then we nearly crapped on ourself from the suprise!
    -totally kool!

  9. Seen this before, the trick is to tell the “victim” to find what’s wrong with this picture, search hard and close, and the answer will be revealed to them after a few minutes if they don’t get it. Otherwise they may realize what it is prematurely or leave before what’s wrong with the picture shows itself.

  10. I FRIGGIN DID THIS A MINUTE AGO TO MY BROTHER. ALL HE SAID WAS “AHHH! that’s scary!” i tipped my computer chair over. i am dead serious!

    ♥- the prankster >:P

  11. I lvoed this illusion! It was really scary! I mean come on that radiator was a fire hazard waiting to happen

  12. my cousin and i was like wut is wrong with this room.
    so we go realllly really close to the screen. then out of no where……….. BOOOOOOOOOOO! my cousin and i were like
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! then we laughed about it. that ”thing”’ was freaky

  13. omfg!
    we just like shitt ourselves and screemed tha house down. woke ma little brother up. By tha waii the person who wrote the coment “wtf its a fork in tha road” um maybee u hsuld try clikin the link mate .
    lmao ! scarry shit

  14. i have seen 5 picture like this and i knew that comes a face but i was realy screamed.

    sorry for my language i come from germany

  15. heya and my friend watched one like this the other night…we were looking and looking to see what was rong with the picture and my friend was like ” is it the plant?” and i was like ” i dno” but like 30secs later BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! a horrible green and black face with no eyes just freaked the f****** daylights out of me and my friend…

    I was soo scared i fell off the bed and started shouting ” COME ON K***** RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!” we were in the house ourselves and we didnt have our shoes on but we didnt care we went flying out the back door..leaving it wide open..we didnt care…we ran all the way down the street and beyond!!
    We could still hear the scream from my windows which were closed by the way…tightly closed!!

    Good one….we’ll never forget tht :|:|:|:|:| NEVER!!!!

  16. I was focusing on the picture for a while, trying hard to find out what was wrong, when all of a sudden……………………………AHHHHHHH! Man, that scared the living crap out of me!

  17. WTF!! I Thought I Was Going To Crap Myself There.I Was Just Focusing On It I And
    Out Of Nowere..AHHHHHHHHHH! Heck I Fell Out Of My Seat Broke Down The Door
    And Zoooooooooooom Out The Front Door But Very Nice Trick.Now On To Get My Little Cousin To See This

  18. OMG! that optical illusion is not even scary! my friend and I experienced that one before and its like … uh NOT SCARY! its just some ghost popping out of nowhere and screaming and it only happens for like 1 second. Well thats just our opinion~


  20. ok something is serously wrong with you “we are scared” ok yahh they did match and its DECORATIONS there is no z in it u dumb fart.

  21. haahhha I liked it !! not scary, I thouhgt it was fun, my friend screamed so hard, that the only thing I could do was laugh! XDD (maybe it didn’t dcare me because I’ve seen it before)

  22. what’s scary about a fork on a road?can anyone tell me (note:i tried it 1,000,000,000,000 times nothing happened)……………………..

  23. At first I thought the scary illusion was the sign and the fork and I was like okkk… but then I saw the link. When I pressed on it I saw what it said and for some reason I knew that something scary was going to come on but it still scared the crap out of me. I started screaming and my mom was like you ok. It was a good one.

  24. I remember my gosh seeing this a whiling scary as hell! ahh i did not want to see it again, yea this is the scariest! and the thing about last time i saw it they said look closely at the picture to find out thwt it is and i did then it jumped out at me ahh scary

  25. lol i dont even dare to open it…but i do know what it is, a screamer..

    haha this is so old and lame…but still scares the crap out of me everytime!!!!

    HEY!!!! wonder what happens if you put a babe instead of a ghost..

  26. Screamer’s Ha Screamers are so little of importance you need real optical illusions not stuff to scare people by shocking them with a high pitched vioce and the fact that they watch to many movies

  27. omg i check anyhting that says OMGZ SUPER SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
    like i read all the comments b4 i watch it but tive wtched many of these b4 but the 1st one i saw i saw it at fricken 12 o clock and it scared me sooooooooo bad that i couldnt sleep or do anything and i thougth iwas gona have a heart attack cause like i was on a chair with wheels and i was right up next to it and BOOM!!!! a whole bunch of dead people and hung people and demons and terrible things flashed really fast while it screamed and i slid back so far in te chairi smashed my head on the wall but i didnt feel it because i was so scared i went into the other room and stood there trying to regain my wit then i tried to get over the screamers and now most of them are nothing to me like i actually go on a website that has nothing but screamers but im not gonna open this one right now cuz its 12:11 AM i actually like the scare its sort of an addrenaline thing but if i watch them late then i end up not sleeping or having a terrible nightmare the site where i saw the one for the 1st time was then search up subliminal images and look at every one until you see the right one trust me youll know it when you see it and the one that has a part that is pure screamer but its kind of like a retarded screamer usually……its and go to the sabotage part of it

  28. holy crap! i’m 11 from australia and i was bored so i looked up optical illusions on google and found this site. i hate bein scared and didnt ask my parents to watch the illusion! i just sat staring boredly at the dumb photo until this white face popped up. im still shivering from it. then i wanted to put it on my website so i tried to copy and paste it but i turn the speakers off and closed my eyes so i couldnt even see the screen! then that night i was up till 4! it was a frikin scary illusion!

  29. It reminded me of an Twilight Zone episode, where a woman has plastic surgery. If she’s deemed “pretty” she can stay, if she’s “ugly” she’s sent to a camp with other “uglies”. They slowly unwrap her bandages, and she looks like we do. Then the camera flashes on the doctor -ugly = beautiful. I had nightmares for weeks as a kid. Now thanks to you, this old queen will have them again. Haha. Good job.

  30. MANNNN! i want to open it sooo bad but im jus gonna wait till ma brother comes in ma room to watch it, i want him to scream with me so i wont feel so retardet lol i wish i was brave, but im 14 frm ga and im still scared if Chuckie da doll, and i look behind me every frickin night, ma boyfriend loves freakin me OUT! i hate this but im gonna do it, everyone plz wish ma heart LUCK! here we goo!

  31. Werent about to scare me with this one, I already shit my pants on one of these and now everything is suspect to me, but the one that got me had a bunch of different images that flashed at you all at once (like the ring) while it screamed -SCARED ME ICE COLD hahaha almost made me pass out, but anyway Im too scary to even look at this with the volume muted

  32. Omg I About Died….So Did MY Mom….
    But You Dont Know That.

    I BrokeThe Door Trying To Get Out Of The House. OH! And If You Want More Stuff, Go To
    Its Awesome.

  33. My mother in-law scared me w/ this a few years ago and I emailed it to everyone. This “illusion” did scare me. :-/

  34. That was one of the stupidest things I have ever looked at… Yea it was good and good job putting it together but there are so many things like that, that its so predictable! Good try, but you didn’t get me!

  35. I almost fainted! That thing really freaked me out!!! I’m like OMFG! I ran outside and over the fence lmao. now…I wanna do it again hehe

  36. actually, its not that scary, except
    when i first saw it at night, when i was alone i got soooo scared i really
    did faint, then i woke up at 2:00
    still scared of that ghost.

  37. wow iv watched this illusion many many times and yet each time it scares me to death must stop before i get a heart attck or something

  38. I saw this on afv and i did this to my cousin and she screeched and ran up stairs and i was laughing so hard i cried.she wouldnt sleep in her own bed that night.:)lol
    good one!

  39. i did this to my cousin and she screeched so loud and i cried from laughing so hard. she wouldnt even go to sleep that night. I found this on afv and i had to find this. good one:)

  40. that dosen’t make any since it dosen’t do anything it’s just a fork in the road that does’nt do anything

  41. Hey all the stupid people saying “What’s scary about a fork?” click on the link under the fork in the road people!

  42. oh come on people. you have to click on the blue sentence. of course your ont just looking at a fork in the road

  43. OMG I knew what was gonna happen from reading the comments and I STILL watched it. I didn’t look THAT close to the screen. LOL I screamed so loud that my dog ran towards me to see if I was hurt….Then I started laughing! I’m showing this to my friends!!!!

  44. Ok if you guys wanna see the face again go to and type scary screamer in search and scroll down and you will see the face.

  45. it aint scary infact it made me laugh i meen it might scare a 2 year old but kids that r like 6 and up should laugh to me this is a joke and im only 11

  46. No nononono I am NOT watching this. My dad made me watch it when I was about seven and I screamed SO loud and then I cried for ages after. my dad was like, ‘oh I’m so sorry don’t cry’ but…
    A warning to anyone who hasn’t seen it….THIS IS SCARY.
    Maybe I’ll watch it when someone else is here.

  47. ummm…that was pretty lame. i didnt even blink when i saw it. i got a better 1 in my e-mail tho. its two pics and u have to find the difference b-tween the 2, then out of nowhere, a bloody zombie jumps out and scares the bajeebers out of u (th 1st or 2ed time only) o…and btw, i didnt ask my ‘rents.

  48. I was dumbfounded I started and stared and stared and then almost dropped a load in my pants….Im not easy to scare….but when you suprise me like that forget it!!!! Original….but still scary as heck!!

  49. OMFG i was like just sitting thr like is smthin rong wit the pic and lik 30 secondz later i like spilled all my pop and like nearly fell ot of my cahr!


    That was so scary!!! I minimized this window as fast as I could and I was nearly too scared to open it back up in case I saw it again!


    It was absolutely hilarious though. ‘Specially when I showed it to mum.

  52. My friend sent me one like this a while back. Of course, my volume was all the way up, and I was looking at it ridiculously close with the thing popped out. I fell out of my chair, got busted up, and ran out of my room as fast as I possibly could.

  53. omg that scared the crap outta me I was looking really closly thinking that there was going to be somthing in the window so I got up close and BAM!! Holy Crap!! That was awesome!

  54. Ok This is the story of how each of my family member saw this illusion…

    Me-I didn’t think much of a fork in a road…I thought that was the illusion! Anyway, I then followed the link and I saw the room (didn’t see the face) and so since I thought that it was just a dumb prank, I scrolled down to check the comments because I thought I may hint me on what to do to see it…anyway, I skim read and all I saw was “I h8 this illusion, remove it. So I went to scroll 2 top of page to click “random illusion” and while I was scrolling past pic…BAM! It popped out at me and I shat my self! Literally!

    My Mum-She anticipated something because she saw me jump and she only flinched a little when it popped up…I was expecting a bit more of a reaction but there wasn’t one, because she gets scared by those things easy (that ghostcar clip on bebo scared her)

    Dad-My dad would remain calm if satan came out of the computer and chopped my head off…didn’t move a bit.

    Little bro-He kept on bragging about how fearless he was…haha boy was he wrong!

    Littler bro (youngest)-I havent coaxed him into watchging it but when he does I will have a camera ready so I can take a photo of his face!

  55. oh wow… truly scary! made me jump about a foot.

    keep it up.

    and the people who couldn’t figure it out… when you get to the picture of the room, click on it once.

  56. lol i didnt look, i read the comments,clicked the link,opened a new window and waited for somethin to happen, i heard a scream and that scared me….

  57. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol, I saw it and as soon as I read the instructions, I knew what it was, but I told my sister to get over here and look with me, it took so long and it finlly came but we were not taken by surprise. The ghost face is SUPER SCARY though and as soon as the “illusion” – ahem – passed , I closed it super-fast, before it could come out again!!!!! :P lol I just hope I don’t get nightmares from the face… *sniff* *sniff* :'(

  58. oh my god, I was concentrating so hard on trying to figure out what was wrong with the picture, it totally freaked me out! I screamed like a baby. Luckily nobody else was around… so I could laugh at myself, without feeling really embarrassed.

  59. I knew what was coming unfortunately my grandmother who was standing behind me( I didn’t know she was there)had no clue as to what was about to happen. We’re laying her to rest this weekend.

    Naaaaawwwwwww! Just messing with ya’ll.

  60. oh my. the first time i saw this at my friends house my fface was so close to the screen and we saw it and we flipped over the couch and i was never so scared. i almost shit myself

  61. some peple say its just a fork on the road it not just go to the blue writeing and click on it then u will see its not just a fork on the road BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  62. some peple say its just a fork on the road it not just go to the blue writeing and click on it then u will see its not just a fork on the road BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  63. agh!!!!! i was luckey i was surounded by a lot of soft things when i seen this i flew back and now im scaired to even see this again i just showed my bro and he dont like me anymoor he started crying (mum only seen the fork picture) haha!!!! it was so funny when he looked at it

    i was warned!!!!! but didnt take it

  64. This message is to Honey and someone that goes by the name of ‘Me’. You have to click on the sentance underneath the picture of the fork in the road. DUH!!!!

  65. Also, make sur you look at the screen for at least one minuet and if you have speakers to your computer turn them on and turn them up kinda loud this makes the effect even better. And remember not to take your eyes of the screen or you won’t see the “illusion”.

  66. This is for Bennet. Why the hell would you tell everyone that is reading this what is going to happen when they look at the picture. You just totally ruined it for THE PEOPLE THAT DIDN’T SEE IT. you just completley defeated the whole purpose of even looking at the “illusion”. you took all the freakin fun out of it for the people who didn’t experiance it yet!!!!

  67. omg. hahaha. i was like, seriously trying to figure it out, i heard the scream and i looked down so fast, i covered my eyes, and i almost cried… hahaha. i thought someone was in my house. wow.

  68. OMG me heart is going thud thud thud
    That is just sooooo scary
    I was really close to the screen aswel lol
    I screamed top note and sh*t my dog up
    My mum came running in at 100mph to see if i was alryt lol
    I really didn’t see that coming.

  69. this is soo cool!
    i really liked it and decided to share it with my friends.
    I printed the image and showed it to them.
    Didn’t really work with them, tho’. any help? :(

  70. the first time i saw i got so scaried i close firefox instantly.

    when i was searching to show my friends i got the link to the picture
    and didnt saw
    the time i look at the page it was exactly the time of the scream and i jumped 2 times more than the first time.

    man this illusion rocks XD~

  71. can people plz discribe the face – is it the stereo typical green one (I hate that one), a wierd image that flashes black and white, and only looks vaguely like a person (like I think it is (I have probably seen this one before) ) or another one?

  72. I agree with anon, and also i wish i had left me computer and come back… theirs your hint folks.
    freaky thing nearlly exploded me sense I don’t scream.

  73. okay,this is what i see:
    a fork in the road ha ha.
    what’s so scary about this illusion?then i see
    “proceed to the scariest illusion you’ve ever seen”
    i click on it . the i sit there for about 30 seconds wondering what`s wrong with this picture. then this:
    BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy s***! WTF?!?!
    i mean that picture scared the crap out of me!
    so i said f*** this illusion! i still have nightmares of this! that was a load of b***s***! then i ran to my friends house and didn’t come back till’ the next day.

  74. If u like these kinda thingies(like me) they r called soboutage n after you watch 5 or 6 of them I recommend it u get used to them n now what is a soboutage n whats not so check them out if u dont wanna get spooked like this again

  75. i am NOT even going to click that button i do NOT want to be scared to death cos i have been scared by optical illusions before and if it is one of those things that plays a video and then something just jumps out i despratesly neeeeeeeeeed a warning cos im only ten and i get freeeked out really easily…
    (sound fx- nails being bitten)

  76. LOLZ I know whats wrong with the room.The furnature!Its extreamly tacky!And that ‘person’ has some problems too lolz.I saw it coming,so it didnt scare me

  77. Thanks for the warning! That was terrifying!!!!!!! My friend and I were watching it and she says”Somethings gonna pop out of it”

  78. when i first saw it, i didn’t see anything wrong with the room. but when the thing screamed my sister and i nearly fell of the chair of the fright! (we screamed)

  79. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh its miley cyrus!!! ahahah jk the first time i saw that i was home alone at night.. scared the crap out of me! then i sent the link to my dad and scared him and just now i scared the crap out of my little brother and sister… thats friggin hilarious!!

  80. i was trying so hard to find somting wrong with the picture untill someting popped up on the screen and scared the shit out of me my hard is still pounding

  81. This is really what people think is scary. Suck it up kids you’ll see things much scaryier than this in life!!

  82. im 10 and that scared the crap out of me!!!!!!!
    i was staring into it and it popped out that was soooooo scary i slepped in my sisters room 4 the next two nights!!!

  83. Ohh, I tried it on my cuz, pretended to go to the bathroom, then it screamed, and she ran, screaming to me. I started laughing, and rolling on the floor, literally. It was crazily funny, and the expression on her face!

  84. Thats not really scary if ur expectin it. I mean, when i played the maze game(joke by my bro)he turned up the volume real loud and i was focusing real hard then EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Scared the crap out of me! Lol :)

  85. Yer with this optical illusion if you have no sound on at all trust me, it wont be as scary but it is still quite good. i was just reading everybodys stories on how scared they got but i have to admit that i have had my fair share of getting scared from them.

  86. you should probably put a block on it and then let them tell there age and birth of date im 11 and i refuse to watch it bcuz it sounds scary ive turned the sound down on my monitor so i cant here it as i rite but wat realy does pop up? and what does it look like just dont send me a picture

  87. Personally I barely even blinked when I saw it… after years of browsing the web I run into these almost as much as rick rolls and I think they are absolutly pointless. Only frightening when your speakers are turned up to 11/10 and its past midnight. And only noobs do that.

    and btw to the owner of this sight. I don’t think these count as illusions…

  88. lol i saw this it was with my mom and my sis and baby bro i knew what was going to happen so i stood behind the computer the scream was all i heard and it went right through me my mom thought it was a monkey (lol) and she started laughing but my sister was screaming and then she took like ten minutes to get me to watch it… i screamed louder lol a monkey…..

  89. I didn’t look at it because then I would be freaked out at any little noise for 20 days… XD the fork in the road… :O

  90. can u plz tell me what it is cuz i’m having a panick attack cuz i REALLY wanna c it but i dont know if i would die of a heart attack FROM seeing it… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! pllleeaassseee

  91. omg! i locked myself in a room and i had no idea that this was gonna b scary! i was like sooooooooooooo scared… i got a cramp in my stomach n i came outside running and screaming…lol

  92. ok, i confess i’m 2 scared to click
    but i know by the title and article that it’s those stupid popups again
    last time i got tricked by a fake optical illusion with a popup!
    i’m not falling for it again

  93. Yay! got past my fear
    i clicked and immediately recognized it–it’s the same one i got tricked!
    for those who r scared to click: it’s a demon face (a girl’s, i think) in negative colour
    just turn down the volume and DON’T put ur face up to the screen and stand back to the other side of the room

  94. man i got tricked into looking at that with the wat is wrong with this house i was looking and looking… then…. BAM!!!!

  95. yesss! i love it when they put comment boards on scary illusions!! it is always good to read the comments before one clicks on the link!

  96. i wanna c but im scared ama begg my homeboy to watch it with me shit man i wanna c so bad does anyone know what it is dam i wanna c lol

  97. OMG so scared to actually click on link, dont want to look, aaaarrrgh!!!
    But if you just look at the picture they’ve already got, its just a pun, r a play n words, a fork in the road, duh, geddit?

  98. Crap, that was scary, mum watched it first time and she laughing, and then I turned sound on and mum listened and it was funny, and then I went to sit down again and the face popped up and It was “AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!” and I was like “AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!” and fell on mum and we both cracked up laughing.
    ive still got tears from laughing so much.

  99. I was reading over comments again and I was like,
    “Gee, someone commented 10 mins before me,”
    and tthen I looked at the name and was like,
    “Oh, it was me.”
    Whoops, sorry evry1, thought that was funny.

  100. I was watching for like a minute, didn’t see anything, went and got dad, nothing, went and got mom, started saying, “Yeah, I can’t find anythi-HOLY! OH MY GOD THAT WAS SCARY! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Heh. Lol.

  101. OMFG! what is this ! It could give some one a heart attack because it gave me one!! i jummped out of my skin litralyy i did it about 5 mins ago and im still shakking and my heart beat is racing ! :( Dont watch it ! I warn you! xx

  102. Room… Scared woman face pops up and screams. I turned to mute right AFTER the woman screamed. @ first the pic is an innocent room.

  103. SHIT! i was saw it in midle of the night and had headset. i scream’d so loud so my parets came in and i tricked them to se it too. lol

  104. this thing is shit scary for the first time but after that u get used to it and can trick people!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    1. Just turn off the speaker then scroll down
      Wiat for about 3-10 minute
      (I think 3 is enough)
      Then scroll it up

    1. this wasn’t realy sacary m a kid n nothing was realy scary? just a sentence not for kids, but every body can see it!!!!!!!!!

  105. O.O Is this the one where you see the girl scream at you? O.O I’m SUPER scared of that one… it gave me nightmares for a week. Imma open it and then flip back it it’s that one.

  106. it was sooooooo scary . y’all suppos to click the ” proceed to scariest illution you ever seen” you know!!!!!!!!!

  107. Yeah it got me! I said Oh Shit! click on the link under the caution sign and try to look hard you may have to kinda look close to see it!

  108. Paha, I actually jumped. Even thuogh the thumbnail said ‘scary’ I didn’t really expect anything to jump out at me, I just expected it to be like previous illusions. Classic trick. ^^

  109. man that a rip off my battery in my computer is low and i spent my time looking at that….i think the bulls for 7 year olds

  110. hi every body, i never get scared bout this stuff!!!!!!
    you guys are just lame!!!!!
    bye bye!!!!!
    -taylor michelle devries

  111. WTF? I said that a chair on the floor has a bad angle respect to the others, but when i look closely, a STUPID SHITFACE MONSTER APPEARS.

    T_T i was looking at this on all rooms for abount 30 mins. -.-‘

  112. This REALLY should not be in the random illusions. I was abusing the random illusion button and found this… I knew what it was and my heart nearly stopped. I am terrified of these, no matter how pathetic you may think that is, but it really freaked me out.

    1. I know how you feel I always check the comments on here and on youtube. Im only 11 though.

    1. Oh, it isn’t scary! When you proceed, there is a picture of a room… and then you will wait 1 minute…. and a face jumps out and it doesn’t stay long, only for a second (I think it’s a white alien, something like scary maze face… ! ) But, the people say that there is a scream, so turn your loudspeakers off…That’s all!

      Hope I helped you! :D

  113. Can someone tell me what happens? I get really scared, and I just want to know what happens before I click it.

  114. It wasn’t very scary because my older brother watched before I watched :D… I got too scared… I knew something will pop up… I’m 11 yrs old.

  115. Ah, screamers.. XD the main reason i don’t get around to looking for optical illusions very much at all..

    XD good troll

  116. oh…I thought that it was wrong that the room had no curtains haha! then that popped out and scared me, my mum and my gran! lol

  117. Hiya! I am 8 years old and mom and dad do not wanna watch it with me. So should i watch it? Is it really that scary?? I NEED HELP!! =3

  118. omg!!!! i’m scared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but seriously, right now i’m trembling in fear,, this is my 50,000th scary optical illusion that i will watch!!!……………..

  119. OMG tha optical illusion was boss i only saw the little girl but then i noticed the old granny i will recomend that to my family and friends my neice will be freeked out for days!!!!!

  120. LOL E.T.

    When you spend 2 hous looking at these on youtube they really aren’t that scary. Try looking at it in your peripheral vision.

  121. Im not scared of this type of stuff ive played the all the Luna games from creepypasta and all the Dreamy rainbow games and the scary maze game and even saw the unrated movie of the exorcist so sad than scary and on top of that im only 12 when i watched the exorcist i was 11

  122. im even more scared then if i actually did watch this its like tempting you know it will scare the heck out of you but then you dont care because you wana see it so bad i didnt open the picture only half way because if i saw the whole thing i thought i would so scared so as soon as half the picture came up i exited it out. im trying to pull myself together to watch it but i dont think my heart can take it follow my blog on my name is clearlylexi and see what i thought about the scary picture….here i go grr…pray for me im going in :()

    mood:scared but yet fearless

  123. Dang. That scared me to death. How is that possible just staring at a picutre and then a face appears?!!?!?! I don’t get it! How did they do the sound too?! I’m only 11 and I’m still shaking from this. :( :(

    It was so funny though i sohuld’ve gotten it on video. lol.

  124. i was reading the comments and then i heard this scream and i was like OMFG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?????
    its not an illunsion lulz its just creepy

  125. I really want to see it, but how scary is it? judging by peoples comments i think it is life scarring, and i dont want my heart to have that dropping feeling

  126. Hi everyone, I just read all the comments because I did not want to start yet, can anyone please tell me what happens? I don’t really want to experience it. :(

    1. You stare at a room and suddenly the screen goes blank and This face called the screamer pops up along with a screaming sound.

  127. if you see nothing, look below the image, click: proceed to scariest illusion ever (<- something like that). then, there is that pop up.

  128. Hey I havnt seen anything yet but i know what it is by reading yur comments. Its probably a GIF wont scare any1 on a slow PC !!!!!!! OMG! It….IT………It just scared me!!!!!****! the second time!!!!! LOL!!I’m writing it and getting scared my heart pounded so fast LOL!!!!!!!!! so uh……. where were we? oh yea it does scare on a slow PC but vry late ^_^

  129. The fork in the road isn’t the illusion. Click on it, stare at the picture that comes up and you’ll be screaming for mama in no time.

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