Muller-Lyer Window Shop Illusion


Remember “Muller-Lyer Arrows”? Later, I also posted “Lines no.2” which is exactly the same type of an illusion. Today I give you another one of this type, yet this time in real life. Observe this corner shop; first picture is taken outside of it, the other is from the same window, just taken inside of the object. Yet, the second line looks longer, even though we know they are of the same size!

As I’ve heard this was taken from a book Professor Gregory put out in 1973. “Gregory, R. L. (1973) Eye and brain (2nd ed.). New York, McGraw-Hill”

  • Farted

    oh i see it

  • cilla

    yall just picked ^ tha camera

  • jerc

    thats dumb to think its bigger because your just looking at it closer in the second one and you are farther away in the first one

  • Hai


  • I posted this

    i dont get it

  • Red.

    it’s just one of those confusing ‘we can make this line look shorter than it really is’ illusions, put into a different context..

  • Anonymous

    Depends how far they was standing!

  • Anonymous


  • me

    Youre not getting it. This is not about the distance the photo was taken, but its about those lines on the outside.. the second one looks bigger cuz the lines point more ‘upwards’ which creates the illusion the line is bigger..
    no offence =)

  • Khamani

    i get the concept, but copy & paste this & you’ll see that the second line actually is bigger.

  • Bexinator

    god some people aer dumb. you should all know that the formula for a line is m=y+g squared :L so it is easy :o

  • Roslanata

    sure its the same size.
    but it would have been hard to measure the distance he stood away from the window exactly to be the same

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