Moving Spiral Optical Illusion

Here’s a great find by Stephanie! An animated .gif file of a spiral. But wait – as countless times before, our brain has once again been deceived! The spiral actually isn’t spiral at all, but set of mutually concentric circles instead. I’m perfectly aware we had loads and loads of similar optical illusions, yet this is the first time we have animated one, at least I think.

Originally created and named by Deskarati, this example is a perfect fit for #Seemingly bent category, where black and white patterns often provides terrific optical illusion!

6 Replies to “Moving Spiral Optical Illusion”

  1. If you look at it about ten seconds and then set your eyes over something different, for example the text on the left describing the illusion, we have an “under-water” illusion. Greetings

  2. Starred directly in th middle . . bout two minutes , raised eyes , everthng eyes came in Contact with .. moves around. diverting mass frm it’s original shape like it’s breathing . .

  3. Thanks. I’ve been watching this sight for a long
    time. The Deskarati I have to comment on because
    I looked at it for several seconds trying to figure it out before I read your explanation. You’re missing a great part of this. As I looked at the words just after the illusion the words twisted like in the motion of the illusion. I hope others get this. Second look. The illusion
    appears to move counterclockwise and what you look
    at after appears to move clockwise.

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