Motion Induced Blindness


What you’ll experience today may ring a bell, as we already featured something similar (yet not as good) in the past. But let me first explain what all the fuss is about:

On your right you can see an animated gif featuring a rotating array of blue crosses and 3 yellow dots. Your single assignment for today is to fixate on the centre and just focus on the flashy green spot. Note that the yellow dots have disappeared after a while – either one by one, or in pairs simultaneously. At one point they even start reappearing randomly!

So where’s the illusion, you may ask? Well, the beauty is that all of the three yellow dots are continuously present on the screen! This effect already got its name, and is called “Motion Induced Blindness”, or MIB in short.

While steady fixation favours disappearance, blinks or gaze shifts induce reappearance. All in all what we have here is reminiscent of the Troxler effect, but much stronger and more resistant to residual eye movements.

What happens if you focus your sight on one of the yellow dots, instead? Think this would also work with different colors? How about different elements and movement? Anyone willing to make a different kind of animation and test it out? Be sure to share your example and results with rest of us! BTW, click on the animation above to see it in higher-res! There you may find few more versions of this optical illusion as well..

  • KMR

    great illusion

  • owen

    very cool. ( 1st comment YYYYAAAAAYYYYY)

  • Scott

    Wow. It really works.

    • Joseph Duguay

      It worked like it was supposed to,very cool..

  • Slammer

    I managed to get the top two dots to disappear, but the constant movement is distracting, and I can’t keep my eyes still long enough to get the last one to go. I think it would work better if the dot in the middle wasn’t flashing, was bigger, and the central cross was removed.

  • Scott

    I also notice that the green dot jumps to my right (this might depend on the viewer)

    Does anyone with a dominant left eye notice it changes to the left?

    • blaise

      it jumps to my right

    • Liam

      if i think about it, it does a little bit. but not enough to bug me

    • Liam

      actually the entire graph moves to me, however, i think it is another illusion in itself because it is rotating to the right where as our left eye is dominate

    • Jenn L

      It’s just a jump to the left and a step to the right….

  • Steve


  • Ash

    Really cool =) When I focus on the yellow dots the green one seems to skip a little bit XP
    FTP lol

    • Richard

      I was going to post a reply saying the same thing. If you stare at one of the yellow dots – the pattern of jumping changes.

  • Roberto Sainz Canovi


  • why me!?!?

    for me, at some point they disappear one by one. then after that they keep popping up! this is very cool!

  • Excalibur

    yes, it is very cool. :D

  • why me!?!?

    as i stare at the green dot the yellow dots just seem to pop back up,, one at a time. this is very cool!

  • Excalibur

    Yes, This Is Very Cool Indeed!! :D

  • eric

    not bad – but the bottom one never disappears…
    i think the description is missing the whole blind spot notion (hence they never all disappear at once)

    • MM

      yes they do i tried it

  • Jigille

    Love it! Love this site!…..(and hopefully I got it this time) FIRST!!!!

  • CJ


  • kray

    how dose it work? it’s cool!

  • z2d4th

    This is Amazing!

  • hello

    haha this is so cool =)

  • SelEna Xavier York

    1st comment.
    I feel as though I’ve seen this very same illusion somewhere on the site before.
    Anyway, love it.
    And also, all 3 yellows disappeared for me for only an instant. Anyone else?

    • blaise

      yep it takes a while but it all dissapears at once

  • Well, that was a little freaky!

  • b

    Not working for me.

  • Mindirella

    That’s cool!

  • Roosie


  • blaise

    amazing! i think ive seen it before but didnt quite know the name for its cool

  • R M Booker

    If you look at a yellow dot, the others like it disappear & reappear, but the green flashing one in the middle does not change at all. When looking at the green flashing one the yellows do indeed disappear, and reappear apparently at random.

  • itsdave

    Too cool, I can get all 3 yellows to disappear and when I fixate on a yellow, I can get the other 2 and the green to disappear, but not for very long.

  • Anonymouse

    I also got that the yellow dots turning. Are they turning naturally or is that my eyes?

  • Has anybody noticed that after you stare at the Green Dot in the Center for a bit, the Blue Crosses form One Big Rotating 3-D image of a Box? Really Cool.

  • Mike

    Shortly MIB – Men In Black

  • Nicki

    I love this…so weird and yet so easy.

  • Connie

    I like it! :-)

  • Princess

    That is one of the best illusions E-VER!

  • davidh

    I have only one eye and the illusion doesn’t work, perhaps stereotropic visoon is required?

  • Pervez

    I think its due to the fact that any image we see it persists on our retina for 12 seconds i.e keep refreshing it for 12 seconds till it fades.When we see central blinking dot the black around it persists in our eyes and this black randomly overlaps and covers green dots and they look disappeared but our mind shifts focus again to center dot where we constanly looking and they appear again.According to my calculation it could not disappear for more than 12 seconds in any case.

  • lunettea

    hahahahahaha very stange, takes time


    if you stare at it long enough and then look somewhere else, you seem to hallucinate.. sort of…

  • Giles

    It is also like satellite spotting at night with the naked eye. If you look directly at the ‘moving’ dot, a satellite, it will seem to vanish. But look slightly off to the side of motion and the ‘moving’ dot will re-appear.

  • errietta

    very good one!!!!

    • dfgdnfno

      me too!

  • bonance

    very coooool

  • Pandora

    wow it really works

  • suor de sapo

    Very effective, I managed to get all the three yellow dots to disappear at once in ~5 seconds

  • Samantha Vimes

    I think it has to do with the degree of contrast. They blink only when the purple goes behind the yellow. The yellow greatly contrasts with the black, but in terms of greyscale value, isn’t very different from the purple. With the contrast gone, the dot seems to vanish until the black background is back into effect.

  • vampire_cherise

    This is awesome!

  • Noneyabeezyastalkers

    this is so cool! you can see a dark X in the middle if you look hard enough.

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  • Alex

    If you stare wherever on the picture, like a random spot, or on at the very edge you get the same effect ;)

  • 1233322

    grand good

  • katrina

    the bottom dot never disappeared to me.

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