Moving GIF Size Illusion

So, our buddy Kovács shared another pretty cool illusion with us. He sent this awesome moving GIF size illusion to our Facebook page. We’ve seen similar illusions like this before, but they usually aren’t moving like this.

Check it out…

moving gif size illusion

I think the fact that this size illusion is moving makes it even cooler, don’t you? These types of illusions usually involve slanted floors and wonky walls. This one also has a car n it, though, so it might even be outside.

There’s another element in this moving GIF that adds to this illusion, though. Take a look at the cases that each guy is carrying too. To start, the “short” guy looks even more dwarfed because he’s carrying a much larger case than the “tall” guy. I think that was a pretty great addition to an already awesome illusion!

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