Perspective Chair Optical Illusion

The majority has decided in favor of our newly self-hosted video player. The only flaw I noticed, is how the player is last thing to load when you open our website. This may confuse some newcomers, but I think we can live with it. Now something about our LOGO: as you know, stands for Mighty Optical Illusions, our official title. I’ve been contemplating about possibility to change our beloved logo, but somehow nothing revolutionary came to my mind. This is why I invite ALL OF YOU to submit your ideas, and help us form a whole new logo, to serve us in years to come. Think you’re up to the challenge? Let’s see some of your ideas!

About the illusion, well it was submitted by Christian Hendrich, who took some photos of the 1997 exhibition called Documenta X, and decided to share them with us. The installment was set in Museum of Modern Art in Germany, and the original author behind it is Matthew Ngui. When you see the chair from room’s entrance, it seems at first there is nothing wrong with it. A desire may come to you, to sit and relax for a minute. But when you approach it, or move around the room, true nature of the chair reveals itself. I recall we had something very similar before. Marvell Superhero is one of the examples, but I think that Gillian Brown’s Constructed Photographs still deserve the golden medal.

perspective chair optical illusion

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  1. Must have taken careful construction. Is the left hand side of the chair painted on the floor or is it built in some way? I wouldn’t mind a few in-between shots so I can see it gradually change.

  2. I was sent this by email, and I think there are two or three in here that would qualify for your site. I liked the 2nd, 3rd, and last pics for your site. The others might qualify, the 1st is like a rocky sea, but, the others I don’t see anything odd.
    Love your site, and glad you’re connected to facebook.
    Keep up the great work of making us use our brains in a different way.

  3. 1st post!
    anyway its taken at two different angles so the first is seen as fixed while second looks broken.
    In reality it is actually two haves of a chair.






  5. THis is a crazy one! I put out these things too!! check out my site at the address above! Will be sure to bookmark this one!

  6. Well you could put one of the classic illusions into the logo(like the never-ending staircase) since it is an illusion site after all.

  7. I love the illusion but I am not sure about the logo my mind is completly blank maybe you could just leave it the way it is?

  8. Although simple…it does look so realistic that I had no idea what was wrong with it… I like how half of it is a real chair(or is it) and the other half is painted…plus it’s painted on walls that aren’t even in the room.

    As far as the logo thing goes my only idea is to do something illusion like…I mean this is an illusions website…maybe something like wordart…and by word art i mean having the word of something written in such a way that it looks like the picture itself…like write the word “Strawberry” in a way that it looks like the shape of a strawberry…

  9. The only thing that gives it away is the shadow on the wall by the top right of the chair. Left hand side of the photo.

  10. Thank you for the many comments. Actually, the right part of the chair in the front was real (made out of wood) and the left part was partially painted on the floor, the wall and also represented by some wooden parts. Actually the scene was like this: People came in the and did see the right image, i.e. the broken parts. Then they usally wondered why there was a cue of people standing in the middle of the room focussing this art work. Then the went behind the other people in the cue and could see the assembled chair.
    Only once it was the other way around and a woman really saw the chair first and then tried to sit on it.
    Another issue was that people could walk through the left part of the chair which was painted on the floor and then the other people in the cue complained that their view on the chair was obstructed. However the persons standing in the chair could not understand. I suppose this effect was intended by the artist.

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