Once in A Lifetime Illusion

A butterfly perches in the eye socket of a human skull, creating the illusion of an eye. This once in a lifetime photograph made by #Marko Popadic, titled “Oko” (meaning eye in Croatian) shows a perfectly posed butterfly sitting in the eye socket of a human skull. The big spot on the butterfly’s wing creates the impression of an eye, making it appear that the skull is watching you. In art, skulls are a symbol of death and finality, while butterflies are a symbol of birth, change and new beginnings. This photograph shows beautifully the juxtaposition between the two most important elements of nature – life and death. Very artistic, isn’t it?

16 Replies to “Once in A Lifetime Illusion”

    1. Happy Easter to you too JohnE, and all the others looking, the image is also apropos of the celebration.

  1. I’ve almost finished going through all the illusions on this site since I discovered it last week … fewh ! it’s been a crazy ride so far !! thanks so much for this, Vurdlak ;D

  2. Not to take away anything from the creativity of this piece, it’s not the result of good luck but of good compositing skill. The photographer Popadic notes on his Flikr page the butterfly alone is composed of three different images. Wonderful illusion, nonetheless!

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