Pavement Art Illusions From Germany

Manfred Stader and Edgar Müller are the the street painters whose talent is behind these incredible pavement drawings. Having traveled the world, and studied many type of paintings, they now run their own business in Germany creating pavement paintings and street art, often for companies that pay them to create unique chalk drawing campaigns for them. If you are a regular visitor of Mighty Optical Illusions website, you’ll notice some similarity with Julian Beever’s stuff, mostly through colorful pallets Manfred and Edgar use, along with incredibly realistic motives.

Oh yeah, I also added some funny clips at the bottom of my blog’s sidebar. You can check them out if you are in for a good laugh…

36 Replies to “Pavement Art Illusions From Germany”

  1. These are my FAVORITE!
    when the kids sit on the butterfly the illusion is ruined. My favorite is the guy standing on the floating ball. AWESOME

  2. i agree, the kids on the bug takes away from it, but the people on the river were in a great place. these illusions are always great.

  3. The kids sitting on the butterfly ruin the entire painting, and the picture with the helicopter, the people in the back should have been cropped out of the picture it woulda looked so much cooler. I really liked the guy on the ball though that was pretty awesome(: I wonder how the shadow of the ball got like that and everything.

  4. If I was driving and one of those painted gaps were in my way I’d come to a skidding halt… Just looking at them gives me height-fright (the helicopter too)

  5. These Illusions are not as good as some ive seen previously. the drawer or illustrator has REAL talent but the illusions dont really catch my eye…..

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