Puzzling Whiskas Billboards

After reading your replies to my previous question, I have to admit I was a bit surprised. Not only does it satisfy you when I post a single optical illusion per day, in fact you’d like me to keep it that way. At least this is what majority wishes. Well, you really made my day, and directed my work in more simple direction.For my part, I’ll stride to keep the illusion-less days count down to zero. This is my obligation as a thank you. Concerning the hyperlinks, I’m sorry if they bother you but they’re here to stay. At least one person finds them useful, and this person is – me :D I just feel the need to link all the related illusions, so I can remember our past. Joking aside, what I can do is try and lower the rate at which they appear. So hyperlink density wouldn’t be so high. When you look at today’s post, think it’s a little better now?

Oh, and the illusion. I almost forgot about that one. What we have here is a recent cat-food (Whiskas) billboard campaign. Can you easily spot the illusion it hides? How about a hint, not that you’ll need one.

Whiskas Ad Optical Illusion 2
Whiskas Ad Optical Illusion 3
Whiskas Ad Optical Illusion 1

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  1. This is not an optical illusion, just a couple of photos similar in manipulation as the much more interesting photos of the boys on the next page. Lately too many photos presented here are labeled as optical illusiions when in fact they are just photos where the subjects are manipulated to give a photo similar to those where a person is photographed with their hand under a distant object so that it looks as if a smaller version of the object is in the palm of the persons hand. For the most part these photos aren’t clever and/or interesting-just dumb.

  2. NICE ILLUSIONS….and I like hyperlinks, they are VERY useful, because that way I dont miss anything…..I LOVE ALL illusions…..and I TOTALLY love your site Vurdlak….:DD

  3. Aww they’re so cute, I wonder if I could set something up like that with my cat? Very good optical illusion, must have taken the work out of snapping the photo quick in mid jump :)

  4. I really dunno.. Seems to me that a bunch of pictures of dead cats would be a bad thing to use in my cat food billboards.. But that’s just me I suppose.

  5. This shooting style is a bit of a fad right now. TV ads for the Kindle(I think) combine it with stop-motion to get effects like flying props. I think I also saw it in a music video, but I can’t remember which one.

  6. When I fist looked at the first two photos, I didn’t see cats jumping, I saw cats laying on the floor surrounded by wood piles and boxes. Took me a minute to “see” it otherwise which is what makes these “illusions” so fun and interesting for me. Keep ’em comin’! :)

  7. Richard, you know whats really dumb, is coming on here to read about the illusion and having to wade through comments like yours. Clearly someone puts work into the site, and until you make one that is as flawless as you seem to desire, I would appreciate, and i feel some would agree, if the negativity is kept to a minimum. Your post isn’t even helpful criticism, its just whining.

  8. there just cats laying down on there side with the items next to them or something but its cool how it makes it look like there not laying down….awsome….by the way i love having the posts with the extra links inside of them….peace out!! :P

    p.s. this sitte rocks and hope it never changes!! love ya! <3

  9. Meh, just some cats lying around and posing. lol. Not really great unless they are actual live cats that will lay perfectly still how you want them too. But, nonetheless, I love cats, have 9, so these are cool! :)

  10. I hate the people who criticize every picture and say, “This is not an optical illusion.” I love your loose interpretation of illusion, as it provides great variety to the site. Ignore these people Vurdlak, and keep those posts coming, whatever they actually should be called!

  11. Hmm….. very interesting… id have to say that they r laying down side ways… maybe stuffed cats? or dead ones? idk… or maybe they r having their moment of silence.. and wtf am i saying… hm…

  12. Richard S. said that these arent really illusions but if the definition of illusions is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality, then these are perfect optical illusions!

    He just needs to not be such a party pooper!

    Great pics!

  13. In the first picture, notice the stones around the cat shape a dogs head. The cat is laying about where his throat is.

  14. I have to agree with Jim. These cats look more dead and posed than they do asleep. I’ve got several house cats and they do a lot of sleeping, but they just don’t normally look like those in the pictures.
    I may have to rethink feeding them Whiskas.

  15. I don’t see how anyone could not recognize these as illusions, even in the strictest sense of the word. I appreciate the use of imaginative photography to create movement, physical, and spatial illusions.
    Photography is particularly difficult to manipulate to create convincing illusions due to physical limitations.

  16. My brain jumps between the two interpretations of what I’m seeing: cat jumping/walking vs cat lying down. I like ’em!

    (I’d definitely count these as optical illusions, Richard S, since what my eyes see at first is not what’s actually there. Optical PLUS illusion!)

  17. Greetings Vurdlak. Your Google widget is titled “Optical Illusion of the Day”. This implies one illusion per day. Frequency question solved. I interpret the phrase “optical illusion” loosely, unlike some of your other readers. I think you are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work.

  18. Yeah, I agree with BJK & Robyn B – Richard (et. al): stop being such a Negative Nancy!!! I doubt there are enough “true” optical illusions to post a new one every single day without stretching the definition a little bit, so quit your whining and just enjoy.

  19. @Richard S.

    By definition these are an optical illusion. You see something different than how they are.


    And I love the hyperlinks actually but I agree that the arbitrary words are a little useless but when you mention that they are related and in whatever way they are very nice to catch up on the illusions that I might have missed.

    Also I agree with one image a post so if your could do more shorter post that would be great.
    (maybe multiple post a day if you have a lot of images and extra time) But one post a day would be AWESOME. It kina sucks when I see the same illusion on my homepage a couple of days in a row.

  20. nice illusion – the first one was so obviously the ground i saw the cat lying down before I realised it looked like it was jumping!
    the hyperlinks are fine. I really don’t understand why people are fussed about the occasional phrase being underlined.

  21. Gee, I’m surprised no one said they could see mice in the wood and the boxes!

    Vurdlak, I’m with what I perceive as the majority – I like the comments and the once per day. I also like the hyperlinks, although I only rarely use them.

  22. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! i luv animals! even tho it was easy to figure out. i forgive u since it has animals in it. hahaha!hjeehjeeehjeee!

  23. Interesting illusion… it took me a couple minutes. Guess I’m a little slow.

    Vurdlak, I love this site! Thanks for all your work.

    And, Richard S., ditto BJK. Good grief, if you don’t like something, move on! I like some illusions better than others and some I just don’t get, but I appreciate each and every one. So, if you can’t say something positive, how about not saying anything…

  24. i first saw the sleeping cats then saw that they are as well jumping.

    my picture is a dog. what a coincidince.(i dunno how to spell it)

  25. @mage_cat The video was Peter Gabriel’s Sledge Hammer.

    I thought these were cute. And the cats don’t look dead to me, the look asleep. My cat has slept in those positions before, I just don’t have the set up to get cool pics like these.

  26. I didn’t spot the illusion – all I saw was a cat lying on the ground, with the camera overhead. I looked and looked and then gave up and clicked on the hints.

    Only after I went to the hints did I realize that I was supposed to see that cat jumping with the camera held horizontally.

  27. Easy to spot if you own cats and watch them sleep all day, haha! How easy these creatures can look busy doing nothing at all. It’s also the statement written on the billboards: no workout, healthy cats. I wish they would invent something for human beings that would do the same trick, but unfortunately I don’t like catfood..

  28. lol, i saw it reversed. I thought those were dead cats around random places! Then when i clicked on the hint, i was like “oh! its supposed to look like they’re jumping!”

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