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  1. I have seen and been part of, a similar trick.

    You need a two-face mirror (a mirror that has a mirror on its back as well) that is cut cross wise into stripes and wou have to remove every second stripe.
    You need two persons, they sit on the opposite side of the mirrors. Make sure that their face faces the middle of their respective mirrors.
    When a person looks into the mirror, half of the stripes shows his/her original face, the other half shows the face of the other person who sits in front of the opposite mirror.
    Kind of freaky.

  2. Another way of doing it is using a double mirror, in a dark room, where each person holds a flashlight or a candle.
    You shine the light around your face and play with how both faces merge based on the different shading you get.

    There was a bar in my home town (Sao Paulo, Brazil) where each table had one.
    They had them for sale too.

  3. Hehe, we did something like this in our yearbook, just photoshopped a lot of people’s heads together like this. We called our creation “Fabreezio”.

  4. i think there are some “mirror stripes”,
    a person is on the other side and the other is on this side looking at the mirror…
    look at this head in the bottom of the picture!

  5. the camera is positioned above the heads so that its reflection would be out of screen in the reflection. Note the extreme foreground, blurry, top of head which is just below and in front of the camera lens.

  6. I dont think the camera is on top of their heads. You can see a person in the back on the first picture. That person has his hands up probably with the camera.

  7. This is easy

    strips going across or down that are silvered(to become mirrors)even to that of the empty space. Someone is sitting on the other side. That simple. I know because I’ve seen places with this stuff in them…

  8. its just looks like 2 people had their picture taken & the pictures were cut in2 strips & stuck 2gether!

    i dont get this 1! :-(

  9. | | | the lines are mirrors imagine that one person is on the other side and u can see parts of their face between the mirror strips and another person sitting facing the mirror n parts of their face is being reflected on the mirror
    kinda easy trick
    see on the second pic u can see the mans head

  10. Here’s my idea of how they were made. First, some guy went around and took pictures of peoples faces, in public, which explains the bodys of other people in the background. Second, the guy got on his computer and open photoshop, then he uploaded all the pics and snipped stripsof the photo out, then he put them all together as one pic. Third, he saved all the strips as one picture and e-mailed them of to MOI. That’s how I think it was done.

    PS. I dont really know how the blurs at the bottoms of the pics got there. Do you know?

  11. its like a mirror on one side
    (. .)
    (”)(”)its really cool! imagine if they put all zig zaggy. ha ha. lol btw luv the website!!!

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