Psychedelic Screen-melt Illusion

Like always, once I get to see improved, better version of a previously featured submission – it goes live immediately! It doesn’t matter how many times similar effect has already been showcased. And what we have here today is “seemingly animated” pattern on steroids! If I can recall correctly, last one I have enjoyed so much (belonging to the same category) was the Running Snakes promo. Check out the psychedelic formation below! Can you really believe the image is static, and that the motion is just an illusion? Try opening it in full-size to experience the effect in its full glory. From now on, this one is my favorite!

Click on the above image to open it in full size, and see the effect in its full glory!

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    1. This is the the best Optical Illusion, in this category, I have EVER seen! The harder I try to get it to stop moving, the faster it moves! Love It!!!

    2. One more thing. PLEASE watch the language! My kids LOVE this website and it would be a shame if I have to block this site just because a few people either, have no clue what the word “RESPECT” means, or they are just too immature to be considerate enough to use appropriate language in the presence of children! Please, I am begging you to stop using foul language!

    3. Fully agree, why this site didn’t filter out your obvious lack of communication skills, I do not know.

      Brain death and still able to access the internet.

  1. Okay…
    I’m a bit bored.

    I see the illusion, I’ve seen it before too.
    It’s a bit funny too.
    What if it was made different 1,000 times?

  2. I find these illusions work better on screen than on paper. I wonder if that might have something to do with colour rendering – from my printer, colours are darker and less vivid than on screen. I still get the effect on paper, but it is nothing as dramatic as on the screen.

  3. Unfortunately, this is what I see when I am coming down with a migraine. Nice illusion but I personally don’t like it.

  4. This is the Mandelbrot set, a type of fractal. It’s made with mathematics. You start with a complex number called the seed. To find the next term in the sequence, you square the preceding term and add the seed. And so on, ad infinitum. The result is a neat shape of swirls and spirals.

    1. Natalie, any idea what the formula might be??? I’ve tried Z<-Z^2+C up to Z<-Z^8+C and it's just not even close. (BTW I'm NOT a mathematician)

    1. The Mandelbrot Set was created by Benoit Mandelbrot, a Yale University mathematician. A computer generates the image. The colors can vary. I guess you could say that the artist chooses the color palate and where to zoom in or out on the image.

  5. It stops after you stare at it a while; I find that for me it only works after I’ve looked at something else and then glance back at it.

  6. I LOVE this type! This is the the best Optical Illusion, in this category, That I have EVER seen! The harder I try to get it to stop moving, the faster it moves! Love It!!!

  7. I’m going nutz trying to reproduce this in FractalForge. I think I’ve got the color sequence right, but, no motion. This is definitely the best one of these I’ve ever seen

  8. I see nothing moving. It’s just a static picture. Even set as my desktop, everything remains “motionless.” Now I’m interested to know why the illusion does not work for some people.

  9. If you move your eyes around the image, you see movement. If you stick your eyes still to one spot, there’s no movement. No mystery here.

  10. It’s nice. Still, I am not blown away by it. Our eyes are making it move, and even though it moves just a tiny bit, thats it. Nice, but I dont think its my favourite. Now, this is what I’m saying personally. I understand, yes, fun and funny in a way, but not surprising. It would, however, be a could desktop wallpaper.

  11. Hey! I am interested in who created this? I’d like to use it for my band’s digital release album art, who can I contact?

    1. It’s called a Fractal Image. Fractals are made or calculated by f.e. the program called Fracint. Have a nice trip…

  12. I hate to ruin anyone’s day but this is moving because it’s animated. It’s not a static image. Copy the image and stick it in paint . Does it move? Sadly no. It’s a pretty popular fake illusion photo.

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