Mosaic Pools Optical Illusion

Wow! Can’t believe I haven’t reported this one yet. Apparently the work you see below is in a way similar to Julian Beever’s artistic sidewalk drawings, only with one exception – it’s done with mosaic technique (when the artist creates an image out of many small different colored tiles). We had some optical illusion mosaics here on this site in the past, but these are absolute winners. The intention of these pools is artistic, and I believe that single drop of water won’t be used in them (although, it would be even better to use them for swimming as well). The most important is the 3D effect the author achieved. Which one do you like the best? Sharks are my favorite!

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. You stated “The intention of these pools is artistic, and I believe that single drop of water won’t be used in them”. As you can see in some of them, water is already in them. They are swimming pools not just art in a hole.

  2. Those pictures are so awesome! One of them I’ve seen before. My favorite one is the one on the bottom with the koi/salmon?.

  3. Actually, I believe they are intended to be used as normal pools. Some of the pictures have water in them:

    1) There is a hosepipe and water around it
    6) There is water at the far end
    7) The pool is full
    9) The water is obvious

    You should really look at the pictures you are posting :)

  4. That’s way cool. I fifth one i think it is, is really good but i don’t understand it – is it on a slope? Also i like the last one.

  5. It seems pretty clear that they are used for swimming in. It would be a waste of a pool if you aren’t gonna swim in it?

  6. Are these actual pictures of pools? Or are these optical illusions of pools? I think it is the latter and some people do not realize this…. or maybe I am just wrong.

  7. “What he meant by single drop of water, guys, is the illusion linked to the phrase “single drop of water”; the illusions that are photgraphs of the drop of water in mid drop that reflects the background, seen here:

    Maybe you guys should READ and click the appropriate links.”

    You’re just plain wrong. What Vurdlak said was “The intention of these pools is artistic, and I believe that single drop of water won’t be used in them” Nevermind what links there are, he states pretty clearly that the intention is artistic and that no water will be used in them. That is clearly incorrect, as there are pictures with pools filled with water.

  8. no WAY would i swim in da last pool… id b terrified. theres 2 much fish an they look pretty darn real
    i like the 6th one da best-he reely looks like hes ridin it!

  9. hahaha. the first picture has a freaking hose filling it with water. i wonder if a single drop of water will be used.

  10. i remember the family YMCA growing up had a shark painted at the bottom of the shalow end because it was their mascot and i was scared to death to go anywhere near that part of the shalow end.

  11. I’d be stupid enough to see one of these things, slip into a bathing suit, come back and dive into it. Ultimately, I’d be injured. I’d so fall for it. xD

  12. We are just about to order the mosaic for our new pool, when the pool guy gave us this tip. We had decided to go for two jumping dolphins in 2D, but a 3D shark would be much cooler! I just wonder if you get the 3D effect from any direction?

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