Pavement Warefall Optical Illusion

Just when I wanted to complain how Edgar Müller’s pavement drawings, (even though being extremely professional and realistic) all form some kind of giant holes in the ground, I received his Waterfall project. Yup, it still has some kind of descending implemented, but this one should also stand proud next to his previous projects. It may be useful to mention that Waterfall pavement drawing was in fact Edgar’s first project. I have added few more photos inside this post, but even more can be found inside the gallery beneath. With about 270 m², this painting was exhibited on the occasion of the Prairie Art Festival. Check Edgar Müller tag for more of his works!


You can see Edgar’s Waterfall from different angles:

20 Replies to “Pavement Warefall Optical Illusion”

  1. Edgar has done some amazing art, what I really love about it is that its not permanent except in pictures, which dont really do it justice, it has to be seen in person to really give the grand scope of the piece.

  2. PURE RUBBISH its looks like an overflowing hyperventerling feather mucky toilet extuingwisher with a blue flying chinese pig above the monkey lit city . humph.

  3. I hate when people stand on the art, they make it so obvious, i know it looks better when they are sitting……but when they are standing it just looks obvious.


    1. Her standing on it only makes it obvious because the cameraman shot it from the wrong angle. I’ve seen one where the artist stood over an image of a hole with a shovel

  4. I think the original mumfydood is a total idiot. IT is art. A way of expressing ones self. Maybe you have no expression, being SUCH a critic, but it’s a beautiful way of this man expressing himself. Why must you be so MEAN AND NASTY to others?

  5. And you can’t spell worth crap!! Learn to type and spell if you’re going to be such a critic. :)

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