• Max

    Woah, that’s really cool.

  • Leion

    If you have not given the rotation clue, I would not be able to find it. COOL

  • sarah

    this is so kool if u rotate to ur left u will see a mom and her child

  • whisper

    Hmm…noticed that immediately for some reason

    • kellie


  • Keziah

    i’ve notice it immediately w/o reading the clue

  • milliemoon

    yeah,not exactly original.shame it’s not hidden in a corner or something, it’s just not so……rewarding when you find it.
    anyone know what i mean?

  • basketball_playHER

    wow that is beautiful!!


    I noticed it immediately without reading the clue

  • Hai

    i saw it immeadiately, too

  • biclops

    i didn’t see the kid after i found the mother, i just figured that “naughty bits” were showing ehehehehe

  • Seba 719

    spotted it right away

  • brooklynz finest

    dat is tight

  • Kimberley

    That is awesome!

  • shev

    I can only see the mother and child…i saw them the second the pic came up…

  • loser

    thats so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nachos Yummy


  • YellowLedbetter

    Just a reply to ‘An Alien from Mars’. God did NOT do that on purpose. A talented ARTIST did that on purpose. This is a friggin PAINTING!! open your eyes.

  • Audiodan

    also saw it right away

  • Cougarkid

    that is hot and just for every that was tryin to be cocky saying “oh that was the first thing i saw” dont be dumb ur not cool

  • cougarkid

    ok so its pretty cool. and for those who said “oh yeah saw it w/o clue” and shit dont be dumb ur not cooler b/c u found it first k byee

  • Dinkey

    It looked like a bird to me at first. Maybe its lateral thinking!

  • Lil Keaton

    That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hayley

    WOW! That is so cool!

  • MMM

    its cool, but i prefer other pictures…

  • Niki

    I noticed it imdiatly… even with out reading the clue. Neat elusion!

  • RT


  • KonBon

    It is very nice :)

  • monkeybutt

    i cant see the mountains, i caon only see the mother and child, unless i cover it up weird but cool. i like the explicit trees better :-P

  • Jason

    that was funny, when I rotated my hed to the right, it looked like 2 dinosaurs. He he!

  • slindish

    pretty obvious

  • n

    That would be so creepy if that was a real picture

  • jackola

    it’s very obvious.

    also, to whoever said to turn to your left, that’s not right. turn to your right.

  • yanna

    wow! that is soo cool that in the mountains you can find a picture!

  • ashlin

    that took me like 2 seconds

  • Julia

    Wicked! Really like that one. Even if you see it really quick, it’s still a cool picture, you gotta admit!

  • Anonymous

    its a very cool painting, and i agree with Dinkey, about lateral thinking. it reminded me of a mountain in the canadian rockies. apparantly, you can see a native american chief in it, a bit like in this picture. my brother and i saw about ten different chiefs. just goes to show, we only need to be told something’s there to be able to see it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    great illusion!
    usually it takes me ages to work things out but for some weird reason i saw this one straight away. still, i loved it.

  • Anonymous

    i see the mother and the child right under her, but then i see ANOTHER child. when you flp it around, it sorta looks like there is a child with bushy hair to the right of the forst obvious one. his head is bent down, sorta like he is praying too, but hw has no body. creepy.

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome!

  • Kendrix


  • Anonymous

    It looks like an owl if you tilt your head in the opposite direction

  • Elle

    that is so kewl….love the site man….

  • Martial

    That’s realy awesome! TNX

  • luker pooper

    wow am i amazing i found it in about 3 seconds

  • smokin28

    This is beautiful!!

  • Optiguy


  • Anonymous

    This one in particular was very easy for me to spot.

  • Anonymous

    Noticed it straight away =P

  • Anonymous

    if u tilt ur head to the right it looks like a bird aswell

    • Dinasaur

      a bird hacking open a walnut…

  • Anonymous

    omg that is so cool!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    I read the title and saw the image of the mother and child instantly without even trying. LOL Pretty picture.

  • Anonymous

    that’s creepy!!!!!!!! I wonder what I would do if I saw THAT.

  • Anonymous

    LOL the kid wet his pants

  • Its a bird and egg to me!

  • rebecca

    i saw it stright away it is easy

  • cool

    hey i’ve been trying to ofigure this out for sooooooooooo much time!!!!!!! thanks for clearin this up!

  • clayton

    if you tilt your head the same way to see the mother and child you can also see an Indian with a feathered hat on like a chief i bet you cant find it

  • feather

    pipsquek…sorry, i have seen this one before

  • Jo


  • Tatane

    What I saw on the first hand, an old bearded man lying down with his face on the water, his right hand on the left of the picture…twisted mind I guess =)

    • likewise

      that is what I saw first, too

  • ZL123

    It took me a picosecond to see it, before I saw anything else. It’s quite easy.

  • is this real??? coz itz awesomeeee

  • goblin

    negative this image as long as the machu picho one are both digitally made unfortunately

  • a

    i love your random illusions button, but the same illusion “praying mother and child” keeps on coming back!!….. why??

  • Jackson

    I always thought it was a chimp smoking a pipe. But no, it was that

  • JayEvans


  • vengefulsorrow

    Lol complete trolling with a smartphone

  • Coolio

    saw it straight away. :)

  • brie

    if you flip it the other way you can see an eagle holding a demon like fig

  • mimi

    Dude i totally see that egal thing

  • Stef

    This is awesome! I am new to this site and only stumbled across it looking around for optical illusions the other day, and I can´t stay off it!! You have a wonderful and exciting website and I´ve seen trult amazing things on this website that I have never seen before! Thank you for sharing all of these :D

  • Stef

    truly** woops.

  • Jemima duck

    Found it before the rotation clue….oh yeah baby!!!! But some illusions I find really hard to find and others find easy so…..

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