Motorbike Faces Illusion


Siddharth A Deshpande found something really cool on the web. It is a billboard of a Motorcycle company I believe, name of the campaign is “Build Yours”, where you are probably able to fine tune your custom motorcycle. Anyway, when I shrink the photo (as seen below), you get impression it’s a profile of a young boy – Ashton Kutcher look a like. There are two more example posters inside this article. If you open the pictures in full screen, you will notice that the faces are just a mere illusion, and that it’s actually bunch of bike parts just laying around. Fooled me. This is what Sid wrote: “Love you website. Thought I could contribute. I found these when I was browsing the internet. Pretty cool. Faces made out of motorbike parts.” If you know what this campaign represents, be sure to comment. The photos aren’t big enough for me to see if it’s Harley Davidson, Honda or some other non-motor company. Enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    Cool! First Comment. Anyway, I though this was awesome. I wonder how long it took?

  • SheriVan

    Maybe “Victory”? I don’t think that’s a Harley logo.

  • JKybett

    I think that whatever company did this probably used scale models of the parts to save time and money on materials.

  • Lowery

    The Brand is victory, they have a new ‘Highly cutomize your bike’ advertisements right now.

    As for the parts, that many parts at that scale would cost more than using the actual parts. That parts are in perfect scale to each other a have a level of detail on them that could not be duplicated on parts that were much smaller than 1/10 scale. I would believe that the pics are computer generated, even using real parts, it would take an artist several days, even with scale parts.

  • Elisabetta

    These pictures are really beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    guys, look in the lower right corner. see the little bar and shield?? It’s Harley Davidson ppl

  • Anonymous

    It looks like the picture was sketched and then parts were added. That was probably the point…

  • CIAO

    Cool I Like it!

  • Tootsy cute

    The way how the parts make up faces just makes me want to say, TOTALY AWSOME!!

  • Carl

    This is a Harley-Davidson campaign done by Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis.

  • indy

    Super cool-
    Here’s a link to the artist’s page:,1,22

  • Miki

    I think it’s really cool, and great art. But I wouldn’t call it an illusion.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. Harley Davidson is the brand by the way.. for anyone out there who was wondering.. Most definitely not Victory, they make nothing to even resemble these motorcycles.

  • Vandigo

    Scale model, computer generated, or actually done, whatever. Its pretty neat in effect.

  • human

    That is cool!!!!!!!!
    Please get rid of the word verification thingy

  • Guto

    Very Funny! There is a Brasilian artist who makes some things like that. Take a look in his galery in:

  • Lee

    ever since Art Attack? Neil Bucanan did thousands of things like that. its not that hard (not saying i could do it but for a skilled artist). I’d say it was done with real actual parts.

  • Antik

    I’m delighted with these illusions…f—ing cool!@!@!

    It reminds me a perfect puzzle, which you don’t have to aggregate.


  • Anonymous

    the second one looks like Angelina Jolie ;D

  • SheriVan

    Not Harley. Not Victory, either. Come on, this is the Internet! Can’t we do a search and find out whose logo it REALLY is?


  • SheriVan

    Did my search. I stand corrected. It is Harley-Davidson. On this page you’ll find more commentary and a link to high-resolution images of these photos:

  • Anonymous

    sorry 4 mi last comment. it’s a special logo. you can see the main logo inside of the decoration logo when enlarged. :P Me 4 that last comment be4♂

  • lois


  • Anonymous

    it is the harley sign its got the words genuine above it the logo in the middle and wings either side

  • Ducky

    That is REALLY COOL! It must have taken a long time to do that! If I did that it wouldn’t look like a face, it would just be a big mess. How did they do that?

  • bambi

    wicked my little pimps lol how cool

  • nobody

    niiiice. i like it, was it shopped or actually done? i wanna know.

  • That looks easy to make they obviously did it on purouse

  • klkj


  • No riders in this group? Even on my cell’s tiny screen the bags and trunk on the dresser are a dead giveaway. Only Harleys look like that. Harley hasn’t changed the Tour Pac since 1985.

  • Harshad Potdar

    Here’s a wonderful image i found on the net..a silhouette brilliantly emerges from a pile of garbage. [img][/img]

  • Alysha

    the last 1 looks like abraham lincoln

  • Hey Man

    illusion…this is art man, creativity.

  • leiandros

    Here’s a wonderful image i found on the net..a silhouette brilliantly emerges from a pile of garbage.

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