Reading Japanese Is Easy

Would you believe me if I told you that you can read the letters below? Infact you will read them as easy as you can read this text. Try solving this “hard” Illusion. (The letters aren’t in Japanese actually!) If you still can’t read it, be sure to check the first comment with explanation ;) There are more simmilar tests available in our Tests Category.

76 Replies to “Reading Japanese Is Easy”

  1. it’s usualy “Go F**K yourself” i was a bit confused when i saw the “Goon yourself”/”Go on yourself!” definitely edited and submitted here… god knows why, it’s been around for ages and probably submitted before.. :S

  2. I still say that it says go on yourself unless its jsut saying that yourself is a crazy goon. there doesnt have to be a space in between the two os, or mabey there really is!!!

  3. It says GOON YOUR SELF!!!!


    goon |goōn| noun informal 1 a silly, foolish, or eccentric person. 2 a bully or thug, esp. one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition : a squad of goons waving pistols.

    ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: perhaps from dialect gooney [booby] ; influenced by the subhuman cartoon character ‘Alice the Goon,’ created by E. C. Segar (1894–1938), American cartoonist.

    Dictionary . . . . . .yes . . . . . .it has definitions of word you dont know.

  4. /Read/ is spell “READ” in both past and present tense. However, when reading /read/ you change the pronunciation to fit the tense of the story. To help clarify:
    I read a story about a girl running.
    I like to read non-fiction.
    Just change the tense and ask yourself “Does that make sense”? Hope that helps w/our wonderful English language : /

  5. you people are over-reacting it says soon your self (i have no idea what that means but thats what it means)

  6. this illusion actually used to say “Go F*** yourself”. But because this website is a family friendly environment, I assume they just photoshopped the picture to say something less vulgar. It doesn’t make too much sense though

  7. “GOON yourself!” ??
    what kind of prank are you pulling?
    And if it is “go on yourself!”, no thanks, I’d rather use the washroom! :P

  8. I think the admin, or a mod screwed up here. This 1 is incomplete and should not have been included. 0 out of 10!!!

  9. This illusion is useless and should be deleted.

    Not only it’s not Japanese, the real English sentence is also altered so it has become something unfunny. “Go f yourself” is funny but not this.

    The Chinese illusion was great, I’d give 10 star but this is so terrible, I can simply summarize it as “FAIL”.

    Next time I’d like to read something written in hiragana, perhaps katakana with the same meaning and pronunciation in English (such as “armor”, “glue”.. But I don’t think it’s possible.)

  10. It says, “Go on your self!” You can see it if you tilt your head to the right until you’re looking at it sideways. It doesn’t say “Goon your self!” Once again it says,”Go on your self!” Buh bye! :)

  11. the original version of this says: “GO F* YOURSELF!” so i kinda got surpised when i read from the other comments “GO ON YOURSELF!”

  12. lol! my 6 year old cousin says she can read japenese and she told me to go to google and i said how can you ead japenese at the age of 6 but then she told me how to read it then she told me she cant read japenese

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