Mysterious Dots Optical Illusion

So the picture below supposedly came from an old book: The Intelligent Eye, written by Gregory R. Unless you already saw this flick before, in all likelihood it won’t make much sense. It seems as if we are only seeing hundreds of black patches on a white background. But once you spot the illusion, you can’t go back. This example demonstrates the amazing capability of our visual system to organize visual input into interpretable shape. If you still can’t see it, the only hint I can give you, is to check these two articles about Sheldrake first. I’m not sure if this one was already posted sometime in the past, but if it was – my mistake!

After checking the results of our previous poll, I’m happy to learn that most of you do like my personal, offtopic touch. However, 30% of you dislike my unrelated comments, and since this number is too high to ignore, I’m proposing the following… From now on, I’ll give my best to divide the article in two paragraphs. First one referring to the illusion and it’s background story, while the other one (much like what I’m writing today) will contain unrelated babbling. Will this make both sides equally happy?

Mysterious Dalmatian Optical Illusion

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  1. I immediately see a Dalmatian sniffing the ground.

    Write what you want, man, it’s your site. If people don’t want to read the things you write then they don’t have to. I do think it’s a good idea to talk about the illusion first, and then babble about unrelated subjects.

  2. I’ve seen this one before so I spotted it straight away. But I remember the first time I saw this it took me about 30 minutes to see anything but splotches.

  3. If people don’t want to read what you’ve written, then they can stop. I visit this site every day. Sometimes I read what you’ve written, sometimes I don’t.

    Carry on doing what you’re doing. It works well. x

  4. It’s not a dalmation sitting, it’s a hyena standing – short back legs, longer front legs. Spotted it almost immediately in the smaller size version in google gadgets.

  5. I saw the illusion very quickly, but I’ve never seen it before…maybe it’s because I was thinking it was like some sort of “rigged rorshcach test” that has a hidden illusion.

    I really like your idea of dividing the text into two paragraphs! It makes reading the descriptions so much clearer, and then we can read the second paragraph knowing that there was a subject change. Great idea! Keep up the awesome work!

  6. This is a classical illusion indeed, but the most amazing here is not the ability of our brain to organise the dots, but the unability to not see the dog after seeing it. If you see it once, you’ll see it forever !

    About the offtopic touch, a clear division is the perfect answer for me :D
    thx again.

  7. I like the two paragraph idea a lot. You’re a great compromiser! Even though I generally like reading your off-topic narrative, some days I have less time and just want to read about the illusion.

  8. Haha it its the Rochhenors test, AKA the Inkblot test.
    I see a Dalmation lying in the sun under a tree on a roof in a meadow.

  9. I’d like to note that only two people felt strongly enough about you only posting about the illusions to comment ;)

    As for the illusion, I see a dalmatian sniffing the ground… with some sort of garden plot in the background…?

  10. The dog’s ear gave the illusion away right away for me. Is that a tree and its shadow in teh backgound?

    ps. blab all you want :) Noone has to like it or agree with it, and I enjoy reading some comments.

  11. I personally love all the extraneous yabberring in addition to finding out what you think of the sometimes very tricky illusions. Two paragraphs will make it easy to work out which comments to attend to!

  12. I first saw a face on the dog’s behind and made a head of the rest of the dog. Since a sinister looking head on a concrete floor doesn’t make sense, I looked further and saw the head was a dog. After reading the comments, I am seeing a curb which means there is a street and a side-walk and a gutter he is sniffing or drinking from. :)

    For the offtopic stuff, I’m glad you are taking my advise. :D

  13. dalmatian sniffing ground partly covered with snow. There is a small tree trunck in background. the ground beneath it is bare.
    the more linear rectangular features are walkways with foot prints

  14. I finally saw what it was!! I like your comments. I just wish you would tell us what is for those of us who can’t see the real picture. That really bugs me when I can’t understand the picture!!!

  15. I see the dog, but am I the only person who sees two faces also? There is a face where the dog’s right hind leg is and a face on the ground a little south west of the dog’s left front leg.

    As far as your commentary……keep up the good words. I personally want to hear anything and everything you have to say about everything.

  16. you know if you see that its a dog, you can never see it as slopches again. EVER! even in 20 years of not seeing this pic, u can still tell it is a dog.

  17. Ahhh, i used to have that book back when I was little! It wasn’t until I was six that I actually saw the dalmation, but since then, I’ve never seen anything else while looking at this illusion. I love it.

  18. If u see carefully u will find the face of a lion with its eyes near the right hind leg of the dog and down , slightly tilted is its nose and mouth also.

    Although the sniffing dog is more prominent one

  19. It was hard for me not to notice. I mean, its so obvious! Its black dots on a white background. You do you miss something like that! Come on people get it together. Just kidding. Seriously though, I saw a dalmatian almost instantly.

  20. Didn’t see anything until I read that it may have been a Dalmatian. I see a fat arsed Dalmatian but I’m sure with the power of suggestion we could see whatever we’re told is there.

  21. ok i will tell every one what it is 1 ,a dalmation dog sniffing the ground. Pretty ordinay.Not rellay convincing though, it is a dog ,sniffing,sniffing the ground.2th ground. ok it it like a street corner or a corner of a school play ground grass.3it must be playground grass considering there is a tree there. that is what i see every time i see the picture. WARNING: the tree up above,the do next to it, and the playground grass below it. Whe you see it, youll belive it.

  22. At first I saw a bear walking through the woods, but then I read the comments about the dalmation and now I see it. Haha.

  23. I have a wild imagination, so you may not have a clue how I see what I see. I see three islands and water, with palm trees. And there are hidden faces all throughout the whole picture. Really, it’s just your own perspective of how you look at different images. It could just be a bunch of dots in a non-specific order. It might have no right or wrong solution whatsoever. It’s just how far your mind decides to wander, and what your mind wants to see.

    1. Yeh, there are lots of hidden faces,but i think the pic is MADE of faces. Anyway, I see a dog sniffing the ground whos legs turn into a HUGE horese’s head that is very cartoony looking

  24. Wait, no, ITS A CHARGING BULL!!!! ok, if u can find the dog, ur close. follow the dogs back, were the hind legs r. They kind of resemble a horses or bulls face, do they not? Thats wut ive got.

  25. It’s a dalmaton! For those who just CAN’T find it,look here:[img][/img]

  26. *little boy on couch bored* DAD I’M BORED!!!!!CAN I GET A SHEET OF PAPER……….AND BLACK PAINT!!!!!*SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT*!!!!!!!!MY CREATION

  27. This is an experiment in visual memory and pattern recognition which is used in training and development . We learn by recognizing patterns and imbibing these patterns in our memory . When we see anything our patterns are immediately superimposed on the picture to recognize and understand it . A good trainer creates long lasting easily recognizable patterns . The blotches are blotches individually . Once the picture is seen it gets committed to the memory and will always be recalled first thing when you see this kind of picture again . Wonderful !

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