Portrait of a Halo 3 Forge Artist Illusion

Philip Ludens and few other of our loyal fans have submitted this interesting story for our website to publish. The author of this image, Brock Davis found a unique way to combine his love of Halo game and his passion for drawing. He created a 3D self-portrait using Halo 3’s Forge tool. The intriguing image is an optical illusion composed of objects found within the game. Davis, who works as an art director for an ad agency in Minneapolis, had seen examples of people using Forge to write messages or draw 2D pictures in the similar way, but was curious to see if such artistic endeavors could be taken a step further by making a 3D image viewable form certain point of view only. Would be interesting to see similar optical illusion in real life. Let’s see if you can find similar illusions created in real life in this site’s archive. Post the title of your findings! There must be some, but I obviously forgot…

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  1. er, what?

    Oh, wait! It’s a face, right? The artist’s face?

    If someone got that before me, sorry- there are no comments up yet.

  2. I’d just like to say- Vurdlak, i’m very impressed.

    Not with this illusion though. Its ok, but not that great.

    I am impressed because Vurdlak has not (so far) published my stupid comment on the ‘Hauntied Forest’ Illusion. I posted it as an experiment to see if he would actually block it.

    I really thought he would let it through, like the many other dumb comments you can see on this site.

    But it seems my post really isn’t going to be put up- there may be hope after all!

    If we are lucky, Vurdlak will not publish this comment either, seeing as it has practically nothing to do with the illusion.

    All the same, keep a look out- if the post delay is longer than I thought, it may still be coming…

  3. as a halo enthusiast, the time that guy spent to do that is rediculous… i can’t imagine going from one place to another to see if everything “lined up” for every movement of those things…
    that is really crazy. kudos to that guy.

    jimminey cricket…

  4. that’s pretty cool. at first i thought “…wow. a whole lotta junk…” i had to read the blurb thing before i actually saw the face.

  5. For those who didn’t see it yet, it is supposed the metal things on the ground form a face looking at “the camera”.

    That was all I could see, with great effort…

  6. once you see it that is all you can see!!! I look at it first and thought wtf, but then i seen it now i dont see the junk anymore…pretty cool if i do say so myself!

  7. At first I thought, what are you talking about and then BAM! I see it and it took me for surprise and now of course when I look at it, I always see what was intended to be seen and I do not see it the way I first saw it. Very well done!

  8. *sigh* i knew i should have told you about this when i first saw it a week ago.. o well

    anyway its a great one, and if u know halo then the chopper is the left eye

  9. Thanks, Peacekiller, I get it now! The face is really cool. The bottom left is the lips, up one is nose, the next two up are eyes. Sweet!

  10. wow! for those having trouble seeing it look at the metal objects, and then look past them at the sand. use the metal objects as outlines and details to the face. its realy neat

  11. In response to the guy who was called “Don’t Publish this comment etc.” –

    If you had “Don’t Publish this comment” as your name then maybe it hasn’t been published because it was taken to be meant as “Don’t publish this comment” !!

    And what’s with all the hate anyway? This guy runs this site out of his own accord, he doesn’t have to but he wants to. Why not appreciate that?

  12. the face looks like a scene out of
    “The Lawnmower Man”,
    when Jobe eliminates the FBI-Agents in front of Dr. Angelo´s House…

    The Head flies in the air, stairing angry…


  13. Indeed, very nice!

    I was just wondering … there are lots of links in the text that all lead to other pages on this site. And yet you don’t include a link to the source article for this illusion (here)? Please give proper credit and reference…

  14. The metal pieces that form the face appear to be floating, they are not even integrated into the original scene. Not a very good illusion in my opinion! Not an illusion at all!!

  15. 1st Time Comment

    I actually see two images. One: right in the middle of the artist. Very Lifelike and Two: a large robitic face looking up. The craters are the eyes.

  16. it is simple. at first i saw a light bulb and I’m like, cool a light bulb, and then i looked where his nose should have been and I saw his face. it isn’t really that well defined

  17. Lol it took me a while but i got it… for those of you who still dont get it, the random metal scraps on the ground are actually a 3D drawing of the dudes face!

  18. I see the face..and the junk…. but the junk doesnt look like its on the ground..its kinda floating..if that makes sense..lol bye

  19. the easiest illusion ever seen on this site… very poor.
    I cant believe that the illusion is just the face.. there must be something more!

  20. That’s really cool. I didn’t get it at first because I was trying to find a face in the landscape itself. But, that’s a great image.

  21. It’s reminiscent of the Channel 4 idents that they run here in the UK, where a camera tracks through a landscape, where impossible objects float almost unnoticed, until the camera reaches a position to reveal a giant ‘4’ in the landscape.

  22. o wow.. i agree with everyone..once you see teh face..its really hard to see teh parts for themselves afterwards.

    dam..just thinking of how cuRAzzy the mind works is just….amazing -.-‘

  23. “Halo forge, i heard of that. that is that Garry’s mod rip off, right?”

    what? no, the forge is a gametype on halo 3

    no mod

    cool photo

  24. right fot the peple who cant see it…

    bluh ur eyes and look at the junk in the middle. the face should look like its facing flat on the screen instead of on the ground


  26. ohh i get it
    i thought the face would be in the whole picture
    but if you still don’t see it
    just look at the metal objects and try to get a face outta that

  27. aha, this was pretty eays, it looks like a giant haed floating ina desert! :L

    Dont look at each scatered object individually, all of them as a whole. as if they werent multiple objects but one whole object

  28. I looked at it for like 5 mintues and read like 50 comments before i figured it out and then i was like OH I GET IT! haha

  29. Yea I didn’t see it at first either for anyone else that stumbles across this page and does in fact read this comment.

    It is suppose to be a three dimensional face looking at you the tower is the lower left jaw bone.

  30. All I an see is a flowting head…Is that all I am meant to see? Pretty crap if you ask me! :P
    Btw stop saying your the first to leave a comment coz you are not.

  31. whoa i can see 2 optical illusions
    a face in the middle and a dirty woman
    this woman appears to be in the right side of the page
    she is kneeling on the floor and her but is showing

  32. i see 2 optical illusions
    a face in the middle and a dirty woman
    she appears to be kneeling on the floor with her but sticking out
    she is a woman in this pic
    she is found in the right side of the page
    i found 2 illusions first…. yeah!!! first time ever…

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